24 Days of Draco


I thought he was kidding when he said he was going to get me something every day from December first through the twenty-fourth; I think I should learn to not doubt Draco Malfoy.

The first and second were just small presents, chocolates and flowers, but that was when I still didn't believe he was actually serious. The third of December, he gave me a cute stuffed cat, almost a replica of my cat, Crookshanks. Crookshanks used the next present, on the fourth, even though it was for me; it was an ornate cat food bowl with D + H in the center. Hermione smiled the next day, December fifth, when she found a muggle Christmas CD that she didn't previously own, playing in the background of her room when she awoke. December sixth, she shared amazing Swiss hot chocolate that Draco had shipped in. Hogwarts: A History Autographed Copy came the next day, the seventh. She had also laughed herself silly on the eighth, as her daily present was a white stuffed ferret. On the ninth, she received his Head Boy pin; Hermione didn't understand the significance until she realized her Head pin was missing. The following day she had her present on under her robes the whole day, a Slytherin Pride t-shirt. Hermione had shrieked and went to see her injured boyfriend on the eleventh; she had received a picture of an inscription on the Whomping Willow, LOVE, DRACO. He still somehow sent her a present the next day, though, and the first snitch from Potter was perfect. Both on the thirteenth and fourteenth, he sent her two love notes, one animated, the other not, that he wrote back in third year; she had gushed over how cute they were. The next day she found an intertwined lion and snake pendant lying on her pillow when she awoke. House elves came the next two days. On the sixteenth, the Malfoy house elves came with homemade sweets, and the seventeenth, Dobby happily came and personally sang her Christmas songs while she laughed with Draco when Dobby got the words wrong and ate her gingerbread cookies. December eighteenth came with a dark feathered owl flying through the snowy skies to present Hermione with his package: a magical picture book of Hermione and Draco. The next present was more of a question, a note with a request for dinner on the twenty-fourth; of course she accepted. The next couple days seemed to be leading up to the big dinner date as well. She had high end perfume and pricey high heels on the twentieth and twenty-first. A classy, emerald green dress followed. Hermione was quite curious when she found an old key, possibly the key to the Malfoy Manor, on a necklace placed delicately over her new dress that was hung on the couch by her fireplace with care.

And on the twenty-fourth, he proposed; she said yes.



Exactly 24 sentences. My, I didn't actually thik I would do it. I'm sorry that the middle is one big paragraph... I hope you still liked it even though it was somewhat hard to read. (:

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