I could hear Paul laughing in my head.

I turned as I saw him cornering the small leech. She was sobbing on one of the other leeches bodies.

I had seen him before, he had wild blondish hair, that looked messy and untamed.

It must have been her spouse.

I ran to them, she looked up at me frightened and hissed at us both.


I phased and looked at her.

I wanted to kill her, but I had just made a deal with Emmett.

"Go." I said to her.

Paul growled. I didn't need to hear it, but I knew he was cursing and questioning me.

She looked up at me confused.

"What?" she said.

I clenched my teeth as I wanted to rip her head off right now. It was much harder to want to control it.

"I SAID GO! GO TO THE OTHERS GO!" I screamed to her.

She looked at her loved ones body, then at Paul and I, and ran for it.

Paul huffed at me, I phased back.

Why did you let her go?Paul asked me angry.

You will not question me! I growled at him.

I knew what was going on at the other side of the leeches house, and I knew I shouldn't be allowing it, but I rather Bella be alive… if that's what you want to call it. Then not be able to ever see her again.

I turned as Embry carried Colins body, and laid it right next to Sam's and the others.

Embry was just as bad as we were, the scratches the leeches left us, would heal, but would leave a permanent reminder.

Now that Sam was gone, I was left as the Alpha.

Embry go tell Emily. And the others. I ordered to him

I want to stay! He said.

GO! Paul and I will handle this now. I said to him.

He looked reluctant, but he finally bowed his head and departed at full speed.

I nodded to Paul to follow along with me.

We walked towards the direction the small leech ran to.

But stopped and turned towards the woods when we heard two wolfs whimpering… I knew it was Leah and Seth.

Come I said to them, but they only whimpered more and backed away into the darkness of the tree's



I closed my eyes as I felt my teeth rip through her soft skin.

I heard her give a low moan.

The instant my teeth went in, a shot of her sweet blood coated my tongue.

That's when the craze began, I grabbed a grip of her hair into my hand as I held it in place.

It was so much different to the animals I've had to hunt. Her blood was thin, sweet, and more appealing then I had thought it would be.

I opened them just as I heard Alice and Carlisle.

"Their gone." She said sobbing. "Esme… Jasper… Rose their all gone."

I heard Carlisle's choking expression as he received this news.

Alice started screaming. "Bella! What happened to her? Emmett stop it! Stop it! You're drinking to much, your going to kill her."

I felt her small hands pounding on my back.

I never thought I would hit a woman, unless if it was Victoria or Jane. But I kicked her with the back of my leg.

I heard her scream, followed by a bang. I was guessing I had sent her towards the house's wall..

"Alice, you can't stop him, non of us can, only he has to find the will power." I heard Carlisle's strained voice say.

He must have been trying to hold her back.


I could feel Bella's head tilting back, becoming weakened.

Stop Emmett, stop. I told myself.

But my thirst wasn't stopping, it was telling me to continue.

I felt someone's presence next to me.

"Emmett. You need to stop." It was Edward.

I looked up at him, not taking my teeth away from Bella's neck.

"Emmett, I know it's hard, but you need to try. Look at them, they need you two." He said to me, as he held out my babies towards me.

Stop Emmett! STOP!

I said to myself, I hissed as I pulled away from her. I jumped away from her body.

I could feel a surge of power, I felt stronger then I ever had before.

I kept my back to them, not wanting to turn around.

[You may end song here if you like ]

It took Bella's sudden moans of pain for me to turn around, followed by the sound of a loud growl. I recognized Jacob and the other mutt who had killed Rosalie.

I saw Edward hand my babies over to Alice, and he stood up straight, ready for them.

Carlisle was by Bella, he was trying to keep up with his gaze at the mutts, and at Bella.

Jacob phased and went to Bella.

I instantly went next to them, grabbed Jacob by the shoulder and tossed him back.


The black wolf growled, but Jacob ordered him to stop. Holding his hand out in a command.

"You stay away mutt!" I said to Jacob.

He looked around me to Bella, who was now moaning and tightening her body in pain.

I knew what she was going through, I had gone through it once, but it would soon be over.

"I want to say goodbye… just like you." He said to me.

Alice jumped next to me. "STAY AWAY!" she hissed.

"It's okay." I said nodding. I grabbed Alice by the waist and pulled her away with me.

I handed her over to Carlisle. He took a hold of her waist.

As Jacob Black neared Bella I took my babies away from Edward and into my arm.

It was time for me to say good-bye to them.


It pained me to see Bella right now.

Getting on my knees I rested my hand on her forehead.

She felt cooled, not cold like the leeches, but I knew soon she would be.

Her eyes were bug eyed. Her broken jaw and leg were making gruesome noises as they came together, molding back into their regular positions.

I knew soon she would be one of them, and then she would join along the line of the new borns we have to kill, or at least make sure they were controlled.

She stared up at me, her eyes were changing, her eyes that were once brown, were becoming reddened.

Her skin becoming paler and colder.

I came close to her and gave her a kiss on the fore head.

I held my breath a bit as she faintly began to smell like them

"Bella why… why did you have to do this?" I asked her.

"Jacob?" she asked strained. She jerked a little, as if she felt pain deep in her abdomen, twitching

I knew I couldn't stand by her anymore. I stood up and looked at Emmett, who was talking to the little bastard that been the cause of all this…

"There are two of them?" I asked shocked.


I kissed my son first, his warm body made my throat burn a bit.

Unlike him my baby girl seemed to have taken more of my traits, her body was cooler then his, but not what you can say cold as mine.

They both stared up at me, curious.

It seemed amazing how well alert they were so quickly.

"Hi." I said to them

I didn't know what else to say.

I really didn't so I just let myself go into a sob.

Finally I become a father, and now I was going to be ripped away from them.

"There are two of them?" I heard Jacob say.

I nodded, as I knew it was time. But I still had to say good-bye to my beautiful Bella.

I handed my twins over to Edward.

"Emmett… what's going on?" he asked me.

I just looked into his eyes and walked away from him, I went to Bella.

Just as I could imagine, her eyes were red like mine should be now.

After all I had just fed on her blood.

I smiled at how beautiful she was becoming. Although she had always seemed beautiful to me.

I knew her transformation wasn't over. I grabbed her chin and brought her lips to mine. Unlike when she was still a human, I pressed hard into them.

"Take care of them Bella. Take care of all of them. I love you." I said to her.

Before I could break any longer I tore away from them, and stood up.

I looked at Jacob and nodded.

"Emmett what are you doing" Alice said

Edward must have read Jacobs thoughts because he tried to stop me.

"No Emmett, Let them take me instead. Bella needs you.. they need you. you're a father!" he said.

Jacob phased and stepped next to the black wolf, with my back to them I stepped between them.

I shook my head at Edward. "No… you're a father." I said to him.

And then I felt a hot stab of pain into my arms as I felt myself being dragged away by the mutts.

"EMMETT!" I heard Bella scream in between her twitching pain.

Carlisle and Alice started running toward us, but I knew that even if they tried, they wouldn't make it in time for me.

I smiled and closed my eyes and I held the image of my twins and Bella in me.

Few years later

"Hannah be careful sweetie." Bella says to her daughter.

"But mommy Emmett hit me first!" says the small little girl.

"You hit hard!" complains little Emmett. Unlike his sister who has the strength of their family, he has the speed she lacks.

As Hannah leaps to tackle him. He moves out the way causing Hannah to slam into a nearby tree.

As if she felt nothing, she bounces back up.

Bella giggles as she rests her head on Edward's shoulder.

"Their so much like him." She says.

Edward wraps his arm around her, and plays with her hair, kissing the top of her head.

"You miss him a lot don't you?" he says

"I think about him more now, especially with how much they act and look just like him, more and more." She says.

She continues to stare at her children.

Although they are twins, they both have different characteristics.

Emmett has the speed of his father, the dimples, devilish smile, and hair like Bellas. But he doesn't sparkle like they do.

Hannah doesn't sparkle in the sun either, but she has the strength of her father, the dimples, dark hair, and just like him she has such a curious mind for being such the little dare devil.

It's as if she knew if it should hurt, then she wanted to do it.

Both their vegetarian eating habits were not like that of Bella's.

They didn't mind feeding on blood, but they also had much of a appetite for what any other normal child would like. Blood was more of a crave they would have. It was like their sweet tooth.

"I love you." Edward whispers into Bella's ear.

She smiles and kisses Edward lightly on the lips.

After Emmett had been taken away, it took much of Edward's time to win Bella back.

But since he still loved her, he never gave up on her. After all, Emmett wanted him to take care of them.
"I know. I love you too." She says to him.

In their distraction she doesn't notice as Hannah runs into the woods, in her distraction of trying to catch a butterfly that had fluttered around her a moment ago.

She stops as the butterfly flies to high for her to reach, she suddenly become aware that she is to far from home.

"Oh oh, mommies going to be angry." She says to herself.

As she turns to leave something catches her attention.

A small wolf peeks at her from behind a tree.

As it realized she has caught him, it tries to hide behind the tree more.

Hannah giggles and walks to it.

"Hi." She says sitting down next to it.

The small wolf, who has always been watching her from afar for years now, licks her hand.

Hannah giggles and pets it behind the ear, she feels a sudden attachment to it.

Grabbing it into her arms she hugs it. She feels like she knows it, as if she has dreamt about him before or something.

"Mommy says I shouldn't be alone in these woods, would you like to come home with me?" she asks it, as she gets up and walks the direction she had came from.

"Haaaanah!" she hears her mommy calling for her.

"That's mommy, you're going to like her. She's not like most people you might see. Neither is the rest of my family." She says.

As she steps back out into the clearing she finds her mommy, daddy Edward whose holding Emmett, grandpa Carlisle, and aunt Alice.

After Esme died Carlisle had, had a hard time trying to get back to the hospital.

But he didn't have it in him, to abandon his patients.

And just like Alice, every day was another challenge to even put on a smile.

Its been some time since Alice has even left the house grounds, she finds it hard to remotely even see anything, that reminds her of a wolf.

With her depression came a toll on her ability to for tell the future, and she has found herself staying in trying to regain it back.

As little Hannah walks to them, holding the small wolf by under its shoulders, she raises it to them.

"Look mommy, can I keep him?" she asks them.

Bella brings her hand to her mouth. Turning to Edward she looks back at the small wolf.

"Hello Seth." She says smiling.