+-= W A R =-+

Name: War
Anime: One Piece
Rating: M
Timeline: Around anime episode 45
Characters: Zoro & Nami

Summary: Nami and Zoro continue their political intercourse, carried on with other means.


Battle 1: First Battle

It had been the hottest day in the history of the east blue, at least for the Mugiwara crew. The night wasn't so different; The sun wasn't shining but the heat coming from the wooden planks of the ship made no temperature difference from the previous hours.
Zoro was on duty tonight, he was sitting on the floor and his head rested against the rail. He was wearing only his gray boardshorts, it was too hot to wear his regular outfit.

He sighed, the air coming from him might had been the only breeze of the whole day. "What a day!"

They were supposed to arrive at the next island for lunch but the temperature was so high and the wind activity so null that they had to row. Then again the heat didn't let them accomplish their desire, well, more than the heat: Luffy, who was so tired and thirsty that couldn't focus on the job and ordered everyone to stop their attempts and retreat for the day, he hoped tomorrow would be another day so they could reach the island without making any effort. The idea didn't sound too good for the rest of the crew but they were also tired and as the captain had ordered, they followed his command.

Zoro couldn't stop sweating, the picture was so boring, not a star in the sky, the wind didn't blow so everything was still, not a sound from the rest of his nakamas. Apparently they had all fell asleep or had fainted from the heat. Even though Zoro was the sleeping kind, was closer to the second idea.

He stood up and went to the kitchen, he had to drink something. He went to the fridge. "We're getting short on supplies". "Fuck! Nothing to drink" he complained. "That ero cook spent the whole day serving Nami all those fruity drinks and now there is nothing to drink" he thought.

He opened the fridge just to feel the coolness in his face, but ended up grinning when he found a bottle. It wasn't even open. He read "wine" it seemed that the name continued but the label was ripped off. He shrugged. It was very cold, a regular beverage would 'd frozen in those conditions. He rested the bottle in his neck and chest for a moment, trying to cool him down.

He was about to open the door to leave the room when it moved opposite and Nami stormed in. She was wearing a little bikini which left almost anything for imagination, luckily for him, he wasn't so creative.
They bump into each other.

The sweat on her body made her skin glow, "Zoro!!" she yelled

He had expected she would kicked him to the other side of the room, but she rested her forehead on his neck "You are cold, how did you do that?"

He was surprised, he could feel Nami's wet skin against him. He took special attention to her breast pressing.

"Hey! what are you doing! Go away... it's hot!" He blushed a little and moved away.

Nami frowned, she was frustrated. She had been trying to sleep for almost four hours without success and he was being a jerk, like always. "Damn Zoro!"

She spotted the bottle on his hand "Hey where did you get that?! I'm really thirsty but Sanji said that we were out of water"

He tried to hide it but it was too late "This is mine" he said and move out of the kitchen to the deck again.

Nami was mad, "This guy has no manners. I, the lady, am thirsty to death and that bastard didn't offered me a sip"

"ZOOOROOO!" She ran towards him and punched him in the head, sending him flying away and stealing his bottle in the process.

He fell on the floor and glared at her while rubbing his new bump. "Damn you woman!"

She smiled winningly at him and started drinking the bottle.

Zoro could tell she was really thirsty. He looked at her, but got distracted by a tiny drop that was escaping from her lips running down her neck, getting lost on the valley of her breast and coming back to her flat stomach to die in her belly button.

He was starting to admire her figure, when his bushido senses made him trap the bottle which had escaped from her grip, at centimeters from the hard floor. "Hey Nami! Watch out, that's the only thing we have to drink" he looked up at her: She was frozen and red.

"What?" he asked confused by her expression

She pointed at the bottle and at him, attempting to make him drink it.

He looked at her and drank, Nami let almost 3/4 of the bottle for him.

She sat next to him looking at the floor.

"FUCK!" Zoro yelled just leaving 1/4 of the bottle full "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know, that shit it's like swallowing magma"

He tried to stand up and failed.

Nami started to laugh at his attempts.

"I feel a little dizzy" he said

"I think we are already drunk"

"Ha! You wish that!"
he would never admit any weakness

She sighed "Well, I hope it helps me to get some sleep" she tried to stand up to go back to her room but failed also, landing in front of him.

He chuckled.

Being the reason of Zoro's laughs made her really angry but she was in no position to stand up and go. She ran her hand trough her neck, trying to dry her sweat but it was useless, in a few seconds it got wet all over again.
"That lucky bastard of Zoro can be shirtless" not as if she was wearing a lot more, but with that temperature a little bikini seemed to make a difference.

"Shut up marimo and give me that" she grabbed the cold bottle and put it between her breasts "At least I'll try to cool myself down" "I have more clothes on, I needed it more than him" she thought. Either way he seemed to be suffering from the heat more than her. She looked at his nude chest, "Those muscular pecs and perfect abs, all full of sweat, remarking his natural tan… oh yeah he is hot... he is really hot" she thought and grinned

Zoro looked at her surprised, mostly because his hands were on the bottle. He removed them from their compromising position.

His movement brought her back to reality "ZORO! Your hands are cold!!!"

He was clueless "Yeah so?"

Maybe Nami was drunk or trusted him or she was lonely or she liked him, probably all of them, the thing was she ordered him "We can't waste coolness" she moved her head leaving him access to her neck


"Put them in my neck"

"This woman was nuts, all alone in a ship full of male pirates, barley dressed every day and now ordering him to touch her."

She sighed, grabbed one of his hands and put it in her collarbone "Ahhh Refreshing"

His palm was on her neck, his arm was resting on her breast, another tiny drop was travelling from her cheek, but changing his route to his arm, tickling the union of their skins.

"Nami, I'm not like your love cook" He said in his deepest tone.

She looked at him, he was death serious.

He removed his hand from her grip, and went down to get his bottle, not even breaking contact with her at any spot, his hand was caressing her, cupping her breast and finally getting back his drink.

She looked at him stunned, "What was he doing? Who let him touch her like that! I should be mad! Why I'm not mad? It was nice! DAMN". She thought

He was grinning.

Well now she was a bit mad, she could tell he was teasing her. She didn't like to be the cause of his amuses, but something told her that this boring day could turn into a really fun one.

He drank the bottle. He was about to finish it, of course sharing wasn't on his plans.
She was sitting in front of him with her knees folded. She kneel down and moved forward, putting her hands at both of his sides and facing him really close "I want some" She didn't want to drink that horrible beverage again, but she loved to fight with Zoro

He finished the bottle and put it in the floor. He looked at her, their noses almost touching "I told you, I' not your love cook, so don't plan to get whatever you want here" he hated when Nami acted like a spoiled brat.

She smirked, that sounded like a challenge to her, she could get anything she wanted.

"You are so dumb, that was the last drink we had and you waste it, you didn't even drink it" she put her nail on his lip tracing it, then she moved it to the edge of his mouth and down, following a trail of alcohol that had escaped his drinking and now was going down from his pecks to his abs.

"I'm not a gentleman Nami so..."
he started to warn her

She was Nami, the pirate thief, she hag been robbing pirates for her whole life and there was one way to do that: finding their weak spot, most of the pirates were male, and their weak spot was very easy to find out for a beautiful girl like her, She just knew what she had to do.

She interrupted him "I'm still thirsty" she lowered her head and started re tracing the drop with her tongue, but this time backwards, from his abs to his neck to end at the edge of his mouth.

He could feel more heat and couldn't blame the weather for that.

She moved away from him, and looked directly to his crotch. If Zoro was into women that must had made him something.
She smiled at him when noticed a tent in his new shorts.

He sighed and moved back again, resting his head with his arms on the rail.

Nami frowned. She knew that she was affecting Zoro, but why wasn't he desperate to take her? Now she was mad, she just wanted one thing, Zoro, begging, for her.

"Are you going to sleep?" she asked, "Was he rejecting her?" she wondered.

"I can't sleep it's my turn to guard the ship"
he said not even opening his eyes

"Yeah right" she thought, of course Zoro slept every time he could, his crew duties didn't change that. Normally she would had commented her ideas at loud starting a fight but that would had made her new mission more complicated.

"You would know that if..."
he continued, meanwhile he started running his fingers through the inside of her leg and up, "if you wouldn't let that cook cover your shift"

She grinned and moved forward, his caresses were reaching a level where the idea of rejection faded away from her mind. "Are you jealous?" She asked while nibbling his ear.

He let out a small laugh in response "No, I'm just reminding you the spoiled brat you are" by now his fingers were running slowly against the edge of her bikini. One finger started to separate the fabric from her skin.

She smiled, she was winning.

she kissed his frame and run her nails trough his chest

Zoro was still sitting against the rail with one arm at the back, his eyes closed and a carefree expression, his other hand was now slowly caressing her inner lips.

"Now, the final attack
" she thought, his caresses encouraged her to go further "Zoro" She moaned this time. "I wanna suck it"

Her comment surprised him. He was already hard but her statement made his blood run at double speed.

Her hands moved down from his chest to rest against his shorts over his arousal

He looked at her hands then removed his arm from being his pillow at the rail "Nami, Nami..." He put his hand on her chin and brought her face to his "When are you going to get that we are not doing what you want" he removed his wet hand from her pussy.

This was a battle now.

She looked at him scared, was he planning on leaving her like that?

He kissed her.

She always thought that if sometime Zoro kissed her it would be very rough and over passionate, but apparently he was very cool about it.

He kissed her calmly and taking his time, enjoying every part of Namis lips. She allowed his tongue to enter, and the kissed turned spicier.

Meanwhile Zoro changed position, he was no longer sitting, now was on his knees. He moved Nami to be in the same position. His hands travelled from her neck to her hips, his fingers took the little fabric of her bikini and moved it down to undress her. He let it at her knees level and moved his hand to her butt. The kiss was now desperate, they were kissing hungrily. Zoro pushed Nami pressing her exposed sex against his covered but extremely outstanding cock. They rubbed and kissed for a couple of minutes.

He was driving her crazy, now it was her turn. She moved her hands from his back to the edge of his shorts. He didn't let her complete her movements and pushed back, changing positions again. Now she was lying on the floor and he moved to her neck, he licked the way down to her breast, making a wet trace and then breathing against it, making a fresh caress to Nami's skin.

"Well maybe she could let him do that and then she would do her thing"
she thought.

He loosened her bikini top straps to make an easy access to her nipple, he run her tongue in circles from outside to inside till he reached the top, at the same time that he moved one of his fingers to caress the other hard nipple.

"Fuck, where did he learn that?"
he seemed like a sexless, swords freak, but apparently she wasn't so good at reading people, or at least reading him. Her plan was failing but she didn't care too much at this point.

Zoro stopped playing with her breast but continued his trail of kisses way down.

She felt the tip of his tongue in the edge of her crack. She gulped. In her short life, her sex experiences were related to deceiving people to take advantage of them, mostly pirates and evil people who didn't care to pleasure their company, so what Zoro was doing and, mostly what he was about to do, was going to rock her world.

He traced his inner lips with the tip of his tongue. Her juices mixed with his saliva. He moved his tip to her clit pressing it slowly doing small licks, his hands massaged her breasts.

Nami was in heaven, this new sensation of extreme pleasure invaded all over her. Her breathing was out of control. She run her nails through Zoro's hair.

He moved his hands and put them in Nami's knees, he pushed them away to spread her legs wide opened. She followed his commands.

With her new position Zoro had full access to her vagina.

"Oh Zoro!"
Nami was out of control.

With that he knew he was driving her mad, he could never win an argument, a discussion or anything against her, it seemed that this was the only time when she was subbmised to him. He was enjoying wining to Nami, and it was turning him really on.

Nami was starting to spasm uncontrollably. He thought she was surely about to climax.

She was starting to feel her orgasm "Zoro more, I'm about to" She moaned, sort of begging.

He stopped and looked at her, she was all flushed, covered in sweat, she looked desperate like a little girl who someone had just stolen her lolly pop. With one hand he took her two wrists and pressed them against the floor above her head not allowing her to move, with his other hand he removed his shorts, now he was as exposed as her, he was so hard and horny he wanted to fuck her till she'd break in two, but he had a lesson to teach her first.

"When are you going to stop giving me orders?"
He lay on top of her pressing his cock against her wet core, and rubbing it.

She was slowly regaining her orgasm sensation "Zoro" she begged

He moved his hand to her breast and kissed her "What?" he quickly put on a condom and moved the tip of his penis to the entrance of her vagina.

"Please Zoro, don't stop, PLEASE"
she begged again, her anxious breathing making it hard to express herself, her pride totally beaten by her lust.

Zoro grinned, he had won. He knew that in this position he could made her say anything, but he didn't want to wait any longer "There it is... good girl" he moved his hand down to her pussy and started masturbating her, she was about to climax so he did it fast, he enter the head of his dick inside her. With a few movements of his fingers around her clit she was ready.

, and with that yell, he thrust her deeply, her legs shaking uncontrollably, the new sensation driving her mad, she grabbed
Zoro by his head and kissed him deeply and full of lust.

Zoro was extremely horny, he hadn't had sex in a while, a normal person wouldn't last long, but he trained every day for endurance, and this was another training. He thrust harder for minutes, she was still enjoying her last orgasm.

She regained conscience, her plan had totally backfired her, but she was enjoying it. She looked at him, he was possessed, like in his battles, apparently all the teasing he had been doing to her, worked for him too. He was madly kissing her neck. With his finger he was tickling her nipples. If he kept it up like this, she will be having her second orgasm of the night soon.

They heard a noise from inside the kitchen. They looked at each other worried, neither of them wanted to get caught.

"Zoro, someone is coming"
she said biting his neck.

"Fuck!!! You lucky bitch! Now we have to end this right know"
he started to move at full speed.

She couldn't even answer, he lifted her up and pushed her against the ship's pole. He pinned her to the wall. He moved his head and started licking and kissing her breast, that drove her mad.

"Zoro I'm about to do it again" she moaned.

He kissed her tenderly "Good".

The steps sounded closer.

He grabbed her from her ass to make their movement more violent, that affected her right in the spot, she arched her back "oii zorooo" she climaxed, she bited his neck hard.

She couldn't believe it twice, in a couple of minutes, with Zoro, a guy with a personality that made her blood boil from angriness, apparently he had other effects on her too.

Zoro took his dick out throw the condom overboard but kept holding her with one arm, with his other hand grabbed his member. Nami exhausted rested his head on his shoulder.

"Ohhhhh" he said while cumming all over her belly and breast. He let her go, she rested her back on the pole, he continued showering her. He kissed her hungrily. After a couple of seconds they part.

She tried to control her breath "Wow Zoro that was great..." She looked at him, he smirked, but then she remembered what he had just done. She lookwd at his seed all over her body "ZORO!!SON OF A BITCH" she punched him sending him again against the rails.

But someone was coming, she quickly put her clothes on and tried to clean herself up, he did the same

Luffy got outside "Hi Nami, Zoro!"

Luckily for them it was him, he would never suspect anything. Even if he had appeared some minutes ago they could tell him that Zoro was trying to help Nami to climb to the crowd nest and they were naked for a better grip, Luffy would'd buy it.

"Great it's raining! We can continue our trip like this!! Right Nami?"

They had been so in their own feelings that they hadn´t realized it was raining. "Oh yes I was out checking that..."

"Nami, you should put something on, you are all wet, you'll catch a cold"
Luffy said concerned

Zoro chuckled

She frowned "I guess we will be arriving to the island in a couple of hours"

"Great! Without rowing?"
Luffy asked

"Without rowing"
she said moving back to her room.

"Good so we don't need to wake Zoro up?"

She looked at Zoro who was sleeping and grinning, under the crow's nest.

She frowned "Shouldn't he be awake guarding the ship?"

"Well, yes but he must be tired from all the rowing... just let him sleep for a couple of hours"
Luffy justified his friend

"Yeah the rowing"
she smiled and went back to her room to do the same.

~Karen K.