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Dean is still picking up the pieces after Brooklyn told him that she was in love with Castiel…Though they still will always love one another Dean has decided to move on...Little does he know what is in store for him…Someone has been watching him from afar…

The Impala roared across the plains of Nebraska. Dean was silent for the last 5 hours as they trekked to Colorado. They were headed to Denver to check out a string of attacks at the Red Rock Amphitheater. The police were unable to determine what was attacking hikers and tourists alike. Dean and Sam suspected a vampire due to the nature of the wounds. The attacker had left two puncture marks on their necks but the victims were left alive when help reached them. Dean knew that in order to be turned the intended victim had to be drained to the point where the vampire's own blood would take over turning the victim. These victims were not in that state thankfully.

Despite going on a good old fashioned monster hunt, his thoughts went back to someone. Brooklyn. He told her he would always be there for her as a friend but a small part of him would always be in love with her and hold on the hope that she would show up on his door telling him she was in love him all along. To have her back in his arms again and to breathe in the scent of Japanese cherry blossom shampoo and body wash. Shaking back to reality, he knew he was dreaming. But he knew she was happy and that was what he wanted. She was with Castiel and he was being great to her. He just hoped that maybe he could find love like that again. Yet a part of him kept telling him he was not deserving of such love that he would ruin it. Like the way he ruined it with Brooklyn in Denver. Maybe his love life was some sick inside cosmic joke that he didn't get. Just like he thought that being pulled from Hell was a sick joke by some deity that got its jollies off watching him suffer.

He turned to Sam. Good old Sammy who was the one stable figure in his life. Well, almost stable. He had been pulling vanishing acts in the late hours of the night using those freaky mind powers to do what he claimed was for good. He retorted at that claim. No good could come from the blood of a demon. It could only cause heartache and pain. He had experienced that first hand when he learned that when he was witness to Sam using those so called powers for good as he claimed. He saw those brown eyes turn black and empty as he had taken on Samhain. Those were not eyes of good. Oh no not even close. He should know since he had seen those eyes in many a soul trapped in Hell. He was buying what Ruby was selling him and he was buying it in bulk. He still could not understand how he even remotely trusted the demon. He sure as Hell did not trust her completely. She could be working Sam over so that way Hell could claim him and make him their own. Or maybe she had a hidden personal agenda that required Sam and his freaky mind powers. He was not sure of anything anymore. Sighing, he turned his attention back to the road humming Metallica to keep his mind busy and not wander off anymore.

She watched him as his mind had swirled with all those thoughts. It hurt her to see him like that. How could he think he was unworthy of love? Did he not see that his soul was bright and ethereal? That he deserved love and not only deserved it but needed it? Did his time with Brooklyn not show that he was worth of such love? It broke her heart to see what happened in Denver. It wasn't Dean's fault well not totally. She decided it was time to make herself known the hunter. Tariel decided that she would make contact in the city called Denver. She prayed for guidance. Then she descended towards the Earth as she found a willing vessel. A young woman who was dying of cancer that prayed that she could be of service for God. Her prayers were answered…

Dean and Sam pulled into the hotel and Dean killed the engine. He went in to get a room while Sam grabbed the bags. After dumping the bags off, he headed for the nearest bar. He needed a drink. Bad. The bar was dark and smoky as Dean eased into a booth in the back taking in the action around him. He was low on money and needed to earn a quick buck. He saw a few marks over by the pool tables and made his way over there sizing up the competition as he approached them. Putting on his usual million dollar smile he addressed the men. "Evening boys. You mind if I join up next round?" The two men looked at Dean wearily and talked in hushed tones to each other. After a few moments the bald one with the pierced ear spoke "Yeah sure. You any good, boy?" His voice gruff obviously from the chronic smoking habit the guy had. Dean put on his hustling act. "Haven't played in over a year and I am a bit rusty. You would have to be easy on me." The two men smiled at one another thinking they had an easy target in front of them. Racking up the balls for the next game, they let Dean break. Dean hit the cue ball with precision as the colored balls scattered in various directions. "Looks like I'm solids gentlemen." The taller man went next sinking in a corner shot followed by a rather difficult shot that grazed one ball and sunk it in. The taller man was getting a little cocky at this point. Dean kept his cool knowing his time would come. When the taller man finally messed a shot up, it was Dean's shot. He was able to make three shots in a row with ease. The two men could only watch as they were out smarted and hustled by the man with piercing green eyes and short blonde hair. Once the game was over Dean collected his winnings. 350 bucks. Not bad in the least. He turned to leave but was stopped by Mr. Clean. "You knew how to play all along. You weren't rusty, you lying son a bitch!" Dean gathered his composure as he faced his accuser. "Now I won fair and square, man. I didn't cheat or use any underhanded tactics to win. All shots were clean and fair. "He turned to leave again but Mr. Clean roughly grabbed Dean's arm roughly spinning him around. "You aren't going anywhere, Preppy. We want our money back and you are not going anywhere until you do so." "And if I don't?"

Mr. Clean's face turned red with anger as he pushed Dean against the wall holding him several inches off the floor. "Oh you will, boy. Because if you don't you'll be leaving this place on a stretcher. Got it?" Dean did not budge or give in to the man's threats. Mr. Clean raised his arm ready to hit the younger man but a hand stopped him in mid air. Mr. Clean spun around to see it was a young woman who held his arm with the strength of a man. She was small, about 5'3" with chestnut hair that went past her shoulders and those eyes. Hazel eyes that seemed to look straight into Dean's soul. She turned to the man holding Dean. "If I was you, buddy, I would let my friend here go. No need for any violence." She said coolly at the man. "Lady, you have a lot of nerve coming here and barking orders to me. Why don't you go back home and make dinner for your man like a good woman should" The woman narrowed her eyes at the man. Without warning she had him in a hold with his arm twisted back painfully as Mr. Clean yelped in pain. "Now are you going to let my friend go?" She asked him. Mr. Clean shook his head yes furiously. She let him go shoving him into his friend. The duo ran off their egos hurt by the fact a woman, a small one at that, had stood up to them and won.

Dean turned to the woman. She was gorgeous. She was dressed in tight jeans that hugged her sexy curves in all the right places and her tank top was spaghetti strap a sapphire blue it seemed. But it was the eyes that he was most attracted to. Hazel irises that seemed to read his thoughts and reach into his inner soul. He did not know what to say. "Uh, thanks, I think" He said to her. She smiled. Wow what a smile. She put her hand out extending it to Dean. He took it and felt how soft her skin was.

"I'm Dean" He said nervously. She continued to smile at him as if she was amused by his half awkward introduction. "I'm Carmen" The woman said. Carmen that was an exotic name Dean had thought to himself. "Hey listen those guys back there were ready to eat you alive. Good thing I showed up huh?" "Yeah I guess so, Carmen" Dean replied. "You look like you could use some coffee. Want to go grab some? "Dean found himself entranced with this girl. His voice cracking as he answered "Sure, why not?" Leading the way, Dean walked with Carmen to the 24 hour restaurant down the road. For the first time in a long time he found himself smiling.

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