Subconscious Slip-Ups

Author: Scribe

Classification: Harm/Mac Humor

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, sadly.

Rating: G

Summary: Harm has a subconscious slip-up; sweet and simple.


Harmon Rabb Jr. stepped off the elevator groggily. Straitening his white uniform again he walked down the carpeted hallway for a short while and turned left. In the center of the large space were desks and cubicles. Several desks where occupied, but no the one he was looking for. Bud hadn't arrived yet. Sighing, he resolutely set a pile of paperwork on the Lieutenant's desk. Pivoting around he headed for his office. Walking by Mac's workplace he stopped. The blinds, as usual where half closed. Bending down to see through them, he saw that like Bud, she wasn't there. Disappointed, he stood up. Turing around quickly, he bumped into someone.

Papers fluttered every which way. Bending down on one knee and apologizing at the same time, he collected the papers. Looking up at the figure he had bumped into her faltered. Mac stood above him. Handing her the legal documents he rose up, brushing off his knees hastily.

"Sorry, Sarah. I wasn't watching where I was going. I was seeing if you were her yet. I, ah, guess you are."

Nodding and smiling pitifully at him she moved past him.

As her hand reached for the doorknob, she stopped. Turning around she looked at him, head tilted.

"Did you call me 'Sarah'?" Gazing at him she shook her head. "Oh, hello Bud."

Returning to opening the door, she smiled at Harm. Plastered on his face was one of his classic imploring looks. Remembering what he too had been doing, he rotated to face Bud as well. The door to the Colonel's office shut behind them. Beginning to walk back to Bud's desk, the wary Lieutenant raised an eyebrow at Harm.

"Sarah?" Trying to hide a smile, Bud shook his head. Harm exhaled deeply.

"It could have happened to anyone. It's early." Harm stalked haughtily off to his office shutting the door behind him. Still grinning, Bud agreed, chuckling.

"Yep, could have happened to anyone. Down on one knee, too."