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Chapter 5

Escalation Destini

The sun seeped through the openings in the drapes, illuminating parts of the opaque room. The light bounced off the floors glossy surface. The bright beam bouncing directly towards Creed's face, warming his ice-like skin. Slowly Creed opened his eyes, seeing nothing but the bright light. Frowning at the burning sensation, Creed turned away from the intruding light. His eyes looked around the remainder of the room, his mind still a little bit hazy from the sleep.

It was silent and the darkness was beckoning to him. His body was still tired, always exhausted and energy less. Eyelids drooping slightly, Creed began to drift back into sleep when a bright burst of light invaded the room. The light chased away the shadows, driving them to the farthest corner, in refuge. Creed squinted slightly at the illuminating light. The room temperature rose slightly with the invasion of the warm sunlight.

Yet Creed didn't want to discard his bedsheets, preferring to bake under the velvety sheets. "Hey Creed! Are you going to get up? You've been asleep for most of the day." Peeking out from under the covers, Creed gave a slight noise of comprehension. That didn't satisfy Train, who strolled to the side of the bed which Creed was laying in.

Train grabbed at the sheets, the soft velvet hot beneath his fingers. He pulled the covers away from Creed, exposing the swordsman's body to the warmth of the sunlight. Creed curled into a ball, covering himself with his black nightgown. Train noted that Creed's body was thin and sharp, and he looked paler in comparison to the dark nightgown. ~Almost non-existent, a ghost of his former self.~ Creed was all too aware of the eyes studying him. Slightly nervous, he uncurled himself and sat up. His silver hair was matted to the sides of his face, bangs hovering in front of his eyes. Creed looked straight ahead, avoiding eye contact with the Black Cat. "Creed? Do you ever go outside? You know, get some sunlight and fresh air?" Continuing to avoid the others gaze, staring at the far off wall, he responded.

"I do go outside, I just don't like to stay for too long." Train approached the nightstand and picked up the tray of food that he had placed there. "We'll go outside for awhile today then." Train declared as he sat down next to Creed. The silver haired man turned to look at the gunman, ready to eat. Train picked up a fork and cut the hotcakes that were on the the plate. ~This looks really good. I sure am hungry.~ With these those thoughts in mind, Train watched the food disappear into Creed's mouth. Train withdrew the silverware, and picked up more food with it. He began to travel back to Creed mouth, before it began to move on its own. The hand traveled halfway to Creed, but then Train's body acted on his hunger, plunging the food into his own waiting mouth.

He didn't even think as he swallowed down the steaming soup. As Train swallowed, he realized his mistake. Turning to look at Creed, he felt rather embarrassed by his actions. Creed smiled and chuckled a little. "If you are hungry Train, we can share." Train's stomach growled in response. Creed couldn't help but laugh as a small blush crept over Train's face.

Sighing, Train took the fork from his mouth. "Eh. . . sorry about that," Train said. He continued to feed the swordsman, every once in a while feeding himself.

Bullets whizzed by the green haired man's head, causing his ears to ring. "God Dammit!" Sven cursed aloud. He took refuge behind a brick wall in the dark lit alley. ~ Geez, all we needed was a little information. But no, he had to be paranoid didn't he?!~ Cocking his glock, he began to run towards the bullets. Sven ran toward the other wall, leaning against it's cold surface. ~Haven't they run out of bullets yet?!~ The lethal pieces of metal continued to scrape against the walls through their flight.

Sven looked across to the opposite wall, the alleyway long and narrow. ~I can manage to dodge these and head that way. . . ~ His thoughts were interrupted by screams of pain and groans of agony. He immediately looked over to the alleyway catching sight of a terrified man falling forward onto the ground. ~. . .well that's the informant that had ran away earlier~

Soon after a girl with short blond hair appeared beside the man. "Sven, I caught him." Eve pointed at the man, who had already passed out on the floor.

"I can see that," Sven said, feeling sort of bad for the unfortunate fellow, "-. . did you have to beat him like that?" The bruises on his face and the bloody nose were very apparent of his face.

Eve looked at Sven, "He resisted, I just brought him to his senses." Her robotic tone revealed nothing. " He really shouldn't have run from me," she explained. Sven sighed, he really didn't care as long as they got him back. ~But he needs to be able to talk.. . . I don't even know if he's even able to breathe let along talk . . . .~ She flashed Sven a small smile and picked up the guy off the floor.

Sven looked at Eve's tattered clothing, and gave a big sigh. ~ She really needs to take care of her clothes better. . . they're not free. .~ Meanwhile Sven was preoccupied with his debts, Eve tossed the man onto her left shoulder. The blonde ran towards Sven, managing to avoid the onslaught of bullets. She made it to Sven's side and dropped the man onto the floor.

The informant grunted and moaned slightly at the hard feel of the floor. He rolled on the floor, moaning in pain. "Sven, can you make sure he doesn't run away again?" With that she turned back around and headed towards the origin of the bullets. One by one the bullets hit her, only to be rebuffed into the ground. Her steel skin easily defended her against the bullets, as she continued her march.

"Hey! Princess!!" Sven yelled after her, "I'm supposed to be protecting you not the other way around!!" He took off his eye patch and wiped some of the sweat from his forehead. Lifting up the semi-conscious thug, Sven ran towards Eve. The few bullets that missed the blonde, ricocheting off to Sven. With his quick body movements he managed to dodge them all, but not the same was said for the guy he was carrying. Two bullets lodged themselves in the informants right arm.

He yowled in pain and his body began to flail about at the burning sensation. " Hey! I'll drop you if you keep moving like that!" Sven warned him. The guy didn't listen and continued his panicking. Sven, despite being a gentleman, threw the man onto the ground.

"OW!" he said as he yelped in pain. Eve turned to look at the noise, but continued to walk forward. Her hands fused together quickly and created a steel shield for her. Continuing down the dark damp alley, shield protecting both her and Sven, Eve walked towards the frightened pair of criminals firing at her.

She approached them, they backed up into the wall which gave them shivers, but they persisted in firing at her. The blonde gave them a wicked smile as she continued to get closer, both men shivering in fright at the sight of the small girl. Meanwhile, Sven was having trouble with the informant. "I ain' sayin nothin!" the guy spat out, giving the sweeper a glare.

"Yes, you are!" He cracked his knuckles, the bones popping loudly. Shivers of fear and anticipation ran down the informant's spine, leaving tingles on his skin. "Either you do or I don't really need you anymore do I?" Sven cocked his gun, pointing it down at the thug's face. The cold steel felt like it was burning a hole in his face, when it touched the informant's skin.

"I. . u-uh," he looked up to meet Sven's steely gaze, "I. . u-uh .. meant sure b-buddy. . . ehehehe? Rolling his eyes, Sven reached down to pull the man up by his shirt collar. He dragged the man behind him, heading in Eve's direction. Arriving to where Eve was, he couldn't help but notice two huge lumps by the young girl's feet.

". . .Eve? What?" Sven said, as he pointed to the ground. Turning around, Eve turned to Sven.

"I just got close to them and they fainted dead away," Eve said.

". . Right." ~ Looks like size doesn't really count for anything.~ "Well, it looks like we'll have to take those two along as well." Sven turned back around, pushing the informant in front of him, gun barrel on the man's back. They both headed down the alley. Eve followed them, but before grabbed both men by the legs and dragged them along behind her. ~I sure hope Train gets back here fast. Eve and I need all the help we can get.~ Sven ran a hand through his hair, holding his hat to the side. The sun blared down on them as they continued to walk down the sidewalk.

"How do you do this?!" Train shouted. In his hands he held several pieces of metal together. He looked passed the pieces, to Creed who was holding the instructions for him.

"If you cannot read them Train, then I'm afraid I can't either." Train gave an exasperated sigh.

"How in the world am I going to put these crutches together?" He tried to force the pieces together again, but to no avail. Train threw them on the ground, the metal making a clanking sound as it bounced off the marble floor. Creed's eyes fell to the ground along with the crutches.

~Echidna would know how to put them together.~ His silver hair cascaded over his pale face, as he looked down.

The gunman ran his fingers through his brown hair, slicking it back for a moment. Scratching his head, Train thought hard on what to do. ~He had to have complicated crutches didn't he? Couldn't he just buy the regular kind?~ "Ah!" Train jumped up slightly, an idea popping into his head. He swiftly walked to Creed's side, placing his hand on the swordsman's shoulder.

Creed felt his body shiver and hoped Train would not notice. The black cat noticed, but didn't pay any heed to it. Removing his hand from Creed's shoulder, Train grabbed the covers grasping the soft blankets. He surrounded Creed with the soft velvet, draping it over Creed's thin frame. The swordsman's lithe hands clutched the soft cover, his hands warming somewhat.

~What is he planning?~ Creed was lost in Train's actions. Then, when he was not paying attention, Train slipped an arm under Creed's legs. "Ah!" Creed said in surprise, Train's skin from his arm warm against Creed's pale skin. Creed felt his heart pound against his chest, his face flushing a pale pink color. The gunman lifted him off the bed, blankets and all.

Creed let out a squeak of surprise, grabbing onto Train's coat for fear of falling. Train readjusted his grip on Creed's body, the younger man squirming in his arms. ~Not even heavy at all is he?~ Train held onto the swordsman tighter, for he felt as if he was holding nothing at all. Creed's legs dangled in the air, his hand clutching around Train's coat. His fingers digging into the worn out fabric. "T-Train, what are you doing?"

"Well since I can't seem to put your crutches together," Train paused shifting Creed's body a little more to the left, " I'm going to carry you outside." Creed tried not to move or fidget about, but the Black cat's proximity was affecting his body. "Well then, let's get going!" Train started to dash out of the room. Creed's fingers dug deeper into Train's coat, the soft material caught in his nails.

As Train dashed towards the stairs, he slowed down a little, only then did he notice how stiff Creed was in his arms. ~ Eh. . . guess I scared him. . . ~ "Was I going a little fast for ya Creed?" The swordsman didn't answer his gaze fixed directly ahead of them. ". . . Guess I'll slow down then. . ." Train sighed. He walked slowly toward the steps. Creed relaxed slightly and decided to gaze outside the window. The bright sunlight made him squint, but warmed his body. The sun stained valleys radiated in the distance. ~ Nature is the only thing worthy to inhabit this planet. . . .~

Turning away from the crystal like window, Creed glanced up at Train's face. ". . . You really don't have to carry me Train."

"It's no trouble, you're not heavy and I don't think you can manage to get down these steps on your own." The gunman continued to descend the stairs, averting his gaze from Creed's. A cold shiver went down his spine, leaving a slight tingling feeling in its wake. Creed decided to study Train's features, his eyes immediately transfixing themselves onto the Black cat's eyes. They were the center of emotion on Train's body, every single feeling portrayed through the darkening and lighting of those golden orbs. Creed turned away, his heart beating slightly faster that usual.

The other man's body affected Creed more than he thought possible. A pale pink color tinted his cheeks, but otherwise no other outer signs showed his embarrassment. He had learned to mask his emotions, the harsh world having been his cruel teacher. ~ My emotions led to my downfall, but only he can draw those strong responses from me.~ Creed fought the inner turmoil in his mind, Train not even aware of the war going on in Creed's mind, continued down the marble steps.

Train looked down, slowly pacing himself as he descended the stairs. Creed was silent, which made Train feel slightly uncomfortable. He looked at Creed, the swordsman face was tinted a pale pink and his eyes were obscured by his hair. Creed moved to his face upwards some, his eyes seemed glassed over. ~Is he about to . . cry?~

The thought of Creed crying surprised Train, Creed never really cried in front of him before. The only emotions that Train ever saw on his ex-partner were those of anger, possessiveness, madness, and hatred. ~Oh but he cried during twice during our battles. . . does that count?~ Train tried to remember Creed's face during those two encounters. ~ Hmm . . . the first time was a load of bull, but the second time? Nah his face was so serious, there is no way he could have actually felt sad, Creed never shows any emotion~

Creed was like an empty shell in his arms, and Train felt like he had to help in some way. Finally reaching the bottom, Train turned to walk toward the back door. Shifting Creed's body to his left arm, Train reached toward the door knob. Creed's hands immediately encircled Train's neck, afraid that he'd fall if he let go. Creed's body clung to Train, he himself not noticing the closeness. "Whoa! Hey Creed you're smothering me here!"

He didn't loosen his grip at all, clinging to the gunman. Train sighed, tilting his head upwards so he could breathe properly. Gripping the knob, Train swung the door open and stepped outside into the sunlight. Shifting Creed again, Train placed him down onto the ground, blanket and all. The cold cemented ground sent shivers into the swordsman's body, who readjusted the blanket around himself. Creed leaned against Train, his body not able to help him stand up straight.

Train moved slightly away from Creed, " Can you stand?"

"Slightly." Creed balanced his weight on his right leg, leaning more towards the Black Cat.

~Is he really that weak?~ As if in answer to his question, Creed's right leg buckled in. Train immediately went to his side, one hand holding Creed's back the other gripping his shoulder. "I'm sorry Train. . . " Creed whispered out, casting his eyes down onto the floor.

"No need to apologize," Train said, lifting the silver-haired man up slightly. "We'll just work on it Ok?" Creed kept his gaze averted, but nodded slightly. Train helped Creed walk, more of a hobble of sorts, to the rose garden where the cemented trail ended. Leaving Creed for a moment, Train went to get a chair from inside.

Maintaining his balance, Creed looked at his garden of roses. The red ones, were emanating a deep fiery color with the rays of the sunlight bouncing of their soft petals. The white roses, small in number, wilted slightly as the if the sun's rays weighed them down. The multitude of flowers, the many shades and hues filed the atmosphere with their vibrant colors. Creed reached out to the soft petals, his fingers tracing down the fiery color. At this movement, Creed's shoulders ached in pain.

It was a quick swift pain that came in waves, causing his fingers to quiver. Creed grunted, as he kneeled down onto the hard ground. Grabbing his left shoulder, Creed felt the pain increase spreading throughout his body. Train walked back, placing the chair onto the ground. Turning his he raced towards Creed's shivering frame. He couldn't stop the other man from shivering. The gunman started to kneed his fingers into the soft fabric of the blanket.

The comforting hands on his shoulders, made the pain subside slowly, quieting down to a dull ebb by Creed's neck. After a couple of moments, Creed felt himself relax and leaned back into Train's comforting touch. Train moved his hands away, and helped Creed back up. "What happened?" Train asked , while he slipped under Creed's right arm, supporting his weight.

"I'm s-sorry Train, I tried to move," Creed began, " seems like my body cannot move as I wish it could." Again Creed gazed downward, ashamed. " I-I . ."

"Those nano-machines did a number on your body didn't they?" Train lifted the silver-haired man off the floor and onto his feet. Creed stumbled forward, but Trains grip on his arm helped him. Train walked with him towards the chair. " I'll help you, I'm sure with my help you'll get better in no time." Train smiled at him, continuing to walk towards the abandoned chair.

Creed stumbled along with Train, limping slightly at each step. "Which leg do you have the most trouble with?" The black cat turned to Creed, waiting for an answer. Creed pointed toward his right leg, which was hovering slightly over the floor.

" My body was left weak after 'that girl' extracted the nano-machines." Creed muttered, gazing at a point over Train's shoulders. "The nano-machines took away my body's ability to move. It took me a long time to even get to this point."

"Hmmm." Train took a step forward, and placed Creed in front of the chair. It was placed in front of the wilted white roses. Grabbing onto the steel frame and managed to sit down. The cold steel had no effect on his body, wrapped in the warm blanket. The warmth of the sun's rays helping him stake off the cold.

"It's not so bad being out here is it?" Train said as he leaned against the back of the chair. Both men took in the scenery, nature surrounding them both. Creed leaned forward to touch the rim of a white rose. The rose still held its softness, even though it was wilted. His hand traced the rose, " Creed, we are going to be coming more to the garden, to get you out more often," Train said.

"Train, once I am able to move freely again. . ." Creed paused for a moment, choosing his words carefully, ". . . would you be willing to spar with me?" Train turned to look at Creed quickly.

"What for?" he asked, a serious tone in his voice. Creed moved his finger around, landing unexpectedly on a thorn. The thorn pierced his skin, a small drop of blood collecting on the skin.

"I want to learn to defend myself again." He withdrew his hand, and watched the droplet slide down his pale skin. ~How else can I stand on equal ground with you again?~

Train looked away, thinking over Creed's words. " I don't think that would be such a good idea," Creed's face grew more resigned, " For the moment that is, I have to make sure you're being sincere. You aren't planning to try to take over the world again right?"

Creed sighed, " No, I am not. I am in no position to rule the world anymore." He wiped the blood, which had slid down his hand to his wrist. Oddly he did not feel any kind of pain coming from the shallow cut on his finger.

"Hmm. . . we'll see." Train grabbed Creed's hand, looking over the small wound. A small amount of crimson blood had appeared again, and was sliding down the swordsman's finger. ~ His hands are so delicate, how can anyone believe that Creed was a master swordsman?~ The gunman wiped the blood off, holding the hand in his grasp so it would not continue to bleed. A spark of electricity went through Creed's body, he wanted to pull his hand away but found he could not. Train pulled him up by the hand, and helped him steady himself. " Hey, Creed I've been meaning to ask you, what's in the forest over there?" Creed turned his gaze where Train's was, his eyes followed a river that disappeared into a mass of trees.

" I don't know," Creed squinted, his head hurt for some unknown reason, ~Have I been there before. .. the darkness looks so familiar. . . surrounding ~ Creed felt his world was spinning and lurched forward, a sharp pain invading his senses.

"Whoa!" Train grabbed onto Creed before he could fall onto the ground. " Are you alright? Creed? Does your head hurt?"

" I don't know. .. but that place it seems so familiar. . . the darkness it invites me. . ." Creed rambled on. Train couldn't make sense of what Creed was saying, he looked at the forest off in the distance. It was completely veiled in black even though the sun was at its highest in the sky.

" Come on Creed, we should go inside now." Turning Creed away from the mystifying forest, he gave one last glance before turning away. "Let's go, it's time for you to get back to your room."

Creed hobbled to the door, leaning against Train, " You mean OUR room Train." He smiled innocently at the black cat.

"Yeah, whatever." Train looked away, gazing forward intently. Once at the door, Train opened it and lead Creed inside. "Wait right here, I'll be back." Train went back outside, leaving Creed to grasp onto a counter top for support. In a flash, Train came back and placed the chair where it belonged. " There, didn't take long." He walked back to Creed's side, snaking his arm underneath Creed's left arm, his other arm grabbing onto Creed's legs as he lifted the swordsman off the floor.

" . . Train."

"Hmm? What?"

" I could try to walk up the stairs."

"Nah, not yet, wouldn't want you to break an arm or something." Creed sighed and left himself be carried.

~ Does this mean he's worried about me?~ Creed heated up at the thought, and clung onto Train a little tighter.

Once up the stairs, Train put Creed down. "There, we can walk to your room now. Little step at a time." Creed just smiled slightly, and began to walk to the room with Train's help. At the door, Creed turned the handle and pushed the door open. Walking in Train noticed that there was something red and slippery smudged on the door handle.

~What is that? . . . Blood? From where ?~ Train paused and grabbed onto Creed's hand, to find it smeared with blood. " That shallow a cut and you bleed this much?! I'm going to have to be extra careful with you." Creed's shoulders slumped, and he let Train walk him over to the windowsill. Train left him there, in search for some bandages.

Sitting on the windowsill, Creed looked down at his hand. ~Weak. . . why am I so weak?~ Looking out the window, the swordsman found his gaze transfixed onto the forest, now only half as visible as the sun was beginning to set. His headache returned with full force, small hazy images skittered across his vision. ~What is it about that place?~ Creed heard the pounding of his blood in his ears.

The images began to become more clear, and then again they were beginning to fog up. He tried to concentrate on them, but he felt like his head was going to burst. Grabbing his head in both hands, he leaned away from the window. "Ugh." Creed pressed his hands to the sides of his head, trying to make the pain leave. He closed his eyes, willing the pain away.

There was a small tingle he felt start at his head and down towards the rest of his body. It felt like a wave of pure energy had washed over him, taking the headache away as soon as it had appeared. Opening one eye, Creed looked around. Nothing was out of the ordinary, so he lifted his head up and gazed around the room breathing a sigh of relief. The swordsman's breath caught when he noticed that all the furniture in the room had moved from their original spots. The chairs, couch, and even his bed had slid across the floor, several feet from where they had originally lay. ~ Did I . .?~

As if on cue, Train walked in, " Creed, sorry it took me awhile. Couldn't find any bandages in the first aid kit." He trotted towards Creed. The swordsman stared at him wide-eyed, his silver hair scattered across his face. "Whoa, did a storm hit you while I was gone?"

" I don't think so. . Ah, No." Creed replied, his eyes clearly going out of focus.

Train gave him a puzzled look, "Ok? Here let me see your hand." Creed lifted his hand up, and Train began to clean it with a damp cloth. He took a small amount of alcohol and dabbed it onto the cut. " Not much of a doctor, but I knew how to survive. This is no biggie." Placing a bandage around the cut, and set Creed's hand back down.

Creed ran his thumb over the band and nodded his thanks to the gunman. " You didn't have to do that Train, I could have done it myself."

" I can't really let you do that now can I? Or else I wouldn't be taking very good care of you, letting you do all the work." Train set the kit onto the nightstand and moved towards the bed. "Hey, did this move, it's farther from the window than I remember." He looked around the room, everything seemed normal. ~Ah, maybe I'm imagining things, I mean Creed couldn't have possibly moved this.~ " Never mind, here I'll help you get into the bed."

Grabbing onto Train's extended hand, Creed walked to his bed. The thinner man climbed onto the bed, and found that there was only one sheet to wrap around himself. "Train where is the other blanket?"

"Huh? Oh! Damn, we left it outside! I'll go get it." Train dashed out of the room quickly, his footsteps echoing throughout the hallway. Creed leaned against the pillows and relaxed. ~ Train can barely care for himself, I hope we are going to be alright.~ He smiled at himself, and waited for Train's arrival, eyelids growing heavier by the second.

Train burst back into the room, " I got! . . it." Creed was already fast asleep. Train shrugged and placed the blanket over the swordsman's body. " Ok, well now what to do." He scanned the room for a television, but found none. ~What? How does he keep from getting bored?~ "He'll probably say something like he doesn't believe in television or something when I ask him."

The black cat yawned and decided it was best he sleep also. Glancing at the bed, there was enough room for him and one more to sleep there. He decided against it and sauntered over to the windowsill. Getting comfortable he looked out the window, in the direction of that mysterious forest an icy chill running down his spine.

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