Disclaimer: obviously the characters in this story are not mine; they belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. I'd also like to point out that I do not live in or have ever even visited the USA, and so I'm not completely familiar with the school systems, or slang words that you guys use and stuff. I'm also debating over whether to use 'mum' (as we spell it here) or 'mom'. I think I'll stick to mum although the Twilight series is American, no offence intended or anything. That's just the way I'm used to spelling it =]

And only the prologue is in Bella's point of view. The rest will be in Nessie's, maybe with a few chapters in Bella or possibly Jacob's point of view later on. I'm undecided.




My beautiful, little baby girl. Not a baby anymore, or even a really a girl anymore. She's much more a women than a girl, and knowing how close we are in age scares me.

When we thought about how fast Nessie would be growing up, we never realized that this would be part of it. Never imagined she would experiment with things in this way. Boys, parties, and who knows what else. I wrongly assumed that she would be just like me. Shy, reserved, not wanting to be in the limelight.

That's how we raised her, to be old-fashioned and modest. But I suppose that's how every mother tries to raise their child. And no matter what, every mother overdramatically believes that their daughter, or son, grows up too fast. For me and Edward, it is a tragic reality.

I feel sick when I go to wake her up in the morning, fearing that something will be different. Like I felt on the day of my eighteenth birthday, frantically searching the mirror for any wrinkle or grey hair or something to show my age. I suffered through that same panic every single morning, studying her precious face, long ago losing its childish roundness and innocent eyes.

I wanted to see her toothy grin again and hear her chiming, baby giggles and gurgles. Now all that I seemed to be hearing from her was the crying in her sleep and her restless dreams of the boy who didn't love her.


This is just the beginning. I have a very long, complicated plot planned for this story haha. I already have the next few chapters typed out, I just need to edit them a bit. Tell me what you thought =]