This chapter is intended to be serious! If you expected something hilarious then you "may" be wrong! This is to warn about a virus threat on April 1st. I decided to be a good samaritan and warn all of you out there, though it has shown on News sites and Scopes, I'm just making sure it gets noticed!

The Nyx Annihilation Squad are sitting together late at night in the dorm with nothing to do.

Fuuka: Anyone heard of the Conflicker worm threat?

Fuuka asked as she typed away at her laptop.

Yukari: That threat? On April 1st? Sounds like a Y2K hoax.
Fuuka: But Conflicker is a real worm, and this has been covered in the news.

Minato was half asleep as they continued talking, Koro-chan noting the string of drool dripping from his mouth. Akihiko then put his two cents in.

Akihiko: I think come April 1st the douchebag's gonna tell us all the threat itself was a hoax.
Ken: If no one wants to take any risks with this then make sure the virus security has the latest update. If that's a check then you're safe.

Minato was already snoring lightly as the others continued their talk.

Junpei: I'm going with Akihiko on this. It's perfect to fake a threat and then fool everyone.
Fuuka: You know; if a computer has Conflicker, PC repair shops often opt to format and reinstall infected system.
Yukari: Ouch, now that's bad.

Everyone then turned to Minato. He started snoring loudly; even Messiah felt like jamming a couple of his coffins into his ears to stop the noise.

Junpei: Dude sounds like a jet engine on steroids…
Koromaru: Woof!
Aigis: Koromaru-san says that it's the Dark Hour right now, should we go to Tartarus?
Koromaru: Whine!
Akihiko: Hold on, we're going.

After shaking Minato to wake him up, Akihiko turned back to Aigis and Koromaru to see them and the others looking at the dorm entrance.

Akihiko: What the fu-!
Mitsuru: Wait! It's not even January 3-!

I hope you take the facts and possible outcomes of what may happen into consideration; the humor was to lighten the mood. This has been a mock Persona 3 Hidden Bloopers chapter; you may be you, but I'm BlueDragonFic!