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Tariel has let go of the guilt she has inside and opens her heart to Dean….

Dean awoke to the sounds of someone moving around in the kitchenette. Sitting up he turned over and saw Tariel looking through the cabinets and drawers. Frustration lining her face and brow as it appeared she was searching for something. As she continued looking she did not hear Dean sneaking up behind her. Wrapping his arms around her caused her to shriek out. Turning she was met with Dean and his trademark grin. Playfully slapping him on the shoulder she turned back around opening the cabinets and drawers. "Whatcha looking for?" he asked as he watched her with amusement in those green orbs. Growling in frustration she turned around sighing. "I wanted to try and make breakfast but it seems my plan has fallen through" she playfully pouted. Dean reeled her in stealing a kiss from her. She looked hot in the boxers and shirt he gave her even though they were a bit big as the shirt was hanging on her shoulders as the boxers sat just above her hips. He could see she was doing better than two nights ago. There was a spark in her eyes that was missing for too damn long.

Locking her fingers around the back of his neck she pulled him down to her. A smile forming across her face highlighting those angelic features. He felt as if his angel was back. He raised an eyebrow as she had a look of contemplation firmly in place. "I have been doing some soul searching as you call it and I now realize that despite not revealing my real form sooner it did not matter to you. You understood why I did it and that there was no evil in my actions. You do not know how much that meant to me knowing you forgave me even when I was not in need of your forgiveness."

Dean smiled back at her. She had finally let go of the guilt and burden that she did not even have to bear. "Tariel, no matter what happens; I am still in love with you. Yeah so you're an angel. But that is just an added bonus" he said. "Show me how much you love me" she said teasingly.

Seeing this as an invitation, he swept in claiming her mouth. She eagerly returned the kiss sweeping her tongue along his mouth and lips. Locked in their passionate kiss Dean grabbed her legs wrapping them around his waist as carried her to the bed. He gently put her down pulling away for just a moment to rip his shirt off. He could feel his passion for her growing by leaps and bounds becoming hard to restrain. Tariel propped herself on her elbows to take in the chiseled chest and tight abs that were hiding beneath the old shirt. She saw raw lust and passion taking over as he lowered himself down next to her. She sat up her face level with his as she teased and traced the crevices and lines of his toned upper body. He slightly trembled under her touch. God he loved feeling her soft fingers tracing his rough skin and hard body. They were like silk.

He closed his eyes allowing his other senses to take over as he took in her touch. Tariel leaned over and delicately kissed his neck. She ran her tongue along his Adam's apple going down to his collarbone. Dean felt himself fighting his passion wanting to make this last. Tilting his head back at Tariel he gazed into her eyes as he ran his rough but gentle hands up and under her shirt feeling the soft hot skin beneath. Her eyes were half closed as he danced his fingers along her hips and waist. He then gently held and cupped her firm but ample breasts. Tariel groaned as he fondled them and teasing along the nipples driving her wild with pleasure. Wanting to see more, he lifted and tossed the shirt aside. Admiring the beauty before him he dove in taking each breast in his mouth running his tongue around her nipples. As he continued to drive her lust and passion to higher levels he gently pushed her down onto the bed not breaking contact. Aching for more, Dean traced his tongue down her sides and stomach kissing her in between. When he approached the top of the boxers she wore Dean slowly pulled them down teasing her and further igniting that fire inside of him. He continued his slow undressing of the angel until she was complete naked leaving him breathless. God he wanted her so bad. Tugging off his own boxers, Dean slid next to Tariel on the bed. They laid there side by side facing each other anticipating the other's next move. It was Dean who cracked first. Placing a strong hand on her hip, he put her flat on her back allowing for him to roll on top. As he took her mouth into his, he spread her legs with his knees gently easing in her. He continued slowly until he was in all the way. She felt so hot, wet, and tight. Tariel wrapped her legs around his firm waist as he began to thrust in and out of her slowly wanting to take her all in. The sex was more than physical pleasure for them it was also them connecting on another level. Their souls merging into one as they lay there intertwined in slow but very passionate and meaningful love making. Tariel moved her hips with his wanting to take him all in, feeling him taking her, making her his over and over. "You're so beautiful" he whispered to her.

"I love you, Dean" she said in a hushed whisper. They continued their expression of love mixed with the sounds of moans and sweet whispers. Tariel could feel her climax building. Dean kept going knowing he too was feeling his own building. The pressure continued to build until she could not hold it back. Tariel cried out as wave after wave washed over her. Dean growled as he felt her tightening around him causing him to reach his own. He thrusted harder and faster as he released hard and deep inside his angelic love. Feeling pure bliss and ecstasy with her he heard himself moan her name as he came in her over and over. Damn he loved her. Loved her more than life itself. Coming down off his blissful experience, he lowered his head to Tariel. She lay there sweat beading on her forehead and body. Dean stroked her face feeling her love for him radiating from her very soul. "I love you, Tariel. Love you so much!" He declared. She could only smile hearing his words touching her soul. He gently kissed her not wanting to break away from her. But slowly, he moved and lay beside her. Tariel watched as her charge began to fall asleep. Kissing his forehead she snuggled in close to his body feeling the warmth radiating from Dean. She shifted her own body so that they lay flush with one another. It felt so good. It was so right.

Dean Winchester had finally found what he was looking for. Love. Pure and Unconditional. Tariel would always be with him to guide him and love him. He had someone who loved him and he loved back.