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Bella's POV

I am worried. All day long Edward has been acting nervous, tense even. For nearly two years we had been going out and I had never seen him this. We had a reservation at one of the fanciest restaurants within a thousand miles tonight. I hoped that tonight didn't mean the end of our relationship, my main hope was that he would purpose tonight. Alice and Esme were practically already planning the wedding, so I hoped that they were right.

Now we sat across from each other at the restaurant not really having anything to talk about. It was easier when the first course came out; Edward seemed to relax a little bit. Then moments later I heard him take a deep breath. I looked up and watched as he stood up. His expression somewhat worried me, but then he got down on one knew whispering my name.


"What is it Edward?" I asked.

"I have loved you for a very long time and I know I will always love you so, will you marry me?" He asked pulling out the black velvet box.

Without any hesitation I whispered the words that would change my life forever.

"Yes Edward, I will marry you."


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