Zero vs Kira



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Chapter 1: Arrival

Lieutenant Colonel Taurus tapped his feet impatiently. When he lost a major battle against the EU, he was demoted from his previous position of Brigadier General and assigned to a weapons development project as a glorified security chief. But for all of the grandeur that the late Prince Clovis held for the project, it was little more than a light show and its only lasting impression was a migraine.

"How much longer will this experiment last, Dr. Torres?" Colonel Taurus grunted. "I'm getting eye strain." In the center of the room, a ball of red light pulsated with flashes of white, green, and blue patches.

Dr. Torres, the young blonde hair man in the stereotypical lab coat, who was leaning over an instrument panel sitting behind a 6-inch thick barrier that steadily grew thicker until it was another six inches thick at the bottom, glanced over his shoulder. "Not much longer, colonel."

"I swear, Torres, if we don't get positive results, I won't wait for the annual review board. I'm going straight to the Viceroy and have this project terminated."

Dr. Torres gave the colonel the evil eye and went back to work. He adjusted the instrumentation on the panel. The ball of light intensified. The scientist spoke into a small microphone mounted on the computer. "Warning! Experiment 024 is about to transition from stage 3 to stage 4. Please stand behind the blast shield." None of the men moved. "Please get behind..."

"Oh shut up and get the damn experiment over it already!"

Torres signed and continued with the experiment. The blob of light grew even stronger in intensity.

"I'd advise getting behind the blast shield." Torres motioned to the barrier behind them.

"As if it's going to do something that it didn't do the last twenty-four times." It was then the ball of light ruptured. The experiment seemed to have turned inside out and created a tempest inside the building. The mini-tornado scattered everything with it hurricane-force winds except people and whatever was nailed down all over the laboratory. And just before the vortex closed, a figure was thrown through and landed just outside the perimeter of the testing zone.

Lt. Col. Taurus and his men picked themselves off the floor. One man pushed a desk off of him. Another one was covered in garbage from an overturned trash can. "Damn scientist!" Torres stomped over to Dr. Torres. "You did that on purpose," Torres charged.

"No! That's not true. The experiment worked." Torres pointed toward the test area. "See." He was pointing at the figure that came through the portal.

It was human, or what the Britannians considered to be sub-human; an Eleven in a suit and tie. He had light brown hair and was, despite the upheaval, rather nicely kept. He was just getting off the floor when the guards took notice and pointed their weapons at him. The Eleven froze up, clutched his chest, and stayed close to the ground. "Ryuk!" The Eleven cried out. "Where the hell are you Ryuk!".

"I thought I caught a glimpse of something coming through." Colonel Taurus rubbed his scraggly cheeks with the 5 o'clock shadow. "Take this Eleven to the firing squad and dispose of the body." The Eleven's eyes opened wide with fright.

"No wait, Colonel!" Torres pleaded.

"Now what!" The colonel griped.

"I have to know where in Area 11 he came from or else we won't be able to pinpoint the coordinates of where the wormhole opened."

"Belay that order," the colonel moaned.

"Yes my lord." The soldiers stopped a few feet from the Eleven.

Taurus marched over to the Eleven and pulled him by the hair. "What's your name, Eleven?"

"Eleven?!? What the hell are you talking about?" The only answer the Eleven got was a fist in the face from the colonel.

"I said tell me your name, Eleven, and then tell us where you're from."

"Where are you from?"

"This is Area 11 and you're in the custody of the Britannian army."

"Brittanian?!? You mean I'm in Great Britain."

The colonel's already bad disposition got even worse. He kicked the Eleven in the stomach. "Britannia, not Britain you stupid Eleven! Learn the difference between us and those weaklings before I beat it in you. Damn uppity Eleven, you think you're somebody because you can speak English and wear a suit."

"Not so rough with him, colonel."

"Are you taking up for an Eleven?"

"Not for those animals, but I need to do a biopsy on the subject to see if there were any adverse affects from the trip though the wormhole. If you beat him too much I won't be able to tell if the teleportation has any side effects."

"We'll get you another Eleven to experiment with."

"Even though it took over two dozen tries to get one positive result?" Torres shook his head. "Really does it matter if the Eleven is dissected or shot? So long as he isn't alive and divulging military secrets, it makes no difference one way or the other."

"You made your point. We'll take care of your test subject and not hurt him too much."

"Excuse me, Colonel," the Eleven spoke out in a horsed voice; his cut lip dripping with blood. "Could you at least tell me your name?"

"No one told you speak, Eleven."

"It's only fitting to tell the condemned the name of his executioner."

"Fine, my name is Lieutenant Colonel George Taurus. Can you die in peace now, Eleven?"

The Eleven didn't reply right away. Instead, a sinister grin came upon his face and a chuckle out of his mouth.

"What's so funny?" Taurus barked before he noticed an item tucked in the coat of the Eleven's fancy jacket. Taurus picked the Eleven up by the collar and punched him in the gut. The blow loosened the grip the Eleven had on the item causing it to drop out of his coat. It was a black notebook that fell face down on the floor as the Eleven gasped for air after the blow knocked the air out of his lungs. The colonel picked it up and turned it over. Its front cover had the words "DEATH NOTE" printed on it.

"Death note?"

"Careful colonel," the Eleven coughed, "that's a cursed notebook. Whomsoever has their name written in it shall die."

The colonel chuckled. "You're kidding right." The Eleven shook his head. The chuckled then turned into full blown laughter. His soldiers followed along with his merriment. "I think I know where this eleven came from. He's from a nut house." The colonel laughed even harder. "I think I'll have some fun with you, Eleven." He handed the soldier closest to him the notebook and a pen out of his pocket.

"Um...yes my lord." The soldier said bewildered by his commanding officer's actions.

"Write your name in the cursed notebook."

"My name?"

"You heard me soldier! Write your name in the book." The soldier hastily opened the book and accepted the colonel's pen. "The rest of you do the same." The colonel grinned at the thought of making the eleven look foolish before he's put to death.

"Yes my lord." The other soldiers did as ordered and wrote their names down in the notebook.

"You next Torres," said the colonel as the last soldier handed the scientist the notebook.

"This is unprofessional behavior on your part, colonel; to play such childish games." Then Torres noticed a faint red outline below the page he wrote on. "Wait, there's something written in blood." But as Torres was looking over the blood-smeared page, the first soldier who was handed the cursed notebook grabbed his chest.

"That's enough playing around," Colonel Taurus chuckled. But the soldier didn't stop his 'act', but instead, collapsed on the floor. Then another soldier fell to his knees and expired. The colonel's heart raced in his chest. "I said that's enough playing around." One by one, the soldiers collapsed on the floor until all that was left was Taurus, Torres, and the Eleven.

"There's no such things as curses or the supernatural," Torres, a man of science, sputtered out in disbelief, or rather, in a failed attempt to rationalize the horror before his eyes. "Make it stop! Make it stop!" Torres felt his chest being twisted from the inside. The pain was like nothing he felt before. Burning like a thousand hot pokers running from arms to his spine jabbing through his flesh and then being yanked out taking muscles and tendons with it. His lungs collapsing in on itself expelling the life breath from his body. The last thing he felt before he went on to the next world was his heart exploding in his chest.

Colonel Taurus, the once proud Britannian officer, fearless in the face of enemy fire, artillery barrages, and towering Knightmare frames, quaked in terror of a measly eleven. He reached for his sidearm, but before he had a chance to fire a shot, the Eleven spoke out.

"Kill me and your name stays on the pages of the Death Note," said the Eleven.

"My name is in the Death Note?" Taurus trembled.

The Eleven nodded. "And only I can remove it, but only if you do as you are told."


27 minutes later

The Eleven was busy downloading everything he could from the computer files: the name of high ranking officers, schematics on the machine that brought him here, and whatever else Taurus' mid-level security clearance could give to him. Taurus stood by his side quaking in fear of his impending death and in hope that the Eleven will grant him mercy.

"Excuse me, sir," Taurus said in the most polite tone he could muster.

"Yes, what is it?"

"I did everything you said: I erased the security footage, gave you my password, and I even gave you the names of the other personnel at the facility. I LET YOU KILL MY OWN MEN! NOW SPARE MY LIFE!"

The Eleven just glanced at the clock and went back to stealing military secrets. "Maybe I should take these blueprints of your 'Knightmare' frames." He downloaded the schematics on the military hardware.

"Please, sir, I didn't mean to yell."

The Eleven didn't even acknowledge his presence.

"Haven't I done enough for you?"

The Eleven look at the clock again. Two minutes passed by and Taurus resume pleading shamelessly for his life again. "It wouldn't take but a second of your time to save my life." The Eleven treated Taurus as if he wasn't even there. "I have children you know. I'm a widower so I have no wife at home to look after them when I'm gone." The Eleven pulled the stick drive out of the computer and put it in his pocket.

"Please, just open the book to the page where my name is written."

The Eleven glanced at the clock, thought for a moment, and flipped the book to the words written in blood.

"George Taurus," Taurus read aloud. His name was written in the English alphabet, but there was more writing in kanji. "What does that say?"

"It says 'George Taurus: orders his men to write their names down in a book, will succumb to an overwhelm fear for his own life and will follow any command given in order to save himself, dies in 30 minutes."

Taurus looked at the clock; it was almost his time to die. "PLEASE YOU GOT TO SAVE ME! TAKE MY NAME OUT OF THE BOOK!" Taurus grabbed the Eleven by the collar.

"I'm sorry, but I wasn't completely honest with you." As the Eleven was speaking, the colonel could feel his heart being twisted from the inside. It was exactly what his doctor told him, at his last physical, to expect if he ever had a heart attack. "Once a name has been written in the Death Note, the person's death is inevitable and immutable. It can not be stopped, even by me." The Eleven bend down and looked the Britannian officer in the eyes, glaring haughtily at his victim. "But I'll give the same courtesy you gave me and tell you the name of your executioner. I am Light Yagami, but you may call me 'Kira', Lieutenant Colonel George Taurus."

"Ki...rrrraaaa," the colonel groaned before he expired.


As if we didn't see that one coming. Light Yagami has been transported to the world of Code Geass. Why was it Light Yagami of all people to be sent through the portal? What happened to Ryuk? And who will Light kill next? And what will Lelouch and the Black Knights do about it? Stay tuned for the next installment of Zero vs. Kira: a Code Geass/Death Note crossover.