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Last Chapter - Pathetically loveable
Normal POV

It's funny, isn't it? How well the skies are in sync with certain situations? It's almost as if they're part of the conversation or mood, expressing their opinions very openly at the perfect times, though they are not often invited to take part in private affairs. Nonetheless, though this doesn't happen often, the situations happen with precise timing and accuracy when they do take action.

Such occurrences were very opinionated for today's occurrence. Earlier, the sun had been blazing down on the citizens of Retro City and the clouds were retreated along the mountains towards the southern part of the continent. Better say, it had been a beautiful day, calming Sonic the hedgehog to a major relieving extent. He was in a very nerve-racking position at the moment.

....Heh, and he had thought that HE, the fastest - and handsomest, if he said so himself - hedgehog around, the robot-butt kicking savior of the entire UNIVERSE, and very good looking ladies' man - if he said so himself - would be able to handle a small, emotional controversy. But NO! He COULDN'T! He was going INSANE over this, this, this....confession.

Now that he thought about it, the word did seem slightly preposterous. For one, it was LONG, and then it sounded so....serious. Like his life was on the line.

Nope, this was totally NOT in the hedgehog's style. Seriously, who came up with such a cheezy word for the English language? WAY too intense, man.

Well, then again, the situation did have its rather large share in tension. He was, after all, going to express his FEELINGS to someone. He was going to POUR his feelings out, the way Sonic viewed it. To him, it was a lot worse than it was, so you can only imagine what the poor guy was going through.

He started pacing again, glancing up at Cosmo's tree every now and then, silently pleading for some strength. No, screw that. He was gonna faint here! He needed A WHOLE LOT of strength. "Geez, this is tough. Help me out, will ya?"

"With what?"


Oh dear, dear, DEAR Lord in the heavens....please HELP me!

He spun around, stammering her name using too many vowels to begin with. "When did you get here?"

"Just now? Is there someone else coming?"

"No, no. Why do you think that?"

Casting him a blank stare, she replied, "you emphasized "you" very dramatically."

"Sorry. Heh heh."

Dang, this wasn't going good. Wanna know how bad? Well, considering how utterly terrified Sonic had been when Amy WASN'T there, we can only glimpse into our imagination and get a sixteenth out of what Sonic was going through inside that head of his. Yeah. That bad.

"You okay?" Amy asked.

He looked up at her, a bird in the distance singing a Do as he did so.

....what the heck? He wasn't nervous anymore. Just looking into her eyes calmed him down. What WAS the big deal? He was telling her of a feeling that he was unable to contain, that was all. Rejection was what he feared, but somehow, that wouldn't happen. He knew she loved him. Because you just find out these sort of things. Heh, it had been obvious since, well, almost a year ago, but it only clicked, perhaps, yesterday. Talk about ssssslllllloooooooow. The "fastest thing alive" probably needed to be reclaimed.

"I'm just gonna cut right to the chaste," rushed the blue rodent, standing tall and ready. But, how long can such confidence last? The moment his mouth opened, a gust of wind breezed through and Amy cocked her head to the side, and suddenly it was hard again. "Geez," he growled to himself. "Why is this so hard?" Well, now, hedgehog, is it not obvious? He was telling her of a feeling he was unable to contain, that was all. Rejection was all to be feared. Nothing too bad, right?

"Sonic?" Amy inquired.

"Ugh. This is tough. Gimme a minute." He breathed in deeply, puffing up his chest and then sinking it back as he exhaled.

Oh, that hit Amy a bit. The action reminded her of how well built this guy was.

"Better?" she asked as a diversion.


"Huh. What's bugging you?"

Sonic gave up on the whole 'breathe in and out' thing. It never helps.

Just act naturally, he told himself.

"Actually," informed the blue hedgehog, "that's why you're here."


He tried again, looking straight in her eyes. Into those beautiful, sparkling, emerald eyes. "I'm gonna try again."


The two hedgehogs' quills swayed in the wind that suddenly picked up, sweeping in a burst of courage this time. And he just said it.

"I love you."

The words just spilled so easily off his tongue, pecking him on the cheek as they passed by. He loved saying those words to her. It felt so natural, so right. And he wanted to say it again. Over and over again. He should have said those words so much sooner. He didn't notice the heavy silence that rung between the two, due to the feeling of contentment he was swimming in.

Finally, she answered, saying, "I don't know what to say."

And at that, the clouds that had sneaked over quietly started to thunder and rain their disapproval.

He blinked at her.

Nope, this was NOT the way he had thoughts things would be. First, there's the rain. Then there's the thunder. Then there's the cold winds. Then there's the fact that she gave him an answer he did not know how to respond to. This was very troubling.

Have you ever felt that just one sentence could make your worlds' dimensions around you just disappear? Somehow, his entire Universe had drifted away, layer by layer, dimension by dimension. In just a matter of seconds.

"May I ask why?" Sonic regained his composure, standing straight once again, just like the man he was should. Heh. He was a real man. Before him was a woman. The woman he had fallen in love with. This was NOT a light matter, he realized.

"Well, I mean," Amy shuffled nervously, hopping from one foot to the other and casting her glance to different directions. She blinked a few times so that the rain drops wouldn't sting her eyes. Both she and Sonic were soaked already, water plating the fur to their skin. "I just....don't know what to say."

"You really aren't making sense, ya know?"

"And why do you say that?" she snapped with a frown creasing her forehead.

"Well, it is kind of obvious that you LIKE me. And I know that that "like" is a HUGE understatement." He stared her down. "You and I BOTH know that."

Huffing, "you don't know anything!", she turned on her heel, signaling with her body language that this conversation was over.

Oh, but Sonic the hedgehog was NOT done yet. He hasn't even gotten STARTED. He grabbed her arm and spun her the 180 degrees back towards him.

The sakura hedgehog glared back at the frowning speedster, though he could feel her try to cower away from his grasp. Which was absolutely impossible to do, because, hey. This was the fastest thing alive we are talking about. He'd just catch her again.

"Let me go," Amy commanded quietly, the thunder adding some affect to her sentence. Her voice was fierce, but not fierce enough to even shake Sonic at the slightest.

"You know, you're pretty amazing," he started, returning a glare to the female. "I mean, here ya go, playin' with my heart, then you just DUMP me. You gotta take some creditability, don't ya think?

"It's not like I knew!" she exclaimed with the thunder.

"I TOLD you just now. And I'm TELLING you again. I-"

"DON'T say it." She swiped her head to the side and again tried to free her wrist from Sonic's grasp. He really had gotten stronger over the years. And she had thought that the pouring rain could offer some assistance in this situation. Basically, this wasn't going too well from her perspective. Her opponent had some MAJOR advantages, one being how hott he looked in the pouring rain. Perhaps sexy fits the category better? Heh, even that didn't work. That's right. WAY better. The drops of rain dripped from the tip of his nose and from his eyelashes and completely soaked his fur, darkening his once bright blur contrast into a more mysterious tone. And we girls like mysterious boys. And his eyes just seemed to become a Christmas light behind the sheets of rain.

Ugh, the eyes! Don't even get Amy thinking about those yellow orbs of goodness! They just brightened in the heat of the "conversation," though we can all now safely categorize this as an "argument."

A third aspect, one that especially infuriated her, was the way he made her heart jump by just a smile from him. Her stomach had a circus whenever she saw him, the tricks and stunts being frustratingly pleasant for her. Her heart would pound so violently it was hard to breathe, which is a NECESSITY to LIFE, may she remind you! Not even Tony Lewins from "The Battle of Mobius" could make her go insane the way Sonic did!

And Sonic was aware of all of these weaknesses. He knew it. Well, he'd known them for more than ten years, actually. He just never thought those weaknesses would be beneficial for him, but he's been wrong before.

"Why are you so scared? Sonic demanded.

Another pang of thunder.

"Scared? What the heck are you talking about?"

"COME ON! You and I both know it!"

Thunder sounded again.

"And what, exactly, would I be afraid of, Genius?" she spat, shooting him a raged frown as the thunder bolted above them.

"You're afraid that someone actually wants to be with you!" His grip around her wrist tightened.

Amy shook her head in disbelief before asking with a laugh, "and why would that scare me?"

The storm was really loud during this argument.

"Because you wanna be with me too, Amy. I know it," he breathed. And the look he gave her could silence her forever. The look was one with enough confidence to strike the pink hedgehog into retreat of words.

"Damn it," she silently growled. "Don't look at me like that." It was killing her. Or saving her as she was stabbed in the heart every second at the same time. Every sentence pulled her more and more from her pit of protection, but that's the thing. She didn't WANT to be pulled out of her warm cocoon, where only comfort resided with her. But she had no way to deny anything from this guy now.

Tears in her eyes, she looked down at her black raindrop-hit boots. Where was the point in denying the truth that Sonic was completely well aware of? How could he read her so easily? It was insane!

She had to face it either way though, and she was scared. Terrified. Mortified, even. She had gone through so much suffering because of her affections, and she did not want a repeated cycle again.

Sight blinded by her flooding tears, she spoke after a momentary silence dwelt between the two. "Everything was...working out just fine before you came." She felt Sonic's gaze and his grip on her wrist soften. His hand caressed hers instead. "I was finally...getting over you. Then you came back."

"Why did you want to get over me in the first place?" Thunder sounded after his whisper.

"You were interested in Sally. That hit me and-"

"Woah, woah. HOLD up." He held his hand up as he interrupted. "Where'd you come up with THAT?"

She looked up at him and blinked. "Well, I mean, you were interested in her, so I realized you didn't love me so I left."

More thunder.

And he just stared. At each passing second, his eyes grew wider, clarifying every piece of the puzzle being reassembled. "Okay, okay. Wait." He used his two index fingers to massage his temples as he spoke out the facts."Lemme get this straight. You loved me, but thought I didn't like you. First part right?"

Amy nodded.

"Then ya thought that I liked Sally?"

Another nod, accompanied with another loud bang.

"So, because you thought that, you decided to move away so that you could...get over me," He flinched at the last part.

She nodded again.

And again, he just stared, and the clouds didn't yell anything during the whole two minutes of silence, after which he startled Amy by suddenly bursting out in laughter as the rain quietly died down from above them.

Amy glared. "Ha ha. Hysterical, ain't it?"

She again made an attempt to leave, but Sonic again tugged her wrist.

"Ha ha. Sorry, sorry," laughed the hedgehog. "It's just - ha ha - just- Amy! I NEVER loved her! Ha ha! I loved YOU!"

This time, Amy stared. "What?"

"Just as I said, honey. I was in love with you. I was completely DEAD after you left. Sally just kept me floating over the shallow, shark infested waters, shall we say. That's the best way I can explain it. Ah, but then you had brought me back to shore. Make sense?"

"Then, why'd you run all the time?"

"All that runnin' away stuff was because I just didn't know how to react. I was mad at myself mostly. I mean, look at me! I'm universally known! I'm Sonic the hedgehog, savior of the entire GALAXY, ya know? I wasn't suppose to fall in LOVE with anyone! I told myself that I wasn't allowed to be vulnerable to any mushy stuff. But then you-" he chuckled and shook his head, lifting his gaze to her and just....doing just that.


Ha. Vulnerable? This girl had absolutely no idea how much power she had over this guy.

Sonic entwined his fingers with Amy's and smiled a small, affectionate beam. "You, Ames," he continued. "Heh. You had me going crazy. Still do, I'll have you know. And that really hits the ego. So yeah, I was being an idiot. A love-struck idiot. Forgive me."

Her eyes glistened in the tears about to be shed as her fist was held at her lips. "Oh, Sonic!" she exclaimed. She then crashed her body into his, her arms craving to be around his body in an embrace. Geez! This guy was a complete, idiotic dufus! She ought to pound the guy silly, but she was in just such an emotional relief that violence had to be reserved for later. Was this sort of thing even possible? Life didn't work this way! It was way too good for her! She must have been doing something right, that's for sure! And she was totally blessed for it. Totally blessed.

"Heh heh. Glad ya forgive me," Sonic laughed. Wrapping his arms around her petite and blessed waist, he sunk his face into her shoulder. Man, dreams really did come true. The sun was starting to poke out of its hiding place now, and the clouds decided not to rain on the parade and abandoned the area completely. Despite their wet fur clamped to their skin, the feeling was completely warm among the two. Sonic closed his eyes, taking in the full emotion of the setting. Ah, he's caught euphoria for sure. He always imagined his arms around this girl in such an embrace, but not like this. This - this was unreal. Completely rapture-creating. No way was he letting go. Breathing out in a calming consolation, he tightened his grip around her waist and brought his hand to her head, clamping her quills in his fist and closing his eyes.

Yeah, way too good to be true.

Suddenly she broke from his arms in a panic and he began to think that the happy ending hadn't come just yet.


He blinked. That was freaky.

"Boy, Ames. For someone who is trusted to OPERATE on people, you sure are clueless. Yep, that's exactly what I'm saying. That's why I was laughing before."

She fixed bewilderingly at him, her gaze rivaling his blank glance, before the two both cracked up in laughter. Boy, she sure was clueless. And slow!

The laughter died down after half past a minute, the two wiping their eyes from tears of unconditional and pathetic realizations. Sonic chuckled again at the one before him before gently inquiring, "You still scared?"

Amy looked back at him and nodded, then looking down at her hand now being held. His cold touch left her skin burning, but she had always loved the heat.

"Me too," whispered the male, slowly approaching her. "But, I think it's better to face your fears with someone alongside you. You think so?"

Their noses were barely touching now; the distance between them had closed so much. Amy gazed into his eyes and began to wonder why she had thought that safety was always the best thing to hope for. Perhaps, if she took this step, she'd be able to face painful situations hand in hand with her blue hero, always being ensured of the final outcome if they both worked hard together. She had been wrong all along (especially about the whole Sonic-was-not-in-love-with-Sally-at-all-but-really-he-was-in-love-with-Amy-in-the-first-place thing). Protection from her fears hadn't been what let her live after all. It had been an anchor, a restraint, to all the choices she could have made - the right choices.

"Besides," continued Sonic softly, "I would just follow you like a possessive fan-boy and make you think so." He winked at her as she laughed quietly, shutting her eyes as Sonic brought his forehead to hers.

"So," Sonic grazed his gloved hand along Amy's cheek, "what do you say?"

He wasn't expecting her to clamp her lips against his, creating the most passionate kiss ever beheld in a matter of two seconds. Her heart had been pounding too loud for her to bear, two seconds being all she could handle before having to breathe deeply in and out to calm it down. She also had no experience in this aspect, so she found it'd be safer to keep it short. Though, those two seconds was a complete bliss, and she did look forward to future actions.

"H-Hey!" Sonic exclaimed nervously, his beige muzzle now blended into a pink blush. This girl...she was damn good at kissing! What the heck!? Those two seconds were complete ecstasy to Sonic, and man! his stomach was clenching up tight. He was fighting hard not to smack his hands on her cheeks and just dominate those pale lips of hers. Geez! he was losing it here!

"What's up with THAT? That was the BEST DAMN KISS I've ever received and you pull away after TWO SECONDS!? It's our first kiss! Shouldn't it last longer?! And I was totally not ready!"

"Sucks to be you," winked the female. "Was it really that good?"

"Hell yeah. My gosh, do you have experience?"


"What?! That was your first kiss?!"


"Show a bit of intimacy for it then!"

Dang, this girl was WAY ahead of the blue hedgehog by far. He needed to catch up!

With a shrug, Amy replied, "I've never found first kisses such a big deal."

"How caring."

"Yep. I'm the sweetest girl you'll ever know."

Yes. Yes she was.

It was his turn to make a surprise move, grabbing her wrist and yanking her form to outline against his. Their fur pressed against each others' as Sonic binded his lips against hers, pulling her to him so tightly that she had absolutely no chance of breaking free of his clutch, since he obviously had no intention to cut the kiss shorter than thirty least.

It happened way too fast and unexpected for Amy to bother fighting against such a kiss. Not that she could; he had her totally locked. He was seriously into it here, pulling Amy as close to him as possible to get as into the it as he could, her body now completely crushed against his. Ah, but she didn't mind. He was pretty good at this sort of thing too. His taste definitely wasn't what she had expected, but it was absolutely delicious, addicting, even. It was one of those gourmet meals you just couldn't get enough of. She was in a complete felicity because of it. Oh gosh, amazing. The moment she made an effort to kiss back, Sonic grabbed the back of Amy's neck and her waist and just dug in deeper, making his way to every inch behind those delicately smooth lips.

Needless to say, those moments were the best ones of their lives....well, thus far. There was much more where that had come from.

When their moments ended into gasps of breath, Sonic pulled Amy into a fondling embrace. He heard her sigh and she rested her head in his chest. He brought his smile to her neck, planting a peck where his lips rested with Amy's scent drifting off her fur into his nose. Ah, complete bliss.

"Can I say it now?" he asked suddenly.


Sonic straightened up, looking seriously into her eyes and saying four words that he would be saying for the rest of his life.

"I love you, Amy."

And she just started to cry. The tears wouldn't stop, no matter how much Amy wiped away her tears. This was just....

"I love you too, Sonic."

Chuckling "I know", he wiped her tears and leaned in for another kiss, this time being less lead by hormones but by the plain passion of the moment.

"Mm," Amy mumbled after they pulled away the third time. "You know, I'm actually quite surprised with that kiss."

"Ha ha! You've underestimated my kissing ability! Don't I just make you wanna melt?" He flashed his playful, trademark grin.

"NO." She rolled her eyes, though the statements weren't false at all. Very accurate, actually. Not that he needed to know. "Just, I always thought you'd taste like chili-dogs."

"OUCH! Okay, Ames. THAT hurt. Can't you see the blood gushing out?"

"Hm. I'll operate on you."

"Oh? That'd be nice," purred the hedgehog, putting into good use his husky, flirtatious voice.

"Pervert." Though there was a significantly apparent blush that invited itself upon her muzzle, which Sonic noticed immediately.

Well, if there was one thing that Sonic and Amy learnt that day, it was that love was absolutely pathetic. It makes you a victim of stupidity and vulnerability, Sonic's biggest problem. But, love isn't something detestable, even being something beautiful from the inside. This crazy and absolutely confusing thing called love was the best thing that had ever happened to the couple.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------A couple of months into progress report----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sonic and Amy are doing rather well in their progress as a couple. They bicker often, but that's what couples do, yes? Though being slightly in fear of being in a relationship still, Amy is managing quite well with Sonic guiding her along.

Rouge and Knuckles finally had their baby. A beautiful baby bat girl who possesses the same fur as her father. Much to Knuckles' dismay (who, may I inform you, had to be treated by the nurses while Rouge was SUPPOSE to be the main center of medical attention. Why? He had fainted as she was given labor.), the child whom they have named Bella had inherited Rouge's eyes, so punishment within the future years in adolescence will be difficult.

Sally is doing rather well. She'd taken a particular interest in a certain black hedgehog, so that's pretty exciting.

Tails and Cream are keeping it low profile. Though the two are mocked often by a certain red echidna, only Sonic and Amy know of their secret relationship. The reason would be Cream's mother. You may think she's very laid back and approachable. Well here's a news flash for ya'll. She's freakin' SCARY! Imagine the poor fates of the young fools in love! So yes, secrecy is a must. DON'T TELL NOBODY!

As for Eggman's remaining goons, they are finally getting adjusted to their new life style that centered around a new format called "partying." Suddenly, Eggman's bases have become dance clubs for everyone to party at.

"Hey, Sonic?" pondered Amy, who was laid against Sonic sideways on her couch. He was raking his fingers through her quills (which he did rather often) and had his chin laid on top of her head.

"Sup?" asked her blue boyfriend.

"Remember how teary Knuckles got over Bella last year?"

With a chuckle, the responder confirmed the humorous memory.

"Though it's absolutely ridiculous that he used up two entire kleenex boxes and all, it's pretty understandable why he got so emotional, right?" continued she.


"But what I wanna know is why you used up the other two."

"What?! How did you know about that?!"

"You can't hide anything from me, Sonic the hedgehog. Though I know it's kind of late to ask this, already being an entire year and all. So, why'd you cry?"

"Well, I mean, it's emotional!"

She rolled her eyes. Too many things were emotional to this guy. He had been bawling when seeing Avatar. Though it's nice to know how soft hearted the guy was, there wasn't one other male in the theater who shed so much as a tear. Sigh. That's her Sonic.

"Sonic, you're slightly too overemotional."

"You're bustin' my ego, babe."

She cast him a smirk and hit him playfully on his arm. Ah, his muscular arm. Girls had every reason to be jealous when Amy was hugged by those arms.

With a laugh, Sonic brought his lips to Amy's ear and gently bit it, afterwords kissing her forehead and continuing his defense. "At that time, I was just....meh. I dunno. I pictured it was me holdin' my own baby, and that it was you laughing at how pathetic I was for getting all teary. Ya know, that kind of stuff."

Amy smiled gently. "Yep. Overemotional.

"Ego damage! Ego!"

Her laugh vibrated in his chest. After a few more moments of intimate silence, Amy spoke again.

"Hey, Sonic?"

"Yeah, hun?"

"What would you name your kids, if you had any?"

"Speedster, totally. And Sonic Jr."

"You're own children will plot against you."

"Ha ha, I know. I was kidding. I'd plot against MYSELF if I named my kids that. I always liked Jake or Chad. Something short and cool, ya know?"

"What if it was a girl?"

"Roxy. You?"


Sonic cleared his throat nervously. "What do you - uh, think of the names I mentioned?"

A smile picking at her lips, Amy silently contemplated on the suggestions given, then answered, "Don't like Chad. I like Jake though, but as a nickname, so Jacob would be good. Roxy goes to Roxanne, so it would be a win-win situation."

"Sounds good."

Amy snickered. "You're already planning a future together, huh?"

"Hun, I've been planning it for a REALLY long time."

"Guess you better propose soon, then?"

Sonic laughed, raising himself from the couch and pulling confused Amy up with him by the hand.

"Funny you should ask," he said, kneeling down on one knee.

Amy gasped and brought her hands to her mouth as he revealed a small, sparkling and beautiful ring laying innocently in his palm.

"Oh, Sonic!" she choked against her tears, her throat tightening as her emotions swelled. This was completely unexpected, completely heart-thumping, and completely beautiful. Oh, she had been waiting for so long! Tears were already streaming down her face, tears of such enchantment that it got Sonic laughing happily too. Oh, how had things turned out so amazing for her? So beautiful? This seemed just like a dream, one that would suddenly disappear around her in the blink of an eye. Oh, she hoped it was true! She hoped it was reality taking place around her! She had given so many hints, and this was what she needed. This love of his was what kept her going, and that ring in his palm would mean her tie to him forever. It would mean that he was bound to her and she was bound to him and that they would belong to each other, for all their lives, for all eternity. And she couldn't see her life without this blue guy kneeling in front of her now. And he couldn't live without her.

This was really happening.

"I'm gonna cut right to the chaste," he winked, taking Amy's bare, delicate hand into his protective and loving grasp.

"Marry me, Amy Rose the hedgehog."


Prepare yourselves for a long last note.
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