Chapter 1: The beginning

Rating: M
Summary: Abby and Tony are kidnapped only to lead to a life neither one thought was possible.

She loved mornings like these…waking up between two incredibly hot men. Their hands were entwined, lying on her right hip; which she smiled at. There was hardly anything they did without all parties involved. When the relationship began, they had all been a little unsure…especially since it was both unconventional and uncharted waters for them all.

And yet, three years later, she woke up satisfied every morning with the knowledge that they all loved and respected each other.

"Mmm. You woke up early."

Turning towards the voice, she was once again captivated by her awake partner's looks. She mused that though he came in a very handsome package, it was his personality that really made him irresistible.

"This is too good not to be awake for."

She moved towards her dark haired lover, giving him a full kiss before hearing their other partner awake. Giving a smirk, she arched backwards, rubbing her ass into the other man's growing erection.


She knew that voice; it was the voice she had fantasized and day dreamed about for years. By now, she could almost read his mind; knowing what each tone and look meant. Her smile grew larger as she realized he wasn't giving her a warning, but a plea.

"Yes, Sir?"

"Don't call me Sir."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"She's got ya, there, Boss."

"DiNozzo, shut up and kiss our girl so I can get a few more minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off."

"Aww, Gibbs, it's Sunday. No alarm. Don't cha wanna play too?"

She felt his hands grip her hips, thrusting his hard-on against her as he brought her backside towards him.

"Little nymph, you cannot possibly tell me you didn't get enough last night."

"Never, my silver haired fox."

"Well, then…DiNozzo!"

She watched as they strained over her and greeted each other good morning. She had always been known for her open-mindedness, but she had never before been in bed with two men while they kissed each other.


Three Years Previous

Abby struggled to regain consciousness, her body ached and her face felt swollen. Upon opening her eyes, she saw she was no longer at the Naval Yard. All she could remember was Tony coming in with a box of evidence from their new case and…nothing.

'Ok, Abby. Get a grip. WWGD?'

She tried to look at her surroundings, but found it was difficult due to the lack of light…and the cuffs holding her to the hard bed.


Somehow she knew that voice…why wasn't her brain working?!?


Out of protest, her memory flashed to a dark haired man, all smiles, and in an expensive looking suit.


"Shh, it's ok. He hit you pretty hard. Don't try to talk yet, ok?"


"I don't know. The bastard knocked me out a little while after you went down. We'll get out of this, Abs. I promise."

'At least he sounded ok', she thought. Every time she tried to adjust her eyes to the dark, she was met with mind-numbing pain. Though it wasn't her first time being hit, she certainly had never felt the aftermath this hard before.

"Why does it hurt so bad?"

"Abby! Please, just rest, ok? I told you, he hit you pretty hard."

"With what?"


"Ahh, the lovebirds are awake! Ms. Scuito, glad you are among the living once more. I thought Randolph had been too rough on you; but you needn't worry about him anymore, he has been punished for his mistake. And Agent DiNozzo, you're looking better too, I see! I am glad for that."

"Oh, why's that?"

"Well, I can't very well make a trade with your government if my two hostages are dead, now can I?"

"You…won't get away with this. Gi…bbs will—"

She couldn't understand why her voice wasn't working. Her head felt as if it was splitting into two each time she tried to form a word or thought.

"Now, now, Abigail you really must take Anthony's advice. I'm afraid Randolph was rather taken with you, which of course led to his hurting you more than was necessary. For that, I do apologize."

"Go to hell!"

"You first, Mr. DiNozzo. You first."

Abby heard a door slam, which only served to make her headache worse.

"Tony…it hurts. What happened?"

She felt a hand grace her forehead, as her body instinctly flinched.

"It's ok, Abby, it's just me."

"Tony…I'm sor---"

"Shh. We just have to wait."

"'Till what?"

"Gibbs finds us."