Bella's POV

"Bella! Get down here!" I heard Renee yell up to me, (AN sorry if you like Renee) Renee is my step-mother then I have two step-sisters, Jessica and Lauren then my dad was dead. I quickly walked down the stair trying not to trip.

"Yes Renee?" I asked

"Your sisters and I are going out, when we get back we would like to see the house totally clean and you need to pick out your sisters clothes, were going to go clubbing." Renee then turned to leave and then turned back and called for Lauren and Jessica, and they left.

Great, I just can't handle this. However, I have nothing better to do.

Edward's POV

Yet another boring day. I could just sit on my bed all day and do nothing. No, Aunt Esme would get mad. Hm, I wonder if Dr. Carslie would pretend I am sick and tell her to keep me in bed all day. (AN Carslie and Esme aren't dating or married or anything like that yet. And Edward was brought up by Esme when his parents died.) I'm sure they would like to see each other again. Even a blind man would be able to see that those two are in love.

"Edward, pleas come down here." My aunt called. Drat! Guess that idea won't work. So I walked down to my aunt, who was in our kitchen.

"Yes, Aunt Esme?" being the gentleman I was brought up to be.

"Sweetie you are nearly nineteen and I thought maybe you would be so kind as to let me host you a birthday bash of sorts."

"Lemme guess," I said knowing full well what Esme really wanted. "There's a catch."

"Well," Esme started, "I guess it would be nice for you to choose someone to date steadily, I mean you are like a younger version of Colin Farrell in the world's eyes, and I know you aren't really like that." Yes, it's true l have a huge fortune left to me by my parents and now that I am eighteen I can use it however I want, but it seems that the only girls interested in me are sluts and Barbie dolls for lack of better description. And I was always a gentleman to every girl I met, but with being famous and all the tabloids just couldn't help themselves.

"Okay." I finally agreed, "I will look for someone at the party. So… where are we hosting this "birthday bash" of sorts?" I asked assuming Esme already had it all picked out.

"Well I reserved it at the grand Hotel." Esme said blushing. "and you won't have to worry about about the guest list, I've already got it completely taken care of. And with that we adjourned to eat breakfast."

Esme's POV

Goodness, I have so much to plan this is going to be so exciting. I wonder if Edward would be okay with me inviting Carslie. Hm, Oh! And I have to invite the Brandon children and the Hales. Goodness, goodness, goodness. (AN the Brandons are Alice and Emmet And, of course the Hales are Jasper and Rosalie)


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