Easter Miracles

As the two bikes slowed to a stop at the race track that the pack decided to build once I had started to build the bikes, I finally gather enough courage to ask Bella the much needed question. But before I could even open his mouth to utter a sound when she sighed and held her head seemingly in agony. I hop off of the bike in an instant and help her to the ground so she could relax when she suddenly looked at me with the most astonishing look on the planet. Like she didn't understand what was going on and if she was on a different planet. Maybe I was interpreting the look of hers when she did something I thought only could happen in my dreams. After a few moments she broke away from me with a smile and I gave myself a most intense wake-up call then smiled as bright as possible.

"Um Bells not that I don't mind but what did I do to deserve that?" I ask since there was no possible reason on the planet she would kiss me out of the blue.

Bella on the other hand was laughing hysterically due to my reaction to her kiss. "I did it because I like you and I have for a long time. I just never had the courage to act upon it until recently. I guess what I'm trying to say is –" I stop her with my own kiss and she doesn't fight me like the last time we kissed. I pull away and ask her something that I have done many times before.

"Bells do you want to go out with me?" I look at Bella with a very serious expression like I never have on unless it has to do with her and the Cullens. She laughs at my question and turns away thinking that it is completely ridiculous that I'm even asking. Thinking that this was a ridiculous idea in the first place I remove myself from the entire equation by starting my bike again and head for the track.

If she thinks that this is some joke then she doesn't have to hang out with me anymore. But geez I really wanted her to believe that I truly did love her and nothing would ever happen even if I was no mindreading vamp like that idiotic bloodsucker Edward. After around the third lap I notice that Bella wasn't in the outskirts of the track and start to panic since she still isn't a great driver and a certifiable menace to herself when it comes to anything that moves. Jumping off of my bike I quickly start running toward the stands that she would sit at when she wasn't up to riding her own bike but Bella wasn't in sight anywhere. I was given one task by the freaking bloodsucker and I can't even do that right.

I wanted to punch anything just to relieve the stress that was building up but there wasn't anything that wouldn't break if I punched it. Burying my head in my hands I just want to give up all hope for having a normal or a peaceful life. Someone taps my shoulder and I shrug them away but the person won't stop so I turn around to tell them off but I see Bella instead. I pull on my lap and hug her until she whispers that she can't breathe. As I release her I notice she has brought us some drinks and I look at her, raising an eyebrow.

"I figure that you would want some water after riding so I went to the vending machines to get some bottles of water. Then I come back and you look depressed about something. Here" She hands me the water and I take a gulp of water when she starts speaking again. "As for earlier, the only reason I was laughing at you was because you had such a serious expression on your face that it seemed like you were on business. But you know my answer is yes I couldn't even imagine going out with anyone else but you Jake but I didn't know if you felt the same way about me." I was ecstatic and couldn't believe it.

"Thanks Bells I really mean it." I whisper and she just looks at me as if I grown a head.

"Why are you thanking me? I want to be with you so you have nothing to thank me for." I shake my head at her obliviousness but let it slide.

Getting up I look down at Bella and smile at her one of the smiles I had before I turned into a werewolf. "Do you want to go to something as a proper date or do you want to go cliff-diving like we normally do?" Bella gets up as well and thinks about it for a moment.

"I think I would like to actually go to the beach and relax in the sand like we used to do for several months." I look surprised when she says she wants to go the beach but agree to it anyways because I would do anything at the moment to keep her with me.


We just sit and laugh like we have been known to do when we are alone when all hell broke loose. Sam came running up to me as if I have broken some kind of law and then I know why. Edward Cullen may not have come over the barrier but this time it was even worse than a jealous boyfriend. It was a new vamp who was out for blood and more than that, wanted to take Bella.

"Bella I need you to go to my home. I need you to stay there with Seth and not leave at all." Bella nods and I phase, getting ready for a huge battle to commence. "Who would let a baby vamp out of their sights and let them run around the globe?" I ask and no one cares to answer because there are too many vampires that could change a human to a vampire.

Seeing the new vampire on the cliff made me freak out and want to go over there and make sure that I would be the one to kill him. But what made me really confused was the fact that the vampire looked a heck of a lot like Bella but was way more coordinated. As I neared him, the vampire looked at me with anger and charged without thinking. After the confrontation with the new vampires a few weeks ago and the training we all had I managed to knock out the vampire when Sam came behind me and finished the job.

We phased back and just look at the decapitated vampire. "What do you think happened to it?" I ask and Sam shrugs.

"Maybe it was looking for a meal and saw us as the perfect thing to tide over until dinner?" Sam guesses but I don't buy it for a second.

"Then why does it look like Bella?"

"Maybe a distant cousin? She has more family but she just doesn't keep in touch with them like we do? But honestly I'm more concerned as to why it would come into our territory just to suck Bella's blood."

"That is what doesn't concern me. It is because they didn't think she would be as guarded as when she is in Forks with the entire Cullen clan protecting her from the shadows."

"Have you guys started dating yet?" When Sam asked that I start choking and glare at him; which made Sam laugh hysterically. "So I take that as a yes. Congrats dude just don't plan dates when you're in wolf form or we will kill you." I nod my head and we leave to meet up with Bella and Seth at my house.