This is my first Shin Megami Tensei Persona fic! I came up with this while my bro was playing Persona 3 (he recently got it on his birthday!) and this came up when he was having a hard time with the Intrepid Knight. Hope you all find this as funny as me and my bro did!

Minato and his current party, Yukari, Akihiko, and Misturu, just started the mid boss fight with the Intrepid Knight when they noticed something wrong.

Fuuka: Ummm… I have no comment.

The Shadow was drunk… Well, the knight on the horse was at least.

Intrepid Knight: Hey sexy, how long you've been here?

Note, he said this to Minato! Minato stared at the Shadow dumbfounded as the others stifled their laughter. Taking out his Evoker, Minato summoned his assigned Persona; Orpheus. That's when things got even stranger.

Intrepid Knight: Hey buddy, wanna drink?
Orpheus: Are thou drunk?
Intrepid Knight: Cut the "thou" crap, it's the 21st century.
Orpheus: Are thou looking for trouble?
Intrepid Knight: "Are thou looking for trouble?" –Hic!- Go shove your "thou" crap up your robotic ass, headless horseman wannabe!

The horse sighed at its rider's current incompetence.

Intrepid Knight: -Hic!- Didn't I see you at that bar?
Orpheus: W-What bar?

The four humans stared at the harpist as Orpheus started getting nervous.

Intrepid Knight: Yeah, you were the one dancing on tables with those smelly hippies!
Orpheus: Those weren't hippies!

The persona shut his trap as soon as he said those words. Everyone started whispering amongst themselves as the Shadow continued.

Intrepid Knight: You were the one with Apsaras! Whatever happened to Eurydos, or Eucalyptus, or whatever her name is?!

Then, Polydeuces appeared and excitedly shouted…

Polydeuces: I knew it! I knew you were cheating on Eurydice, you player!
Orpheus: Well, I saw you with Nekomata, you bestiality lover!
Polydeuces: Cat-girls are legal!
Orpheus: You're just saying that cuz you got her pregnant!

The rest is up to your interpretation. The moment I thought of this I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes straight! I hope you all enjoyed this little piece of humor!