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Spank Me, Slap Me, Ink Me Baby

I poked at my lunch thoughtfully and waited till a lull in the conversation Rosalie and Alice were having about shoes to make my announcement, "I'm getting a tattoo."

Alice froze with a fry poised mid air, and Rose just blinked stupidly at me. The silence protracted for more than a minute, then the two shared a look and Alice began talking, "You, Bella Swan, shy, sweet, girl next door, Bella Swan are getting a tattoo?"

Surprised at my friend's reactions, I merely nodded cautiously. It was true, I wasn't exactly the tattooing type, I was fairly cookie cutter looking and I preferred to spend my time surrounded by books, rather than most people, Alice and Rose being the main exceptions.

"That's fantastic!" Rose said, while Alice nodded brightly. I stared at them, unable to wrap my mind around their seemingly sudden change of attitude.

"What are you going to get? Have you decided yet? Where are you going to get it? I think you should do something on your back, but please for the love of god, don't get a butterfly they are so tacky. Or a tramp stamp, you can do much better than a tramp stamp." Alice began talking nonstop, suggesting tattoo designs and the best place to get them.

Finally shaken from my stupor I interjected, "You guys don't think it's a stupid idea?"

Alice shook her head, "No way. Tattoos are an awesome form of self expression. I sure as hell wouldn't get one, but you go for it." I raised my eyebrow at her tattoo PSA, and then turned to Rosalie.

"I think it's a great idea Bella, there's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo, as long as you don't go overboard with the whole thing." Rose added, popping one of Alice's fries in her mouth.

"Oh. Okay, well…great." I nodded satisfied, "I've been thinking about it for awhile, but I finally decided I wanted to go and do it. I was thinking tomorrow night would be good, it's a Tuesday so I don't think they'll be too busy and I don't have class until Thursday afternoon, so I'll have some recovery time. I was also wondering if you guys could maybe come with me?" I realized I was rambling, but I really didn't want to go there alone.

I looked over at Ali and saw her flinch, "There's no way I can go in a tattoo parlor Bella. I'm sorry and I love you, but going in there would totally gross me out. Plus I have a blind date tomorrow. I'm sure Rose will go."

I could understand that, tattoo parlors weren't exactly Tiffany's or Sak's Fifth Avenue; having Alice sit with me would've been a bad idea.

Rose beamed at the idea though, "Hell yeah I'll go. I think I'll get my nipples pierced."

Tuesday found Rosalie and me outside of Atomic Tattoo's and Piercings. I was a little nervous, but mostly I was excited. The parlor was supposed to be the best one around, everyone I had asked said it was clean, and the artists there were amazing. I saw the sign outside that showed it's hours and after a quick glance at my watch I was relived to see it wasn't quite closing time yet, hopefully they'd get us in before they closed shop for the night.

The door jangled as we walked in; hopefully alerting someone we were here, since we came in to find an empty shop. The front area was comprised of a big glass case that stood adjacent to a counter top that held the cash register and a large sign proclaiming "This is a trade like any other; not tipping would be dumber than not putting another hole in your head". A television buzzed quietly over the counter and tattooing magazines littered coffee table and chairs in the waiting area. Hanging on the walls were pre-drawn tattoo designs. I didn't need those; I had a print out of my design in my purse, I'd sketched it myself after weeks of deliberating on exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it done.

"Just a minute," a disembodied voice called out from the back.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, she was not known for her patience. Walking up to the glass counter top she began looking at the jewelry she would be able to get in her new piercings. I shook my head disbelievingly at the idea of Rose getting her nipples pierced; only she would do something like that.

After another few minutes someone finally emerged from the back. A huge bear of a man trailed behind two girls, one who had clearly just gotten her lip pierced and the other who looked to be there for moral support.

The man smiled brightly at me, but missed seeing Rosalie as she was crouched in front of the glass case looking at the bottom shelf. The two girls paid quickly and left, while Rose continued inspecting the belly button rings.

"What can I do for you?" He asked.

Rosalie popped up suddenly, startling him, "She wants a tattoo and I want my nipples pierced."

The man's surprise quickly morphed into an appreciative smile, he blatantly checked Rose out, giving her a look that was wholly unlike the friendly one he gave me, "Well I'm Emmett." He introduced himself, holding his hand out for Rosalie to shake.

She looked him over, obviously impressed by what she saw she shook his hand, "I'm Rosalie. That's my friend Bella." She pointed at me as I waved shyly.

"Well Rosalie, I do the piercings, and my buddy in the back is working on a tattoo right now. He should finish up in a few minutes and then he can go ahead and do your friend. And I can do you right now." Emmett winked at Rose and she smirked right back at him, while I blushed at Emmett's innuendo, "Bella you can fill this paperwork out while you wait." He held out a clipboard and I took it, then I sat down and began filling in the questions. Emmett walked to the front of the store and turned the open sign off, then looked at Rosalie again in question.

She gave him a flirtatious once over and then turned to me, "Bells you gonna be okay for a few minutes or do you need me when you get your tattoo?"

I shook my head, "Nope, I'll be fine. You get your piercings, I don't mind."

Rosalie smiled widely and followed Emmett to the back of the store, passing by two people who were walking towards the front. The girl had strawberry blond hair and her tiny shirt was tied up revealing a flat stomach and a piece of gauze taped to her hip bone, I assumed she'd just gotten work. It was the guy though that caught my attention. He was tall, probably a little over six foot, with messy copper colored hair and bright green eyes, he was wearing a plain white t-shirt that failed to hide both the colorful sleeves that ran down one of his arms and his toned body. My eyes roamed over him appreciatively.

As Emmett passed by he turned and called to the Adonis who had made his way to the counter, "Edward man, Bella wants a tattoo. Treat her right Eddie, she's a lady." He laughed loudly as he continued on to the back.

Edward rolled his eyes at his co-workers antics, and then met eyes with me. Something in the world seemed to shift as we looked at each other; it felt as if his green gazed pierced my heart. I smiled tentatively at him, and he responded with a breathtaking crooked smile in return.

Oh lord, be still my beating heart.

The girl who was paying was prattling on about something, and clearly hoping to get Edward's attention again, but it wasn't working. Finally giving up, she signed her receipt and left, but not without tossing a glare in my direction. The door clanging broke the staring contest we had going and shocked me out of my day dream.

The tattoo artist moved from behind the counter and I stood up as he approached, "Hey, I'm Edward." He smiled that heart wrenching smile again and extended his hand.

I shook it and felt tingles go down my spine, Holy shit, if shaking his hand is this mind blowing I can only imagine what the sex would be like! That very un-Bella like thought ran through my head, causing me to break out in a fresh blush, "I'm Bella."

I handed him the clipboard in a daze, and as he glanced down at the paperwork he asked, "You cut it a little close to closing time Bella, but I think I can fit you in. So, did you have something in mind or did you still need a few minutes to look around?" His voice was like liquid velvet and I felt a familiar pooling in my stomach as I tried to make sense of his words.

Finally it dawned on me that not only was I still staring at him, but I still hadn't answered his question, "OH my tattoo. Right. Yeah, um, I have a design." I stopped my ogling and reached into my purse, pulling out the carefully crafted script I had spent the last few weeks drawing.

I handed it to him and as he studied it he chuckled, "I guess you like the band Twilight too?"

I was surprised he recognized the title from my favorite bands song; they weren't very popular or well known. Plus "So the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb" was an older track, from their first CD. I swallowed nervously, "Yeah, they're amazing. It was one of those songs that changed my life a few years ago, so I thought it appropriate."

Edward nodded and gestured towards the back of the store, "Let's get you inked then."

I followed him happily, watching his muscles move under his shirt, and admiring the designs I could see on his arm. It looked like the majority of his left arm was comprised of musical notes; I wondered what song it was. He didn't seem like the type to get something randomly put on him, so I assumed whatever it was it meant a lot.

He stopped in front of a secluded room and as we stepped inside he closed the curtain. I wondered, briefly how Rosalie was doing, but was pulled back into my thoughts of Edward as he moved around the room. He was setting up a tray and grabbing some ink and a few plastic wrapped things and gestured for me to sit down on the table. For a few minutes he worked in silence, redrawing my design on tracing paper so he could copy it onto my body. I happily watched him, glad that the silence seemed peaceful, rather than uncomfortable.

Finally, done with his work he showed me the design, the words "So the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb" were written in elegant script, almost a perfect copy of my own, but neater and I had to admit, better looking. I nodded at him, "Looks great."

He smiled, "So where do you want this done?"

"On my side, over my rib cage." As I spoke I realized that what I was wearing wasn't exactly conducive to tattooing, Alice had shoved me into a mini skirt and heels this morning and the tight shirt she insisted I wear couldn't be rolled up. I knew then I'd have to take off my shirt for him to reach the right spot. At this thought I blushed furiously and bit my lip in distress.

Edward didn't seem to notice and just nodded his head, clearing his throat he gestured towards my shirt, "You're gonna have to lose the top love."

At his words, heat pooled again in my belly, I nodded wordlessly as I pulled my shirt over my head swiftly, glad that for once that I'd worn my favorite underwear today for good luck. Edward's eyes roamed my body, clearly happy with what he saw; my leopard print bra pushed my full B and gave me some banging cleavage.

I cleared my throat, and he met my eyes, clearly a little embarrassed to be caught staring, "You're uh, going to have to lie down on your side."

I positioned myself as he finished preparing the needle and setting up his tools, I heard him snap on some rubber gloves and he wiped my side down with alcohol. He gently placed the design over my skin, and then lifted it up, he blew on my skin gently, causing me to break out in goose bumps, "Does that look good?"

I sat up and looked in the mirror that comprised the back wall of the room, "Perfect." I lay down again and flinched slightly as I heard the needle turn on. The rhythmic buzzing was a little unnerving.

"You okay?"

Nodding, I said, "Yeah, just nervous. How bad is this going to hurt?"

Edward laughed, "People have different responses to tattooing, some people feel like they're on fire, other's think it's sort of numbing, I like it, it's almost soothing. And then there are those that seem to get off on the pain. This is a sensitive spot though, so it might hurt. If you're in too much pain, let me know and we'll give you a break. We can always finish this some other time."

"Okay. You can start." I closed my eyes, but I was unprepared for what happened next.

Edward began working, humming softly to himself as he did so, but the needle on my skin wasn't painful, at least not in a bad way. It buzzed and I felt myself getting a little turned on. The small shocks to my system felt like hot caresses on my skin. Edward's left hand rested on my hip, while his right continued inking. I was dazed as he worked, off in a world of pleasure/pain and Edward's touch inflamed me. Guess I was more masochistic than I ever imagined.

He had been working for about twenty minutes when suddenly, he hit a particularly sensitive spot and I couldn't control the moan that came out of my mouth. I felt my entire body flame up as I realized what I did. Edward froze for a moment, and then continued on. This time though his left hand began drawing light circles on my stomach, little brushes that I almost didn't notice.

My body hummed in response and I could feel my panties becoming more soaked by the second. I was worried he might be able to smell my arousal, but he gave no indication that anything I was doing was bothering him. Just as I was wondering if I'd be able to rub my legs together inconspicuously the needle hit another hot spot and again I moaned, breathless and wanton. I almost didn't recognize myself. Edward stopped and put the needle down.

Was he done? Had I just embarrassed myself terribly? I looked up at him and his eyes were on fire.

"Sit up Bella." He pulled off his rubber gloves and rolled the chair he was in back a little.

I did as I was told; sure he was going to ask me to leave due to my totally inappropriate response. I felt myself biting my lip again unconsciously and I looked down at the floor shamefaced. I felt Edward's hands on my face, and I looked up and met his eyes again, this time though he leaned in and crashed his lips into mine.

Taken off guard it took me a minute to respond, but when I did I threw myself into the kiss. I spread my legs and I wrapped my arms around him, one hand fisted in his hair, the other slithered up his t-shirt. He followed my movements by stepping in closer to me and threaded his hands through my thick waves, pulling my lips closer to him and resting his other on my un-tattooed hip.

I felt his tongue attempt to break open my lips, and allowed him to gain entrance into my mouth. He tasted like cinnamon, and I decided that was my new favorite flavor. Our tongues fought for dominance, and then he pulled back and nipped my bottom lip, scratching my chin with his stubble. I burned with desire and pulled him closer still to me, until my skirt had ridden up and his crotch was pressed against mine. My nipples were hard and straining against my bra as I rubbed against him, revealing in the sensation.

The friction, though delightful, wasn't enough, I needed more. I began clawing at his shirt frantically, until he pulled back for a moment and took it off. I let my eyes roam his chest, ignoring the tattoo's he was a perfect specimen, sleek muscles and an only slightly defined stomach. Exactly my type.

My eyes trailed the tattoos on the left arm and watched them climb up to his shoulder. I noted in the back of my mind that he had words written over his heart. Too horny to bother to reading them, I licked a straight line from his abs to his nipples and bit down on one. He growled in response. I continued kissing and biting his neck, tasting a slightly salty tang of sweat, mixing with his smell, an almost woodsy scent that set my blood on fire. I pulled my head up and mashed our lips together again.

While kissing me he slipped his arms to my back and quickly unclasped my bra, allowing my breasts to fall free. He nipped and bit his way down, pausing on the junction between my shoulder and neck and biting particularly hard. I moaned loudly and dug my nails into his back, loving that he marked me. He continued leaving open mouth kisses on my torso, ghosting over my nipples, until I was panting in anticipation. Finally he began kneading one and bit down gently on the other.

My nipple puckered stiffly, his rough stubble creating the most enticing feelings, and he bit down hard finally, causing me to gasp and curl my hands in his hair.

His hand ghosted over my panties and he began rubbing small circles over my wetness, when I pressed harder against him he pulled back and continued his slow torture. He continued his evil on my torso, toying with me, switching breasts and nibbling, and biting on them both, until I finally broke, "More please. God Edward more."

Glancing up, he smiled devilishly and so quickly I didn't even see it coming, popped the button on my skirt and pulled it down to floor along with my underwear. I vaguely realized I was still wearing the heels Alice and shoved me into the morning and went to kick them off, until Edward stopped me, "Leave them." His voice was rough and husky, and the new tone surprised and entranced me.

Before I could respond, he pulled open my legs and dove in; he licked my slit roughly and began eating me out in earnest. He added a finger, along with his tongue, then he added another and moved his tongue up to my clit. I moaned loudly and began chanting, almost incoherently, "Yes, oh more, right there, oh god." He moved his lips and bit my inner thigh, then nibbled his way back to my clit, while still pulling his fingers in and out; gently scraping my inner walls he continued teasing me with his tongue.

I pushed my dripping pussy at his face, unable to stand it any longer, I felt myself at my peak, almost ready to crash over. Edward added a third finger and I was closer, but still not quiet there. He curled his fingers inside me, then he bit my clit roughly and I found myself digging my heels into his back as I came. He continued licking up my juices, until the last tremor of an orgasm washed through me, then he came up and smiled smugly at me.

I grabbed his hand and began licking his fingers, tasting myself on him. He closed his eyes in ecstasy and I began taking off his belt. When he was fully nude, I noticed happily that he was huge. I leaned in to kiss him again, the tang of my cum was still on his lips and I lapped at him, while I rubbed my hardened nipples on his chest. Then I hopped off the table and slithered down to the floor and looked up at him smirking as I licked his cock from top to bottom. He groaned loudly.

The tangy precome slid over my tongue and I took as much of him into my mouth as I could. He moaned again and put his hands in my hair, pulling and guiding my movements. What parts of him I couldn't reach I stroked with one hand and with the other I began playing with his balls. I cupped them and teased him, earned a painful, yet pleasurable pull on my hair. I pulled him out of my mouth and placed open mouthed kisses all over his cock, then nipped lightly on it.

I was about to take him into my mouth again when he pulled me up, "I'm gonna come in your pussy love, not in your mouth. Maybe another night, I can cum all over your tits, you'd like that wouldn't you?"

I moaned and felt myself practically leaking at his words, and as he attacked my mouth again I gasped as he shoved me against the mirrored wall and forced his cock in me. He didn't give me a moment to adjust, just began thrusting hard and fast into me, lighting my body on fire. The glass was cold against my back, creating a numbing sensation, while my front felt like it was drowning in flames. He lifted one leg over his shoulder, and the change in angle had me whimpering in pleasure.

I felt him push inside me so deeply, then pull back again, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. He kept changing his rhythm and my body was tingling all over; the sounds of flesh pounding together, his balls slapping against me felt indescribable.

He nipped my neck and with one hand began toying with my clit, with a hard pinch I came, but he continued his assault on my body. I dug one heel into him and one hand gripped his hair, the other clawed his shoulder. Waves of pleasure assaulted my body, pulling me higher and higher, I was almost dizzy with pleasure just waiting for the waves to crash again.

I clenched my inner walls suddenly, earned a groan from him and he stopped his play on my clit, shoving one finger into my asshole. I came again, the most intense orgasm I'd ever felt in my life and my entire body shook with the sensation as I felt him cum inside my body. My walls clenching and unclenching around his cock as it softened inside of me.

We both stood there staring at each other, he kissed me swiftly, nipping my lower lip again as he pulled out. My body protested from the loss of him. He set me down on the ground and I wobbled a bit from the combination of sexual gymnastics and four inch heels. Edward wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck and I smiled up at him, still a little embarrassed. Trying to distract myself, I realized I'd never figured out what the tattoo on his chest was and so I turned to inspect it.

I discovered lines from another Twilight song were splashed across his heart, "my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty." I smiled happily at the discovery, and kissed the tattoo. He leaned down to brush his lips over mine.

"Their music changed my life too." I blushed at his words, wondering if he meant them the way they sounded.

He pulled away and began cleaning up, he handed me my clothes and as I began getting dressed I realized with disappointment that my tattoo wasn't done. Edward saw me staring at myself in the mirror and understood what my unhappy face was about. The words, "So the Lion Fell in Love" splashed across my body, but the remaining letters were smudged and unfinished.

Edward smirked, "Guess I'll have to finish that tattoo sometime."

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