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Bella Swan told herself that she would rather be anywhere but here. She would rather be in prison. She would rather be squashed by the backside of an elephant. She most definitely did not want to be in the arms of this persistant, stubborn, and overheated werewolf. Her best friend whom she loved as only that, a friend. At least... Bella tried to tell herself all those things.

And yet she knew exactly what they were. Lies.

Jacob's eyes fluttered as he leaned in close.

His tongue slowly traced the outline of her bottom lip. She felt her stomach tighten automatically in response.

He pulled back slightly, just enough. Feeling his hot breath teasing her face in periodic huffs,

she stole a glance at his eyes, and she immediately misplaced the knowledge of just exactly how to breathe.

His eyes burned a dark glow, like the embers of a bonfire.

"Bella..." he breathed out in hushed exhale. Her breath kick started as if by his command.

She noticed a shaking of her hands and placed them on the bare skin of his torso in a desperate attempt to steady them.

Eyes flashing in response to her touch on his taut stomach, he moved in close. A low, husky statement whispered hotly in her ear.

"Mm, Bella, I would have to say that you are the best thing I've ever tasted."

Her stomach coiled even tighter as she discovered just how much she enjoyed his words.

Her knees weakened.

"Don't think I don't notice how your knees get weak..."

Her breath quickened.

"Don't think I don't notice how your breath speeds up..."

Her heart hammered.

"But especially, don't think I don't notice how your heart beats faster..."

Her eyes clamped shut.

"Bella, please..." He urged. "Look at me."

Willing her eyes open, she looked up. He captured her gaze, and held it hostage.

"I can't help but notice that all your symptoms only occur when I'm near."

She blushed at the truth of his words, trying desperately to break his gaze.

"And your blushing is beyond fucking cute." He growled. She flushed worse, gaining an immense unforeseen pleasure at his words.

He pulled her into a bear hug, his head buried in her neck. He inhaled, taking comfort in her scent. And she felt something break inside of her. A warm rush galloped through her body.

Her arms held him just a little bit closer, hoping. Desperately hoping, that this was not just a dream. Jacob was not going to just leave her. Disappear, without a trace.

Her tighter grip on him caused Jacob's eyes to widen. "If I didn't know any better, Bella Swan, I'd say that you love me."

Bella froze.

She froze, even in the midst of the warmth of her personal sun, Jacob. Her Jacob. And she could not find the words to protest against his. For the first time in a long while, she could not find the conviction to swear to Jacob that she did love him, just not like he wanted her to. Just not enough, as she used to say.

And so it was.

She turned her head just slightly to the right, and she planted a soft kiss on his warm chest.

He nearly jumped at the feel of her lips on his skin. He found himself wondering if he had just imagined it.

His doubts quickly fled when he felt another warm kiss on his chest. He sighed, relishing the contact. She really has no idea what she does to me.

Bella gained courage as she heard his contented sigh and felt his arms pull her involuntarily closer.

Her tongue flicked out as she kissed his chest in slow, languorous sweeps of her mouth. He gasped.

"Oh, Bells..." he whispered, biting his lip. He felt her grin against his skin.

She began in a husky, low voice. "I have something quite shocking to confess."

Her words broke through his hazy mind, sobering him up quickly. He placed his hands under each of her arms and lifted her effortlessly up to his eye level.

She laughed at his action, an action that was so completely Jacob.

She drew in a deep breath and said it. And it flowed like gospel from her tongue.

"I love you too much for my own good, Jacob Black."

And his eyes shown bright, seeking hers.

She met them as they asked the only question he wanted to know.

Do you mean...?

Not pausing for even a second, she nodded a yes.

His face broke out into an irresistable smile. And she reveled in the fact that that smile was only for her.

He crushed her in a hug, and she loved it.

"I knew it..." He whispered. "I knew you had to love me the same way. You just didn't know it. You wouldn't let yourself know."

And her eyes watered because Jacob perceived so much more than she knew.

He broke away, kissing her with all the intensity he had. "I love you Bella."

And when she finally regained her breath she told him she loved him right back.

And matter of factly so.

"Now, let's see if we can't trip up your heart beat some more." He whispered eagerly.