Title: Concerned

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She was usually quiet about things, but this time she was afraid. She could only see tragedy. For her family. For her nation.

"I don't think our son should learn on how glorified Sozin was," Mai requested.

"History is good for our son to learn. It will make him a well informed. That will be useful when he becomes the next Fire Lord," Zuko replied.

"It's not the history I'm worried about," Mai quietly muttered in concern. "It's the glorification of hatred. What if he finds it appealing?"

"Our son will make the right decisions," Zuko assured his wife, "He has us to guide him."

He was unaware that Mai had reason to fear. His child's day to day behavior often upset the Fire Lady. Zuko was too busy resolving the complications left by his ancestors and the war to notice his child's rebellious and harmful behavior. Mai knew that the subject of his family tree was one of the few times it was impossible to get her concerns across to her husband. She just hoped that her fears were as unfounded as Zuko thought they were. Zuko would be devastated if their child rose up against them and destroyed all that they had accomplished.