I was in Biology when Mike and Edward were fighting. I look up and shake my head, going towards the argument knowing it involved me.

"Bella isn't going to be able to go to Seattle; she has some plans already made." Edward says for the hundredth time and I head toward Angela.

"How do you know that? Are the plans dealing with you and you freaky family?" Mike accused getting really pissed and getting ready to start a fight.

"Actually, she's hanging out with the wolves this weekend." The class gasps and turn their heads towards I who sweat-drop. Edward did you really have to say wolves? I know that you don't like them but they are still people. "I mean she's hanging out at the reservation with Jacob and the gang. I won't be with them but she will be busy the entire time." Mike looks over at Bella and she gets chills.

"Bella, may I please hang out with you and the others this weekend." Mike says pleadingly and she thinks about what they would be doing. Motorcycling, cliff diving, hiking, triathlon, and camping; definitely not coming.

"I don't think that will be such a great idea. We are going to be doing some boring stuff." Bella says knowing that it will be safer if Mike thought it was utterly boring. Mike nods his head and accepts defeat when he sees it.

I go back to my seat and Edward sits down also. "Boring, Mike was thinking that it would be an eventful chance to steal you away from me." Edward says chuckling while I glared at him.

"Well excuse me but it was hard enough to convince you to let me go with the wolves. I'm not going to have Jake and the others are in danger of being found out if I let Mike tag along. Not to mention, Jake doesn't get along well with Mike. The wolves call me vampire girl and how would I explain that you and your family is a family of vampires?" Edward nods his head in agreement when the teacher begins the lesson.

Jake picks me up after school and Edward and Jake get into their normal glaring contest while I get into his car. I honk his horn to get them to stop glaring at each other while Alice drags Edward towards them. Getting into the car, Jacob cheers up instantly as he sees me.

"Hi Bella, are you ready for the wolf experience to begin?" Jake asks and I nod my head.

"As long as you keep me from killing myself I'm ready and willing." I said smiling while Jake heads to La Push.

"Well, I'm not going to let you kill yourself, and then I'd have to suffer the wrath of that bloodsucker. You're going to be perfectly safe as long as I'm with you." Jake says as I start laughing again.

"Well the last time we had gone motorcycling, Edward almost killed you for nearly breaking my arm."

"That bloodsucker also tried to kill me when I asked him to let me have you this weekend. He's extremely protective of you, or have you failed to notice the way he acts around me." Jake growls as he remembers the fights he's gotten in over me.

I sweat-drop when I recall the time I'd given Edward permission to kill Edward after Jacob had kissed me. "Yeah, but it was either you or Seth and I trust you to stick to the point more than Seth would." Jake nodded his head and stopped the car and I see the other guys waving at me to come over.

"It's been awhile Bella. Where has the vampire been hiding you?" Seth asks slapping my back and I smile.

"Oh the bloodsucker was just holding Bells prisoner in Forks but he doesn't really trust us as much as she would hope." Jake says and I cower behind Jake to escape some evil glares.

"Well let's start with the motorcycling. I brought all our bikes and I suppose you have Bella's bike with you Jake?" Seth says and I brighten up. I look at my beautiful red motorcycle and I jump on it with some assistance from Jake.

"Please don't get yourself killed Bells. That's the last thing I need on my conscious letting you die and dying by your dad's hands or your boyfriends hands." Jake says with a grin and I just shake my head not listening anymore.

Everyone starts their bikes and ride through the woods. Jake shouts something but I don't hear him and then crash into a tree. Jake runs up towards me and keeps calling my name but I can't respond to anything. I felt someone lift me off the ground but I didn't know who it was and finally lose consciousness. I recall all my memories of me and Edward and wonder why I'm having all these memories.

I wake up to a weird noise as if someone was fighting outside. Sitting up I see Jacob and some other boy fighting over something. "What the hell did you do? What will you do if Bella never gets better? Carlisle says that she may not come out of that coma." The mysterious boy says and I open the door to show I was okay.

Edward looks at me and hugs me tightly. "I'm never letting you go with the stupid wolves ever again." I look at Jake and he doesn't look me in the eye.

"I'm so sorry Bells. I didn't mean for you to crash into the tree and didn't even think about the dangers of you riding a motorcycle in the dark." I wave it off.

"It's okay Jake, I knew what I was doing more than anyone but can you please tell me who is hugging me." Jake and Edward stare at me and Edward lets me go. At that moment Carlisle comes in with some x-rays and Edward pulls him into the other room.

Closing the door, the three guys start to talk. "Carlisle, Bella seems to have forgotten about me. Is that even possible?" Carlisle nods his head.

"Quite common and predictable with head injuries." Looking over at Jake he asked, "She ran into a tree on a motorcycle? Why did you let her do something so reckless? This is Bella we're talking about after all." Carlisle scolded Jake.

"I didn't think that Bella would actually crash into a tree and go into a coma. But I should've considered her incredible sense of clumsiness when we were riding." Jake says sad.

They come out and I look over at the boy next to Jake. He looked so depressed that I wanted to go and give him a nice hug but felt that it would make matters worse if I did that. He held out his hand and I shook it.

"My name is Edward Cullen and this is my father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Do you remember us or our memories?" I shake my head and Edward excused himself from the office while Jake took me back to my house.