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The Original Snow White

From the moment Eleanor Waldorf set eyes on him, Chuck Bass knew he didn't stand a chance. Even at the age of six, he had inherited his father's stubborn, unyielding personality but, also like the business savvy senior Bass, he picked his battles wisely. The way the woman's withering glance hardly wasted another second on his mint green suit and bow tie made him second guess his choice of attire (he'd made a habit out of wearing a bow tie because once, while playing house, Blair made him the dog and called him hers because he had a pretty bow; he liked belonging to her). Maybe he should have opted for the plain black suit that his maid had laid out and that Nate was also donning, but he had racked his brain all week trying to figure out what to wear to Blair Waldorf's sixth birthday party. Seeing the way the brunette fawned over his best friend he thought – yes, perhaps he should have gone for the black. And perhaps he shouldn't have called for the hairdresser yesterday because Blair had marveled at the way Nate's tresses hung slightly over his eyes and was mussed all over.

He slinked back into the overstuffed armchair and watched the way her eyes lit up, her berry red lips breaking into a smile that made her apple cheeks glow. His nickname for her, before Georgina Sparks had stolen it, was so fitting. Snow White. He had thought of it once when he overheard her crying to her maid about how Serena was always the princess because she was blond and beautiful. His father had never took him to the movies and he knew nothing of the princesses that Blair cried over, so he did the next best thing. It had been the first time that he'd really "hired" someone – some college intern slaving away for his father, and forced the acne-inflicted 20 year-old to research and compile a file containing pictures of all the well known princesses. He knew the minute his eyes landed on Snow White that she was it.

He was just about to slip the picture anonymously into her mini-Chanel purse when that annoying Georgina intercepted him. She could not stop laughing and proceeded to call her Snow White for the rest of the day. What had meant to be a compliment, like all things that came out of Georgina's mouth, quickly became an insult. It infuriated him when Blair, after hours of taunting as the "old, boring princess whom nobody cares about" burst into tears and Nathaniel Archibald stepped up and told Georgina to leave her alone. The prince in Snow White was supposed to have dark hair! That had been half the reason he had chosen her in the first place…

He adjusted his bow tie. What was he so afraid of? She's just a girl. He could just walk over and play with them. As he was about to make his way over, however, he found his path blocked. He looked up the length of the evil mother's body to her Medusa glare. "Chuck. Serena, Nathaniel and Blair are in the middle of their game. Why don't you go play with Michael over there?" He looked over at the kid with the huge glasses and winced. What was that kid thinking when he got dressed in the morning? But, he did know how to pick his opponents and Eleanor was not one to mess with. At least, not yet. As he walked away, he heard the two adults behind him.

"Eleanor, really-"

"Harold, that child reeks of new money. Just look at what he's wearing."

"They're children – "

"And Blair should learn to choose the company she keeps wisely at a young age."

On his way over to the dork, he prayed for something – anything to happen. For the first, and perhaps only, time in his life, his prayers were answered as the young hostess let out a wail. He only needed to glance in their direction to know what had happened.

"Snow White, Snow White, Boring Old White" Sparks taunted even as Nate pulled the crying Blair across the room and Serena dragged her in the other direction.

"Mooooooom! Make her stop!" The tears ran down her face so tragically that even her prince's arm around her shoulder wouldn't stop them.

"Oh, not this nonsense again. Dorota! Take care of this. I have a meeting with a few buyers." Before the girl could make another cry of protest, her mother was out the door.

He felt the maid standing next to him stiffen. Everyone knew that when Blair threw a tantrum, she liked to drag out the moment. But really, he couldn't stand her tears much longer and tugged at the maid's apron. She turned to him with wide, frightened eyes. "Tell her that Snow White was the original Disney princess. She's a classic, like Audrey."

He watched the maid walk over apprehensively and spoke loudly over his princess' cries. "Snow White original princess, Ms. Blair! Classic, like Ms. Audrey!"

The crying stopped and she turned her doe eyes at Dorota, then at Nate, questioning a silent "really?" They both nodded enthusiastically.

Mission accomplished. It seemed things were back to normal and he continued to drag his feet back to Michael, who was sucking nerve-wreckingly on his inhaler. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Dorota, much more relaxed now that the crisis was averted. "What your name, sir?"

"I'm Chuck Bass." She pulled a comb out of her apron pocket and flattened a presumably stray piece of hair onto the top of his head.

"Mr. Chuck. Ms. Eleanor gone for the rest of party and Ms. Blair starting new game." After a quick hand smoothing out the wrinkles in his suit. "Mint ice cream, I think. Ms. Blair's favorite." Into the kitchen she disappeared. So maybe he wouldn't go against Eleanor Waldorf. The Nate Archibald's of the world could walk proudly through the front door into any venue he wanted, but Chuck Bass would always find his way backstage, up close and personal, right when no one was looking. With Blair Waldorf, Dorota became his backstage pass.