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Carlisle ran out the door, swinging his infamous black bag at Emmett. "How could you?! AIM was my life!!" Esme and Alice also followed, murderous rage clear on their faces.

Oh snap! Emmett thought, jumping into a tree and scaring the black bear. Oh well... they were beginning to get obsessed with instant messaging anyway... it's really not that healthy now that I think about it. He sat docilely in the tree, humming the tune of "I'm Too Sexy", and checking for any vamps as he swung from branch to branch.

"There you are," a threatening voice growled. Edward was on the branch in front of Emmett, eyes cold and black. "I've been looking for you."

Edward dropped into a hunter's prowl, and Emmett, brawny as he was, backed away slowly. "C'mon, man. You know I didn't mean to accidentally ban AIM from all of our computers and reboot our virus system... and I mean, Bella's got to have been in front of her computer for 8 hours. Don't you think it's healthy for your girlfriend to see some sun?"

"I... liked... AIM!" Edward roared, narrowly missing Emmett as he jumped towards the branch. The weight of both vampires sent the already frail tree crumbling to the ground.

"THERE HE IS!" Rosalie yelled, blond hair whipping around her face. Jasper was desperately trying to log onto the AOL site and get AIM hooked onto the computers, but to no avail.

"Meebo won't even work," he whimpered, watching the computer display the red error sign over and over. Futilely, he chucked the laptop over the fence. "It's no use, Carlisle- we're going to have to move." Shaking his head sadly, he trudged back inside.

In the house, Esme was on the phone with an AOL techie. "What do you mean, it's impossible to fix?!" she screamed uncharacteristically into the phone.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. At 12:41 AM someone in your house damaged your system irrevocably. Everyone within 10 miles of your modem is now unable to access AIM. There's really nothing I can do."

Bella, though she was not a vampire (yet- this is during Twilight), could hear the phone and groaned in frustration as Esme tossed her 4000 dollar cell phone into the sink. The entire Cullen family was in chaos, not being able to relieve their instant messaging addiction.

"I don't want to move... I just got this house furnished again... Why did we ever take in Emmett?!" Esme was mumbling to herself. Carlisle and Edward were throwing rocks at Emmett, who had climbed up another tree to escape the wrath of Esme.

Suddenly, Alice popped up beside Edward, a smile on her face for the first time since AIM had crashed.

"What is it?" Carlisle asked. A grin began to spread on Edward's face.

Alice let out an evil chuckle. "He'll come down..."

AN: haha that was fun to write. I'm sorry again about the AIM thing, but it IS in the rules. I hope you guys enjoyed that- not much of a consolation, I know, but Carlisle and his black bag are in there. What more can you ask for? :)