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I've always been known to be cold… ever since that day. I was the sole survivor of a massacre.

I won't tell where I feel hurt to anyone…

I was a person with no feelings that makes one human… Only bent on revenge…

My hurrying heart hid my dreams.

You cared about me… You tried to help me… You tried to know me… But I simply pushed you away like the others.

I gaze at you with eyes that seem to crumble.

I trained hard… All because of hatred. All because of the feeling of loathing someone.

Only my incompletely suppressed strength…

When we were put into the same team… You tried harder… You tried to get me to notice you. Still, I never noticed you.

Takes off inseparably.

But as time passes, I slowly learn to be comfortable around you.

Our encounter begins to move…

I've learnt to accept you.

Hastening destiny.

I've learnt… To love you.

My hands that are embracing myself…

But I didn't tell anyone. I didn't want anyone to find out.

For your sake, I'll try to unfasten.

Then He appeared. He came back. I continue to be focused on hate and revenge since then.

But there's only an unreachable loneliness.

You tired to cheer me up and help me… But I tossed you aside like I used to.

If there are countless wishes…

I was lost. Blinded by hate.

Then vividly pull them in

I decided to leave Konoha. You tried to stop me.

The instant, which I've touched too much

You told me how you felt.

So to fulfil it, won't disappear

I remained an emotionless façade, although my black heart was wavering.

Only my incompletely suppressed strength…

All I could do then was to thank you.

Takes off inseparably

I regret leaving you on the bench.

Our encounter begins to move…

Now, I've killed Orochimaru and my brother.

Hastening destiny

Then I saw you. You were walking alone, returning from a mission.

At least tell me about…

I stood still as you walked past me, not uttering a word or showing signs of acknowledgment.

The moment when you dash through.

I turned and glance at you, darkness and tears filling this forever torn heart of mine.

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