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A/N: I would like to remind you as a reader, that this is in fact a FANFICTION story. I as a fan am writing the characters as I feel fit to my ideal characters. Their will be themes, and content that will not match that of the books/films. JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND.

Rated M for sexual content, and strong language.


Author: Jenny V.

Edited/Beta: Jazleen R.

A Emmett/ Bella Story


What exactly is the pursuit of happiness? For some, the search is continuous. Others think they have found it, and never actually realized that it was the beginning of something better to come. My pursuit of happiness centered around one person only, and that person was Edward Cullen. Or so I thought.

After another exhausting year at school I needed a release, and leaving Forks with the Cullens was the perfect outlet.

"Char-Dad…please, stop. It's been two years now, trust me...Edward's not going to hurt me." I held out the can of pepper spray he had packed into my duffel bag, but he pushed it back into my hand.

"Bella, it does your old man some peace."

"Fine. Whatever," I sighed, tossing it back in with my clothes. Charlie had never forgiven Edward for hurting me when he left, and he now acted as though Edward would try to hurt me physically. Needless to say, it was frustrating, but there was really no point in trying to argue with him. I ran my hand through my hair in frustration. The appearance of my hair was the least of my worries; I wasn't exactly dressed in any formal attire. I was wearing my pajamas, which consisted of black bottoms and a white tank top.

"Now remember, Bella, you call me whenever, for whatever." When did he become so over-protective?

"Dad, I'll only be gone two weeks. And Edward's whole family is going. Dr. Cullen will be right there just in case I manage to break all the bones in my body or something," I attempted to joke; sadly enough, we both knew it was very possible.

As always, when the weather became nice, the Cullens went out on "camping trips." This time I was invited. It all seemed too perfect after those headache-inducing final exams (that Edward could do in his sleep, had he needed sleep; I on the other hand needed every last second of the two hours provided).

Edward…I couldn't wait to be with him. This was the time, I promised myself. During the span of these two weeks I would finally be able to feel fully complete with him. I would be able to feel the pleasure of being with a man for the first time…well, a partially live one, at least.

"Why do you have to go at night, anyway?" I heard Charlie ask. "Why can't he pick you up in the morning?" I noticed the way he said "he" instead of "Edward." I couldn't tell him the truth.

How many people would take the real reason seriously, let alone my father: "Because then you would see my boyfriend sparkling." Of course, knowing how my father thought, he would probably take it as a defect of Edward's sexuality. I could hear Charlie now: "What? Real men don't sparkle." Well, mine does.

"Uh, well, it's a long ride, and we want to save as much day as we can…easier to drive there..." I let my voice trail off as a knock came from downstairs. I silently thanked Edward for saving me from my lame excuse.

"Must be Edward. I should probably get going, Dad."

Charlie cleared his throat. "Okay, I'll walk you down. Remember always carry your cell phone with you. Mine will be on at all times."

I nodded, "I really have to go," I said, and grabbed my duffel bag. I ran downstairs and opened the door. Almost instantly, any frustration from the conversation with Charlie was gone. His scent, his smile, his beautiful face. It almost took my breath away. How could I have been so lucky? Edward gave me his signature crooked smile as he took my duffel bag. As he threw the strap over his shoulder, I realized he was wearing camping attire. I raised my eyebrows in a silent question. If he was trying to convince Charlie we were actually going on a camping trip, he sure dressed the part well.

"Alice." That was all he had to say.

"Of course," I said. I should've known.

At the sound of Alice's name Charlie was at my side.

"Alice?" he questioned, almost like a child getting a reward. As soon as he saw Edward was alone, his face was smudge again.

"Oh, its only you. Well, alright, take good care of yourself, Bella," he said without taking his gaze from Edward, who smiled politely.

"Afternoon, Chief Swan."

Charlie grunted in response.

"She's in safe hands with us, Chief," said Edward.

Charlie grunted again. "Uh huh. Don't forget to, uh, carry that thing I gave you, Bella. At all times," he said, eyeing Edward.

"Right, Dad." I said, feeling uncomfortable. Edward sensed this and held his hand out for me to take. A pleasant chill ran down my back and made me relax. The coldness radiating from his stone-white hand gave me a refreshing break from the humid weather.

When I was in the car, Charlie came over to my window, again his eyes swung over to Edward. I waited until Charlie was back in the house before I turned to Edward, rolled my eyes, and mumbled, "Sorry."

He reached over and gently pulled me towards him. "Are you ready for these next two weeks?" he asked, kissing the top of my head.

I raised my eyes to his and said, "I've been waiting all semester." I smiled and kissed him.


As we arrived at Edward's house, we found Jasper standing in the middle of the driveway, looking out towards the woods. I could hear something pounding, as if there was a construction site nearby.

"Again?" Edward asked Jasper as soon as we got out. I walked over to Jasper and hugged him, he kissed my cheek and smiled.

"Bella, always nice to see you. You came just in time."

"What's goi-" I began.

"Just watch," Jasper said with a smile as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Isn't it just amazing how skillful she is?"

I followed his gaze to see what he was looking at, and it took me a moment to register what was going on. They were going so fast that I only had a slim chance to see something slam against a tree with a loud boom, as if a building had just fallen.

"WOOO! THAT'S MY GIRL! Give it to her hard, baby!" yelled a voice. It was Emmett, coming down the house steps. He was wearing a black shirt with the arms cut off, the length of which covered a portion of the zipper on the camouflage pants he was wearing. This was the first time I was actually able to see what was under those sleeves. I had always known he was muscular, but now that I was finally able to see his arms bare I found myself admiring how each muscle was perfectly shaped…

Emmett walked towards where Edward and I were standing. Looking down at me, he showed me his perfect white teeth. I seemed to be more aware than usual of how tall he was.

"Hey there, Bella, enjoying the show?" he asked. I breathed in and caught the scent of something incredibly sweet in the air. For a second, I wasn't quite sure if Emmett was referring to whatever was going on in the woods, or if he was referring to himself. I found myself being lifted off my feet and squeezed. Emmett let me dangle in mid-air a few seconds before setting me back down. I turned just as Edward and Jasper let out an "oooh" simultaneously, as if they had just witnessed something painful.

"What's going on?" I asked, hoping Emmett would finally tell me.

"It's Alice and Rosalie. Jasper and I were talking about who was stronger, then they started arguing about it, and next thing you know, it ended up outside," he said, and nodded towards the broken glass on the ground, which I assumed were the remnants of window they had jumped out off.

"Esme is inside cleaning up. She hates it when we break things." Emmett said, not taking his gaze off the fight that was too fast for me to keep up with.

"And who's winning?" I asked, a little worried for Alice. She was a really small girl. Not that Rosalie wasn't, but Alice didn't strike me as the fighter-type.

"My woman, of course," said Emmett smugly.

"Don't get your hopes up. Just because she can beat you doesn't mean she has anything on my Alice," said Jasper with a smile.

Edward laughed before he made a whipping noise.

"Wanna bet?" asked Emmett, then turned to Edward. "EDWARD! Who do you think will win?"

Edward raised his hands quickly. "Don't get me in the middle of this. I have no say when it comes to comparing those two."

"Well, what do you say we make this more interesting? Let's say...a car for a car?" asked Jasper.

Emmett let out a loud laugh. "Seriously, Jasper? A car for a car? This is way too easy. Looks like papa's gonna have a new shiny toy to play with. Deal! COME ON BABE! YOU CAN DO IT!"

Jasper held out his hand, and Emmett shook it.

"Looks like I'm going to be cruising to school in a new car, Bella!" Emmett said happily as Rosalie threw Alice a couple feet in the air. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and rested his chin on the top of my head. That smell I had caught earlier became stronger. My heart started beating a little faster. I peeked at Edward out of the corner of my eyes, but he didn't seem to mind. I could feel my body tensing as I looked down at his hard, muscular arms wrapped around me. The smell was intoxicating...

The sound of another "building" falling made me look away from Emmett's arms. This time I was able to faintly make out what had created the noise. Alice had slammed against a tree, but she was already up and at it again. Emmett let go of me and raised his hands in triumph. A short time later I heard a louder sound, followed by a scream. A tree came knocking down, which took three more with it. I gasped with worry for Alice but felt better once I heard Emmett groan. Jasper walked over holding his hand out.

"You forgot who taught her. Your keys, please." Jasper's face was smug.

"Oh, come on, Jasp! Rose just bought me that Bugatti!" exclaimed Emmett in disappointment. He reached into his pocket reluctantly and gave his keys to Jasper.

"Alice is going to be pleased," he smiled.

"Bugatti! Aren't those the most expensive cars in the world?" I asked Edward, amazed. He nodded.

"Rosalie will not be," Emmett said, rolling his eyes.

"That little bitch cheated!" I heard Rosalie scream from the woods.