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Did you ever feel like you were falling? Falling and you knew it was all over.

You would never be able to get up to where you once were.

It's a rush of emotions.

I was happy once, I remember it well.

I felt I had everything, I know it sounds like all the others but it's true.

I did have everything. I had a husband, a place in the world that is now crumbling, I was soon going to have a family.

Let's start with the world. The world that was fucked up.

It's gone. The world I once knew and loved is gone. Blown to oblivion.

I tried, I really did, but nothing worked.

Now my past, my history, my home is like it never existed.

My husband.

I loved him more than you can even imagine.

He loved me too.

We were so happy, we finally got to be together, after all the years of waiting,

all the years of fighting, all the years of never being together.

He died.

Lots of people die, but it wasn't his time. He wasn't ready..I wasn't ready.

He was my friend, and now he too was gone.

I will never see him again, We will never be together.

It all started with the fucking bastard I once trusted.

The one who brought all this misery.

The one that I helped to power.

How could I be so stupid? Well that's easy, because I was a fool, and because I was young.

It's a weak excuse but it's the truth.

How was I to know what would happen? But still I feel some of this was my fault.

Now I am reduced to hiding, but not for my life...for my children.

If I die, then I die. I have caused enough damage in one lifetime.

But who will take care of my children? That is the question now.

The Republic is demolished...the Jedi extinct...well most of them.

The few of us that still have the dream of the Republic (and there are very few) will make sure they will be taken good care of.

I wish I could be with them, to protect and care for them.

It pains me to know that when they cry out in the night they won't be calling for me. but for someone else.

I won't be there to see them grow, to watch them learn and live.

No..I won't be there.

I wish I could give them a more just world, but I failed miserably there.

All I have to give is my heritage.

It won't be much because I won't be revealed to them until they're older.

They won't know who I am, or who their father was, they won't even know each other.

They are being separated, might as well, our family is already broken.

I know they will make a difference in this living hell.

They are the light of hope in the darkness that consumes the galaxy.

They will break free of all the evil.

I know they will, no questions asked.

And I will be watching from the heavens, guiding them in every way I can.

My husband and I will be watching. Together.

I am scared for my children but I know they will be safe.

I am scared because I will not be with them but I have to deal with that.

I just hope all is not lost.

It seems bleak right now..but I will always believe something good will result in the end.

It's a childish dream, but it's all I have to believe in.

Now I must leave.

I have to leave the world of the living, leave all the pain, all the fear.

But I will never leave my children, I will always love them..I will never ever leave them.

A part of me will go with them.

I can't and won't leave them...

I love them too much.