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In the depths of the Allied Comm network, a meeting began. On one screen in Britain stood an elderly man of high rank, on another stood a man wearing the rigors of command. And finally, a beautiful young lady brought it all together.

"Sir, President Ackerman is online." The lady said.

"Patch him through."


"Mister President."

"Bring me up to speed."

"The Soviets have pounded through most of Europe and are making plans to attack our territory in Britain, meanwhile, we're short on commanders to lead our troops."

"There we can help you, Colonel?"

On command, another screen came up, showing a young man of less than 30 in an officer's uniform.

"Colonel Russel reporting for duty sir!"

"A child commander?" Asked Bingham incredulously.

"Hes also one of the best we got." Replied Ackerman. "According to his tests, he is just as good at commanding troops as one of your veterans."

"Well lets hope so, we'll need him for support immediately. Eva?"

"Yes sir." She replied while pulling up the briefing, unable to resist smiling at the young commander for a minute. "The Soviets are moving an armada to Brighton Beach, while the local garrison is too under equipped to face them. We need you to secure that beach and hold the line. You'll be assisted by Commander Giles from the 7th Allied attack division which you will be assigned to. Good luck."

"Gonna need it." Replied Russel before he switched to his command channel for his battalion. "All units, lock and load. We're moving out."


Allied Base 37

Location: classified, Britain

Allied Barracks 13

"Jeez, we just get unpacked and now we move out again? Ugh, Command needs to make up its mind." Inside the barracks squad Epsilon of the second Allied battalion of the 7th attack division was suiting up for their next job.

"Heard we got a new commander too." Muttered a light brown haired young man as he pulled on his boots.

"Well after the Reds captured Colonel Marks, I call us lucky to have one." Replied a muscled man as he took up his equipment belt.

"Most likely hes a rookie."

"It could be worse." Replied an female engineer as she loaded her toolbox.


"Garrison duty."

That sent shivers down his spine. "Point taken. Hey did you hear about the new guys?"

"Yeah, damn yanks." the engineer replied in a scorning tone.

"Jeez, still against Americans. You got to get over that. Anyway, they might be nice, compared to those Germans." He said with another shutter, the German soldiers of Alpha squad could easily be considered insane and sadistic, and were only in because the Allies needed soldiers.

"Please, they're just going to be a bunch of gung-ho baseball fanatics that rave about barbecues. Just hope the commander knows what hes doing."

"You hope." Said the muscled man as he walked out of the barracks. "Come on, lets join up with the rest of the group."