Name: War

Chapter: Man Down
Anime: One Piece
Rating: M
Timeline: Around episode 220
Characters: Zoro & Nami

Summary: The appropriate phrase to use in battle which means that a soldier in your group is lying on the ground.

Nami woke up in a great mood. She didn´t know why but she was felling really good. She opened her room´s window and found out that the weather was matching her temper. The sun was shining, the sky was clear and the temperature was not too cold, not too hot, just perfect. She smiled and decided to go out to enjoy the day.

She was walking down the ship´s corridor when she found the swordsman coming directly towards her. She grinned and walked closer to him. The green haired seemed to be with his head in other things as he failed to pay attention to her. She corned him against the wall.

"Hi" She said playfully.

"Mph" he answered and tried to move away.

"Hey" She complained softly and moved forward to kiss him.

The swordsman dodged her at the speed of light and when she realized what had happened she was alone.

"What the!" She was about to curse him when Robin appeared behind her.

"Navigator-san" She greeted her

"Oh! Hi Robin"

Both girls entered the kitchen to have breakfast. Inside was the whole Mugiwara crew except from Zoro and Chopper.

"Such an idiot" Sanji commented to Ussop

"What?" Nami joined them interested as the blond served her breakfast.

"Zowo iish poishoned" Luffy munched.

"What?" She asked worried.

"Apparently stupid marimo was thirsty at night and drank one of Chopper´s medicine bottles" Sanji said pouring some tea onto Robin´s cup.

"Well it couldn´t be so bad if it´s medicine, right?" Nami said.

"Apparently the medicine wasn´t finished yet… and he drunk the whole bottle" Ussop commented.

Chopper entered the room "He is ok now…well at least he is sleeping. He had been puking for hours and he´s got a high fever"

"Is he going to be ok?" Luffy asked

"Yes. He just has to stay in bed and rest until the fever goes down"

The red head stared at the little doctor worried.

"It´s my turn to guard the ship. He could take my bed, at least it has a mattress" Robin said as she zipped the tea.

"Oh that would be great!" Chopper said.

Nami looked at the raven and when they made eye contact she looked away. That meant that she and Zoro would be officially sharing the room for the night.

The breakfast continued normally and she couldn´t help but to worry for the swordsman.

Some hours passed and she expended them all on the mikan groove, trimming and watering the trees. She wondered how would Zoro be so she decided to search for him just to check up.

He wasn´t in his or on the girls room so she moved to the crowds nest and she found him. He was petrified looking at the horizon. His eyes barely opening and huge dark bags under his eyes.

"Hey" she moved closer to him.

"Mmphh" He answered and his eyes searched for her.

"Looking good" she said ironically and when she sat next to him she noticed he was trembling. "You should be resting"

"I-i-i- am" He stuttered.

She pressed her hand against his forehead "You are burning!"

He looked at her numbly.

"ARRRgg! I´ll be back!" She got out off the crowds nest and she was back in ten minutes holding a cube filled with ice cubes, a cloth and a blanket.

"Hey you are back" He tried to grin.

She sat on the floor and ordered him to sat next to her.

"Now lay your head on my legs!"

He obeyed and soon she was covering him with a blanket. "Close your eyes"

He did it and felt something freezing on his forehead.

"I´m cold" he stuttered.

"Be brave" She pecked his lips and run a hand over his chest.

"I-I-I was coming from the bathroom this morning, I had just puck" he placed his hand on top of hers.

"I know" She removed the wet cloth that was now warm and threw it into the cube. A few seconds later she put the cold cloth on top of his forehead again.

"I don´t want to have sex with you now" he whispered "But this is ok"

"What´s that suppose to mean?" She would had punched him if he wasn´t looking so vulnerable.

"I just want to hold your hand" he gasped softly.

"You are so cute when you are semi-unconscious" she gripped his hand tightly.

A few seconds later the swordsman was completely asleep.

Nami stood with him for more than an hour trying to lower his fever with the wet cloth.

"Oh! Hi!" Chopper appeared at the crowds nest.

She looked at him surprised "Oh! Err… he is burning, I´m trying to lower his fever"

The little dr. nodded and put the thermometer in his arm pit. After a couple of seconds he took it again "104"

"Damn" she complained

"Actually it´s pretty good he had 107 at lunch"

"Is he going to be ok?" She asked softly.

"Yes… He just has to rest until the medicine clears the poison" Chopper said convinced "Why don´t you go to the kitchen? Dinner is served. I´ll take care of him"

She nodded and descended.


One hour later after having finished dinner the navigator went to her room. Inside she found Ronronoa Zoro sleeping on Robin´s bed.

"Hey" He called her.

"Zoro! You should be sleeping" she said as she moved closer to his bed.

"I´m cold"

She put her hand over his forehead and he moved to one side of the bed.

She grinned "What?"

"I´m cold"

She quickly took off her sandals and skirt and got inside the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face on her neck. She noticed he still had temperature but he wasn´t as hot as before.

"How are you feeling?" she hugged him.

"Right now, better" He kissed her neck.

She brushed his hair with her fingers until both of them fell asleep.


Zoro was sitting on the edge of the bed. In front of him the red headed navigator stared into his eyes.

"Feeling better?"

He extended his arm not breaking their eyes contact, his fingers landed on her soft legs. His finger tips slid slowly up her leg, lifting her white plated skirt in the process.
She grinned and couldn´t help to feel goose bumps in every part of her body where his fingers grazed her skin.
She kept on looking at his face. His expression was calmed and relaxed, he seemed to be enjoying the moment.
He nodded as his other hand moved to her skirt and she felt a cold breeze caressing her skin as it fell on the floor. She looked at her waist. His big hands were gripping her around it and pulling her down to seat on his lap.
She followed his command and the next time she looked at him he was smiling. She did the same and couldn´t hide the blush that the swordsman´s cute expression provoked on her. If there was a thing that could melt the red head´s heart was when Zoro acted lovingly.

The green haired kissed her nose and she giggled. His arms had wrapped around her and were pressing her slim body against his hard chest. Her hands jumped to his shoulders and moved around him to hug him back. She buried her head on his neck and inhaled deeply, enjoying his manly smell. She felt she was on the safest place on earth when she was cuddling with the swordsman.
He moved his hand up and down her back for a couple of seconds till his fingers slipped inside her tshirt.
Her skin felt so soft against his calloused hands. When he found himself in such an intimate position with the navigator he always felt she was too fragile, like if he made a wrong movement he could break her.
Her body relaxed even more with his caresses. She kissed his neck softly a couple of times until she moved to stare at his eyes again. He looked so different when he was alone with her, so caring, so concerned, so kind, he didn´t seem himself but she knew him, this was Zoro, her Zoro.

His hand traveled to the nape of her neck and she moved forward closing her eyes. Her pink lips brushed his. She caressed his upper lip with the tip of her tongue and he moaned. He tasted minty, probably he had just brushed his teeth. The navigator nipped, kissed and played with his lips while he lifted her tshirt up. He had never thought that spending time with a girl could be so much fun; he would postpone any training plan just to have a kissing session with Nami. Of course he would never confess it at loud.
When his actions were stopped by her arms she broke the kiss and held the hem of her tshirt. She felt the sexiest woman on earth when he looked at her like that. Slowly, she started to take it off, the swordsman followed her movements with his eyes, she was so perfect. It didn´t matter how many times he had seen her undress, it thrilled him like the first time. When Nami tossed the tshirt on the floor his eyes roamed all over her body.
She smirked and moved her hands to his tank top. Her fingers caressed his chiseled chest over the fabric trying to find the pattern. He was the definition of HOT, his eyes, his face, his attitude but his body was the reason why putting it in capital letters. He sighed in relax enjoying her touch. She pulled his tank top up and savored the view of his muscles. He quickly removed it and threw it to the floor.
He stared at her hesitant of what to do next. She couldn´t take her eyes of off him and he would have had the same problem if the navigator hadn´t unclasped her bra, which slid down her body freeing her voluptuous cleavage. The green haired didn't doubt it and moved his head to dive in her neck.
Everybody could think that his wild side had won him over, but not, not yet. The red head closed her eyes when she felt the coldness of his tongue slide slowly down her neck and between her breasts. His palms landed on her nipples and his rough hands squished her breasts lightly. She moaned in pleasure. The attention of his tongue moved to one of his perky nipples. The tip licked it slowly. It felt so good for Nami and he seemed to enjoy it as well, as he kept on doing it for several minutes. The tongue stroked her bud as if he was savoring the sweetest candy of all. Her breathing started to get more anxious, he was driving her mad and the feeling of his hard erection against her wet core was too much. When he moved his head to the other side, to give his other nipple the same treatment, she just screamed his name. Her nails scratched his scalp but he didn´t stop. She pushed him back, making him land on the soft mattress and crushing his face with her breasts. He didn´t seem to care, the violent movement encouraged to suck her harder.

"Zo-Ro!" She pleated.

He could spend hours caressing Nami in every way possible. The swordsman looked at her, his hands kept on massaging her breasts. She moved her face to kiss him and he crushed his lips against hers. Her tongue darted inside and their mouths collided in passion.
Zoro´s hands caressed her legs, butt, back, hair, everything while they kissed. She felt his big hands land on her rear and push down on her. She moaned and she didn´t know how but in a split of a second she was laying against the bed. Zoro was right next to her, his side pressed against the mattress and staring deeply into her eyes. Nami always looked sexy but paradoxical, in Zoro´s opinion, when she was all flushed and horny she looked more like pretty. He didn´t know why, probably because in that condition he could prove that she wanted him as much as he wanted her and they were even or maybe because naked and aroused Nami seemed more vulnerable, well he didn´t know but right now she looked kind of half sexy half cute.
His hand slid softly over her legs, his finger danced over her navel. A giggle escaped from her lips and he gave her a quick kiss in return.
His hand found the string of her tong and he played with it. The red head moaned, he was so close yet so far.
He positioned his fingers over the fabric of her panties and asked her "So I´m feeling better now" stopping his movements.
Nami´s eyelids which were about to close darted open and glared at him. He chuckled and moved forward to kiss her again. He kissed her in a way that drove her mad, his tongue moved with the same rhythm and direction as the finger that was touching her. His touch was extremely skilled, first soft but intense, enticing every nerve she had.
He broke the kiss and stared at her. She knew he liked to watch her, he liked to see her flushed face, Her closed eyes and her moaning mouth. She was the kind of girl that would do anything to get what she wanted. He loved to look at her enjoying his touch because it proved that all she wanted was him.
He pulled the, now wet, fabric away and grazed her clit with the tip of his index.

"Mmm Zoro it feels so good" Her hand gripped the blanket.

"I´m glad you like it" he whispered in her ear sexily.

He continued touching her. His fingers slid fluidly product of the wetness of the navigator. His lips sucked and nipped her neck. Her legs opened widely giving him more access.

"Oh god Zoro" She cried when he stopped. For a second she wanted to kill him for ending it, but when the swordsman stood up and took off the rest of his clothes her mind didn´t care about anything else. He was a freaking Adonis. His muscular body bathed with the moonlight.

He was about to move forward but the navigator was faster and jumped off the bed to hug him and kiss him lustfully. He took a step backwards to prevent them from falling and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"You are so handsome" she whispered in his ear and quickly looked at his face already knowing that he would be blushing with her compliment.

"Shut up" He said and kissed her violently. He didn´t like it, looks compliments were for girls. He didn´t want to be handsome. He wanted to be brave or strong, not good looking. Either way, for some strange reason, when she said things like that he felt weird but in a positive way.

She giggled between kisses. He had taken complete control of the situation and somehow she found herself trapped between the wall and his body.

"You shouldn´t mess with me" He said serious and placed his hands between her shoulders, trapping her even more.

"I can´t resist that sexy look" she bit her lip sexily but she was trying to stop herself from giggling.

He raised en eyebrow, sexy wasn´t a good compliment either.

"It´s good to be sexy Roronoa" her nail slid down his scar "It makes me want to do things to you" Her slim fingers wrapped around his firm cock.

His eyes closed for a second and when he opened them Nami wasn´t in front of him anymore. He felt something wet slide over the head of his dick and he looked down.
Nami was crouched in front of him with his manhood on her hand and licking the tip slowly with her tongue. He groaned.

Nami´s tongue snaked over his shaft and he had to press his head against the wall afraid that he would fall.

She enjoyed pleasuring the swordsman. She knew he was a tough guy so whenever he showed her a vulnerable side of him, she felt special.

When she covered his skin with her saliva she directed her mouth to the head. Zoro moaned when he felt the red head´s soft lips pressing against his dick. Slowly her mouth started to open giving his manhood access. She took him deep with her mouth and then out in fast movements.

"Nami" He moaned enjoying her doings.

She looked up at him and their eyes met. She was performing such lewd noises but it only made him hornier.

"Nami I…" He whispered.

She stopped her movements and took his dick out of her mouth. She stood up, his wet manhood slid over her body as she moved up. It was extremely hard and hot. She run her arms around his neck and pulled him down to kiss her. She played with his lower lip and toyed with her tongue.

Their hot and sweaty skin rubbed together. Zoro put his hands behind her rear and lift her up. She smiled, knowing what was coming and he took the opportunity to fervently kiss her one more time.

Suddenly the navigator felt the hard wooden wall against her back. She broke the kiss and looked at him. He was grinning at her. She could feel the tip of his cock teasing her entrance.
She put her hand on his face and caressed his jaw line. He looked at her.

"Zoro fuck me please" She begged naively and blushed.

The green haired gulped and in a split of a second he stabbed her with his erection.

"Yeah!" She moaned.

Zoro´s pupils shrunken and he moved faster. He looked possessed and Nami enjoyed it.

Her nails sunk in his back, making scars but he didn´t care. He was stimulating just where she like it and it was turning her out of control.

The sound of their bodies filled the room followed by Zoro´s loud breathing and Nami´s "Yes Zoro"

The green haired moved his head to suck one of the navigator´s nipples as he thrust her. She arched her back and accidently knocked her head against the wall.

"Are you ok?" He asked between kisses and keeping up with his movements.

"Never been better" Said the red head in pure bliss.

He chuckled and moved to play with her other breast.

She moved along with him and slammed her body against his to make the movements more violent.

"Nami" he groaned knowing that when the red head started to move aggressively was because she was about to climax. She turned selfish for a couple of seconds, only interested in find her release. It was always extremely satisfying for the swordsman to see how much she wanted him.

Zoro pinned her against the wall stopping completely their movements.

Nami felt her mouth go dry "Zoro" she gasped.

He chuckled.

"Please Zoro! I was about to" She bit his neck with enough force to crack his skin.

"Not yet" He said agitated.

"I hate you so much" She screamed against his neck. She hated when she lost control and he took advantage of it.

"I don't think so" His finger slid over her wet nipple flicking it up and down.

"Ahh" She moaned.

He started to move so slowly it was torturing her. "Zoooroo" She whispered impatient.

"Hurry?" He asked moving a little away to look at her body but not enough to be out of her.

She glared at him.

"You look so amazing when you are horny" His eyes roamed over her body.

She smirked, she couldn´t resist his compliments. Suddenly she glared at him, dead serious "You better move Roronoa or I´ll fucking rape you" she ordered.

She felt his dick stiffened inside her but Zoro somehow managed to maintain his serious expression.

He chuckled.

Nami pushed him back violently. He tripped down and fell on the floor with his back.

"OH GOD YEAH!" Screamed Nami when his dick went deeply inside her, product of the fall.

He tried to sit but succumbed again against the floor. The red head was riding him so hard that he was overwhelmed with the intense feelings he was having.

"I´m going to come! you stupid swordsman!" She said between moans as she slammed her body against him.

"Don´t insult me witch" He moved his hips up, lifting her from the floor and deepening the penetration.

"OH FUCK MARIMO" her nails scratched his chest leaving even more marks. She jumped up and down letting his dick enter her deeply in and the getting completely out of her.

"Fucking woman!" He grabbed her from the hips and pulled her harder.

Suddenly Nami felt her whole body tingling and an electricity bolt forming inside her "I´m cuming"

"Oh yeah" Zoro said as he climaxed.

The red head collapsed on his chest and he landed hardly against the wooden floor. "Oh my god, that was so damn good"

He breathed anxiously lifting her up and down.

She moved her face to kiss him passionately and he accepted it.

"Did you call me Marimo?" He asked

"Did you call me witch?" She raised an eyebrow.

"No…" He smirked

"Of course not" She pecked his lips.

She sat on his lap and sighed.

"Nami! You are bleeding" He said staring at her chest.

She looked down "Actually, you are bleeding" she said biting her lip.

He looked at his chest, Nami´s scars had gone too far. "Wha!"

"Sorry" she put her finger in her mouth.

He rolled his eyes.

She stood up and quickly came back and poured a bottle of, apparently, water over him.

"OUCH!" Zoro complained.

"Antiseptic" She moved back to the bed.

"This smells like sake" He stood up.

"Well it works" She covered herself with the sheets.

For a couple of seconds he searched with his sight for his underwear. When he found it he put it on.

She extended her arms calling him.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Now that you are feeling better I´m going to want more sex in a couple of minutes"

He crawled next to her "No, you are going to fell asleep like a baby in a couple of seconds"

"Nooo" she said childishly as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Tss" he laid comfortably on the bed while Nami cuddled against him

She wrapped her arms around his chest and kissed his neck "Forgive me for not having your inhuman stamina" she sounded sleepy.

He chuckled "It´s just training" He moved to French kiss her neck.

"… inhuman" she said as his tongue slide down to kiss her breast "You had been extremely sick for the whole day, puking and with high fever"

The tip of his tongue danced inside her navel.

"God Zoro" she moaned in anticipation.

He parted her legs wide open. She could feel his breath against her core. She looked down to see him licking his lips. He grazed her clit with his tongue and she arched her back in pleasure. "Just relax Nami" he flicked his tongue quickly and did it again "You are tired"

"Oohh baby" She moaned as his tongue tasted softly her pleasure point. The sensation was too much for her. She couldn´t understand how Zoro managed to drive her so mad, so turned on, how could he make her feel so much pleasure.

She got so wet when he caressed her like that. Now he stroked her with his whole tongue, enjoying the taste of her juices in the process. His hands were gripping her ankles to spread her open as much as he could. She moaned loudly and he licked her loudly the sound of the room was far too erotic.

He landed her lips softly over her and she felt as if he was making out with her pussy. Her nails stabbed the mattress and she gripped the blankets so hard that her knuckles went white. His arms went around her waist not allowing her to move. He dived inside her and his tongued started to move wildly.

"OHHH ZOOROOO" She screamed overwhelmed by the feeling of her climax. He licked her so fast and so intense, she could feel her orgasm building inside her. Zoro´s kisses powering it up like kerosene to fire. Suddenly she couldn´t take it anymore, her back arched even more, her hands scratched the mattress as her body trembled in pleasure of her climax. The green haired´s mouth filled with her juices and he didn´t stop savoring her until she was clean.

"My god Zoro" She panted.

He moved up to kiss her forehead.

Their actions were interrupted by a soft knock on the door "Zoro, Nami, are you awake?" Chopper asked.

Nami rolled her eyes and he collapsed on the bed annoyed.

"Yes! Wait, Zoro is still sleeping and I´m changing my clothes" She answered and slipped away the swordsman embrace. He looked at her sadly. She pecked his lips and whispered "You are asleep".

She put her pajamas as he closed his eyes. When she was ready she opened the door to let the dr in.

"Good morning" He greeted her and moved to Zoro.

"Did he sleep all night?" He asked while taking his temperature.

"I guess so… I slept so deeply I don´t know" She said careless

Zoro opened his eyes and greeted the little deer.

"Hi Zoro! You are still a little hot…"

Nami giggled as she left the room.

"…You probably still have some fever" the little dr. finished.

When the deer gave him the medicine to lower the fever the swordsman rejected his offer. "Don´t worry. I´m ok now. I´ll manage to lower the fever in my own way" He sighed.

~Karen K.