Brighton Beach

0916 hours

When they hit dirt, Epsilon and Alpha squads parted ways, with Alpha moving into the city with the dogs while Epsilon moved to take the nearby hospital. Between Epsilon and their goal were dozens of soviet conscripts parachuted into the lines of the remaining peacekeeper units stationed on the beach. But Alpha had twice as many to deal with and they also had something even worse to fight.


* * * *

"Come on you Commie maggots! I have plenty to go around!" Yelled Hank as he unloaded his grenade launcher into a group of conscripts that didn't know to never get in Hank's way. To Hank's left, Anatov was busy giving a conscript one of his famous lead sandwiches with a side of Boot-In-Your-Rear. So busy, he almost didn't notice another conscript charging him with a bayonet, but he always satisfied his customers and gave him a free Knife-In-The-Face, with Hank also giving the man a free toy to go with it, an explosive toy. He liked it so much, he died.

"Hank! Your right!" Yelled Schultz, Alpha squad's heavy gunner, as he sent a trio of conscripts flying with two rounds from his grenade launcher.

"Wheres Fedric?" Asked Anatov over the radio as he tackled a conscript and started stabbing out his brain.

"Beats me." Replied Hank as the saw the conscripts bullets and raised them a grenade. The conscripts proceedingly folded.

"Move you damn Yank!" Yelled Celia as she tackled Ray to the street to prevent him from getting hit by a Molotov in the face.

* * * *

On the other side of the street, Vincent, Epsilon's Peacekeeper trooper, was firing off his shotgun with little regards to aim, not that it mattered with shotguns though, and it was making the conscripts think twice about leaving cover. With him was Bruce, Epsilon's brute force man, trying to peg a conscript with a rocket launcher. So far, no good, as the conscript literally preformed a one handed cartwheel while blazing away with his ADK-45 with his other hand to evade the dumb missile.

"How the heck he do that?" Yelled Bruce as he reloaded his rocket launcher. "I thought they didn't pay swat for these guys!"

"Who knows?!" Replied Celia with a shout while getting off Ray and getting into cover. "Maybes he's union!"

"Union?" Asked Ray as he ducked behind a pile of rubble and fired off his assault rifle.

"Yeah, last year some new General, Oleg I think his name was, started up a conscript's Union!" Answered Vince as he reloaded and tried again to peg the acrobatic conscript to no success. "Conscript effectiveness went up 430% soon after, meaning it only takes 20 conscripts to match one of ours! That's why we're losing in Europe! Amongst other things!"

"Why don't we have a Union?" Muttered Ray before getting a long-range wrench from Celia to the head.

* * * *

Command Center 132

0921 Hours

The command center was a mess.

"Bravo squad, sitrep."

"Shopping mall secure sir."

"Good, move on to the park. Gamma squad, sitrep."

"Beach is a mess sir! We've regrouped with local units but the enemy is moving in fast!"

"Understood, Delta squad, move to the beach."

"Yes sir."

Russel took a moment to catch his breath, he had been ordering around the dozens of squads he had under him with frantic urgency. So far, they were putting up a fight, but more and more soviet troops were being parachuted into the area. Worse still was that the MCV and its escort unit had been ambushed, and so far Alpha squad wasn't making too much progress in getting to it. Giles unit wasn't any better off, if having his face on his view screen was any indication.

"Er, excuse me old chap, but you wouldn't happen to have a few squads available would you?"

"Why do you ask?" Replied Russel, taking a look at his unit list, none were available.

"We have a bit of a bear infestation over here." That got Russel's attention. Shocked attention.

"Did you say…Bears?"

Brighton Beach, MCV Deployment Zone

0924 Hours

It had taken a while, but finally Alpha squad had managed to get to the MCV's. Not that it was an easy task, they had to go through about 100 conscripts, 5 of them Unionized and requiring at least a full thirty seconds worth of attention and fire each.

But when they got to the MCV's, they had another fight to deal with. The escorting Peacekeepers were under fire from multiple directions. Quickly the members of Alpha squad split-up to face the enemy. To the left, Hank and Schultz were spraying their weapons into the enemies' flank, tearing the unarmored grunts into pulp.

To the left, Anatov had snuck up to another unit of conscripts and proceeded to tap on one of their shoulder's to make them turn around before shotgunning them in the face. Julius, the English heavy SAW trooper, then laid down plenty of fire to keep the conscripts down while the escort unit regrouped.

Behind them, Fredric's, the French sniper, attention was focused elsewhere. Namely on the increasing numbers of paradropping conscripts. He managed to bag at least 4 out of ten per transport in his area. That still left dozens of conscripts to deal with. Suddenly, out of the side of his scope, he saw something that wasn't a conscript dropping out of a Badger transport. It was big, it was furry, and it was armor-plated. It took Fredric a full minute to register what he had seen.

"La merde sante, dieu de ciel! Nous sommes visses! Hank! Schultz! Julius! BEARS!"

* * * *

Brighton Beach, Beachside Hospital

0924 Hours

"Finally, we made it." Muttered Celia who was running towards the hospital, with multiple bullet grazes across her arms and plenty of scorch marks.

Vince was no better off, having been used as a meatshield for Celia, having a full clip's worth of AKD-45 bullets in his armor vest, none penetrating but they made him throw up his breakfast when they hit. And as he was wearing the standard Riot pattern helmet closed…The results were not pretty and he had to discard his helmet. And take a shower when this was over.

Bruce had his share of scuff marks too, with his arms bearing nine too many burn marks from a Molotov, and his legs felt lie they were about to give out after near constant running away.

Ray got lucky, with instead of getting head-shot, his helmet actually stopped a few bullets, but a Molotov has sheered half of the faceplate off his sealed helmet. Plus his hands were feeling numb from the constant firing of his rifle.

Squad Epsilon stumbled into the hospital, each of them going off to look for medicine or just somewhere to rest. Celia however, still had a job to do.

She walked down to the Master Control Console in the basement, seeing that it was only offline instead of being damaged. After attaching a battery unit to turn on the console, she switched it on and activated the surgical bays and med units and signaled that it was clear for field medic teams to be inserted. Suddenly, a loud roar was heard at the front door. A inhuman roar.

"Bloody hell."

* * * *

Brighton Beach, MCV Deployment Zone

0925 Hours

"Bring it down! Bring it down!"

"Get that sucker!"

"Its coming for us! Run!"

When a Soviet warbear leaped at the MCV escort group, most of the troopers were so shocked in fear and shock that they couldn't move. Alpha squad didn't stay that way. Instead they pummeled the bear with everything they had, with little effect as their bullets mostly bounced off the solid double-layer armor attached to the bear. In less than a minute, most of the escort unit was wiped out, and the bear turned towards Alpha squad. Schultz began to bring his rocket launcher to bear while the rest of the squad were continuing to pummel the bear with a unceasing barrage of bullets to no effect save pissing the bear off. Just when Shultz was able to fire off a rocket, the bear let out a great loud roar of incredible sonic power, to the point of forcing the rocket back towards it's launcher, who's owner promptly fled, barely dodging the resulting explosion.

The bear then proceeded to pounce towards Hank, who was desperately prepping a trio sticky TNT v.4 charges in a hastily made plan. When the bear was about to land, Hank rolled to his left, and tossed the charges. One stuck to an armor plate. One landed on its back, and one landed in front of Julius, who promptly took cover half a block away. The charges then detonated, the one on the armor plate tore up but barely harmed the bear. In contrast, the one on its back did a load of damage and almost killed the bear. Almost. It still had life left, and claws. And it was crawling towards a dizzy Schultz who was still recovering from getting away from his own rocket.

Anatov proceeded to just leap on it's back and stab at its head for a full five minutes before it finally, finally, fell. Worn out, he stumbled off the massive body and grabbed his radio.

"This is Alpha squad. We have the MCV."

"Good job Alpha, and not too soon. Krukov's fleet is here."