Summary: This is a Kerry related fanfic, from the Australian show Rush. Remember the guy who tried to pick Kerry up in episode 9, John Hughes? Well, this is a fanfic about how he becomes obsessed with her and after he is unable to take 'no' for an answer!

Rated: T. Nothing too much in this part besides a bit of swearing.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Oh hang on, one person I made up. I guess I 'own' him. The rest belong to Southern Star, Channel Ten etc.

Chapter 1


Muffled voices. That's all she could hear. It's not that she wasn't interested in the conversation that was taking place; she just had another issue on her mind. An issue that over the past couple of days, seemed to form a dark cloud not only over herself, but her work as well. She just hoped like hell that no one had noticed.


She could hear her name being said, but still didn't respond - preferring to keep her head down slightly, and her eyes staring off somewhere in the distance.

"Kerry?" the voice said again; fingers clicked together to try and get her attention.

She suddenly snapped out of it, "Yeah. That's fine."

Lawson and Josh glanced at each other, before Lawson replied, "Ooh-kay. Well, let's go then," he said to the others before they left.

Kerry looked up and saw Leon Broznic staring at her. She blinked at him slowly, before saying, "What?"

"Do you actually know what just happened?"

"Yeah!" she scoffed, "They're going to ... um ..."

"You have no idea!" Leon exclaimed with a chuckle, "You were sitting there looking as blank as a piece of paper the whole time!"

She tried so hard not to look sheepish, "It's not anything ... bad is it?"

"No," replied Leon, shaking his head at her.

"Oh good," Kerry replied, a little relieved. Leon was right; she really wasn't paying attention at all. She then got up suddenly and ran to the bathroom. Sick wasn't the right word for the way she felt.

Leon raised an eyebrow as he watched her run off, "Very strange indeed," he said to himself, before hearing Lawson's voice come over the radio a few minutes later.

"Leon, is Kerry there?"

"Ah no mate, she's just ... I think she's just gone to the bathroom or something."

"Okay, well when she gets back, can you get her to ring me?"

"Sure thing darling."

In the police car, Lawson rolled his eyes; he thought Leon was the biggest smartarse he'd ever met.

"I think that guy is in love with you," Dom said, looking over at him with a grin.

"Just keep your eyes on the road, Dom," he replied with a no-nonsense tone in his voice.


Kerry came out of the bathroom, feeling a little better, and walked back into the operations room where Leon was.

He swivelled around on his chair, "Kerry, Lawson wants you to ring him."

She frowned a little, "What for?"


"Hang on, he wants me to ring him? Like on the phone?" she then said after a while, realising what Leon had told her.

"Yes that's what he said."

"Weird," Kerry responded, but picked up the phone anyway and dialled Lawson's number.

"Kerry?" he answered the phone after only one ring.

"Yeah, what's the matter?"

There was a small pause, "I think you'd better come here ..."


"Your house."

She almost dropped the phone in surprise, "What for?"

"Just come here," he said, almost too seriously for her liking.

"Alright, alright. I'll be there soon," Kerry hung up the phone, "Be back later, Leon!"

"Fine, leave me here, all alone," he said, pretending to be hurt.

She rolled her eyes, calling out to him before she left, "You aren't alone. You have the computer!"


At Kerry's house, Lawson, Dom and Stella were waiting for her to arrive. There were other officers there as well, from a different squad.

Kerry pulled up near her house and got out the car.

Lawson and another officer who she didn't know, walked over to her.

"Hi Inspector Vincent, I'm Senior Sergeant Malcolm Henning," they shook hands.

"Hi ... it's Kerry," she told him, "What's going on?"

"Do you know a detective by the name of John Hughes?"

"I wouldn't say I knew him properly, no," Kerry said with a slight shrug, "I mean, I've met him ... once."

"Well, according to a neighbour, he threw something through your front window about an hour ago," Malcolm informed her, as they walked towards her house, "They got the number plate off his vehicle as he left and called us. That's how we found out about John."

She glanced over at Lawson, who was looking back at her with an expressionless look on his face.

"We need your permission to go inside your house, Kerry."

"Um yeah, sure," she answered, beginning to feel shaken; she and Lawson walked side by side towards the front door, "You can go now if you want," she whispered to him as she unlocked the door.

Lawson shook his head, whispering back, "I'm staying here. I'll let Dom and Stella know that they can go."

Kerry couldn't be bothered arguing with him as she and Malcolm entered the house. She immediately saw the brick on the floor surrounded by glass, and shuddered a little; she had a slight feeling that John had been following her every now and then since a stupid Commissioner's "party" she had to go to, but this time, it really hit home. Literally.

Malcolm stooped down and had a look at the brick - it had some paper wrapped around it with a rubber band.

Kerry frowned, "What does it say?"

"Take a look," he handed her the piece of paper, just as Lawson walked in through the front door.

She unfolded the paper. Her heart skipped a few beats when she read what it said:

"I love you Kerry. xxx John"

Lawson glanced over her shoulder and down at the note, "Nutter," he commented on it, "Where is this guy now? Who does he work with?"

"Dog Squad?" Kerry replied, looking over at Malcolm questionably, who nodded.

"Has anyone called them?"

"Yes," Malcolm answered, "According to their Chief Inspector, he hasn't shown up for work over the past few days. There's been no answer on his home phone, and his mobile is always switched off."

"Oh now that's surprising," Lawson said sarcastically.

"We've also called someone to come and replace the broken glass," he said, "Apart from that, there's not much else we can do here. It's in the hands of the brass at the Dog Squad now. And you as well, Kerry."

She didn't want to have anything to do with it. Although she knew she was inevitably involved in John's sick little fantasy. And one word just kept returning to her head.



After sitting in silence at her house while a man was there repairing the broken window, Lawson finally spoke, "So how long has this been going on?"

Kerry glared at him.

"Well?" he was a bit annoyed that he had to find out about John this way.

She shrugged half-heartedly, "I thought I was just paranoid at first."

"And when was at first?"

"Oh shit Lawson, I don't know! About a week ago!"

He sighed, "So when did it become real for you?"

"Well," it was Kerry's turn to sigh, "He left a card in my letter box two days ago, with the same words on it as that bloody piece of paper. That's when I started to think that I wasn't just seeing things ..."

"Why didn't you tell me, or anyone else for that matter?"

She shrugged again; sick of all the questions.

"Kerry," he said firmly, "You're a strong woman, or at least you're good at pretending to be strong, but shit, this isn't something you can just shrug off. He sounds pretty bloody serious to me. When did you meet him?"

"At the Commissioner's drinks thing."

"He's the guy who tried to pick you up?" Lawson asked.

"Yeah," Kerry replied softly.

"So why do you think he's doing this?"

She closed her eyes, "I think it's because I said no to him."

"No to what?"

Kerry opened her eyes and merely looked at him; she didn't have to saying anything to give him an answer.

"Oh ..." Lawson realised, hanging his head down a little, "Well, that's a bit extreme isn't it?" he said, looking up again, "If he'd done that to every woman who has said no to him in the past, he would have been in jail by now."

"Maybe he isn't used to rejection."

"Still sounds very extreme to me! But the worst part about all this is, he's a cop. He should know better."


It was hard times like these that Kerry hit the bottle. It didn't matter what it was; wine, beer, vodka, whiskey. Whatever. They were all the same to her when all of the crap in her life got tough.

This time, her poison was red wine. Well, actually the two previous times it had been red wine - thinking about her son James and breaking up with her husband Geoffrey. She found it ironically funny that both of those times, she had been at work. And that both those times, Lawson had been there at some point. This time she was at work as well, but by herself.

Did she have a drinking problem? Was another question Kerry continued to ask herself. What's worse, did Lawson think she had a problem?

She hoped not. The last thing she needed was him to 'worry'.


Oh shit, she thought, not wanting to look up to see who was talking to her.

"What the hell are you doing sitting on the floor?"

She looked up slowly. Bugger. Lawson.

"Oh no, not you again."

He couldn't help but chuckle slightly, "Again?"

She shrugged, slapping her hands on her knees out of frustration.

"Now why are you sitting on the floor?"

"What's with all the questions!?"

"What's with all the secrecy?" Lawson retorted.

"Oh Lawson, you're so bloody frustrating," Kerry said, getting herself up off the ground; she didn't even realise where she was sitting.

"And you're not?" he raised his eyebrows at her, before something else caught his eye, "Have you been drinking?"

She looked down.

"You can't just keep drinking every time you have a shit day," Lawson told her, grabbing the small glass of red wine and drinking it.

Kerry glanced at him quickly before looking away again, not wanting to meet his eyes, "I could've spat in that for all you know!"

"Believe me Kerry," he shrugged, "I know that those shit days of yours when you have a drink, will turn into okay days, and then before you know it, you'll be drinking even when you've had a good day."

"Yeah well, today I can't help it," she replied grumpily, crossing her arms over her chest like a child who hasn't got their own way.

Lawson shook his head; she was unbelievable. "Come on, I'm trying to help you here."

"I don't want your help Lawson."

He looked at her for the shortest of seconds, before walking away.

"Not now anyway ..." she then whispered when she knew he couldn't hear her.