Bleach Fanstory: A Bleached Honeymoon

By Michael Xu

Initial Comments:

Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo

This is purely a fan story and I don't own any of the characters in it, apart from OC I may create.

This is the sequel to Bleach: After the War, and follows Ichigo and Rukia as they embark on their honeymoon/mission around the world.

Story so far: Ichigo and Rukia's adventure is almost at its conclusion. After going around the world stamping out spiritual hot spots, the pair uncover the shocking truth of how Aizen was able to create the Arrancars and the Royal Key. Following on their work with Ishida and Mayuri, Ichigo and Rukia travel to Las Vegas and meet up with Urahara Kisuke, who takes them deep inside Area 51, the secret US research facility that Urahara himself founded. It is there that Urahara reveals how Aizen was able to turn the victims of the holocaust into hollows and move them to Hueco Mundo, where they eventually evolve into the Arrancars and the Espada. Urahara also reveals the secret behind the bomb that destroyed Karakura Town; it had been a product of Aizen's experiments with nuclear physics when he was manipulating the Soviety Union. With the truth of the past finally let loose, Ichigo and Rukia prepare to return to Soul Society, and share the information they have found...

Chapter 10: Hawaii

Ichigo and Rukia returned to the McCarran International Airport the next day, and boarded a connecting flight to Los Angeles. The flight from Las Vegas was brief and by quarter to eleven they arrived at terminal one of Los Angeles International Airport. After going through baggage declaration, they quickly exited the terminal and walked along the outside pedestrian way to terminal two. Upon entering the terminal, they looked at the departure timetable.

"A half past twelve flight to Honolulu, that's the one Urahara booked for us," Rukia pointed. Ichigo nodded. The two of them went through check-in and customs again, before being allowed into the waiting area. Fifteen minutes later, the gate to the Hawaiian Airlines 767 opened and Ichigo and Rukia boarded the plane. They found their seats and got as comfortable as they could, waiting for the jet to roll onto the runway. Within twenty minutes the flight was airborne and Ichigo and Rukia contented themselves with the on board entertainment and refreshments.

"How long have we been on the road for?" Rukia asked Ichigo. "It feels like a lifetime since we left Tokyo."

"Let me see..." Ichigo counted with his fingers. "We left on the nineteenth and now it's the fourth, so in total that makes it seventeen days since we arrived in Tokyo. More than half the time was spent travelling from one place to another. Come to think of it, we never really got to explore the cities we visited very well."

"That's because we were busy doing our mission."

"You're right about that, but in the end, our mission didn't turn out so well either," Ichigo sighed. Rukia knew what he meant. In hindsight, she wished they hadn't accepted such a hard mission in the first place.

Six hours later, the Hawaiian Airlines flight descended towards the island of Oahu, the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands. As the jet banked around for a descent, Ichigo and Rukia glanced out the windows, taking in the breathtaking views of Honolulu and the surrounding mountains, as well as a glimpse of Pearl Harbour, headquarters of the US Pacific fleet, and the site of the infamous Japanese attack in the Second World War. Upon arriving at Honolulu airport, Ichigo and Rukia were greeted by a stunning outdoor garden area as they walked from customs to the arrivals lounge. They found their luggage and walked to the arrivals area, when both of them realized they hadn't booked any accommodation.

"Oh man, we should have thought about this before we came here," Ichigo slapped himself on the head.

"What are we going to do then? If we're going to stay here for a few days we'd better find somewhere to sleep," Rukia scolded him."

"I'll try and see if I can book some rooms at a local hotel." Ichigo spotted a hotel booking desk nearby and asked the people there if there were any good accommodation available. The Hilton Hawaiian Village located on Waikiki beach was the most intriguing hotel available, so he decided to book a one bedroom suite in the Ali'i Tower, presumably the most expensive on offer.

"Are you sure we can afford the accommodation fees?" Rukia asked as Ichigo finished booking the rooms.

"Of course we can. We've got ten grand to spare, more than enough to last us the three days and two nights we'll be staying here for," Ichigo replied.

"Well, I just hope there's enough money left for us to return to Tokyo." Walking outside the terminal, they hailed a taxi that took them directly outside the front entrance of the hotel. They looked out the windows of the taxi, admiring the views as it headed south. For the first ten minutes they passed through what appeared to be the major port area, full of warehouses, sheds and silos. But then as taxi neared a gigantic ocean liner resting beside a pier, the streets and the houses suddenly colourful and vibrant, with lots of palm trees and grass lawns. Going along the main southern road, Ichigo and Rukia saw numerous shops and buildings lined up on both sides, as well as a second giant ocean liner parked beside another pier. The taxi driver explained that they were passing through the downtown district, which explained why there were so many buildings

Soon Ichigo and Rukia could see the beach, and the crystal blue sea that extended far off into the distance. It was a magnificent sight, one more impressive on the ground than when they had viewed it whilst flying overhead. A minute later the taxi stopped in front of a set of lavish-looking hotel buildings, each one several stories tall. Ichigo and Rukia stepped out of the taxi and grabbed their luggage. As the taxi drove off, the two of them glanced upwards at these impressive structures.

"Wow, these hotels all look so expensive," Rukia said. "Would they be more luxurious than the one we stayed in Berlin?"

"There's only one way to find out," Ichigo grinned. They entered the doors of the front building and inquired at the reception. After showing their hotel reservations and obtaining a set of keys, the two of them were directed by hotel staff through the building, out into an open space are with lots of palm trees and into a large hotel building at the very rear of the 'village.' The interior of the hotel was incredibly modern, with bright vibrant colours. The hotel staff directed them to the elevator, which they rode all the way to the second highest floor. They walked their way around until they found the room number Ichigo had booked. Upon entering the room, they were taken back at how large it was. The 'room' was actually a one bedroom suite, complete with an ensuite, a separate shower and toilet, an open spaced living room with recliners, and an outdoor veranda providing spectacular views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

"Gosh, you booked an entire unit for the two of us?" Rukia asked Ichigo. "How much did you afford exactly?"

"About three thousand dollars for two nights' accommodation," Ichigo said. Before Rukia could object to the cost, Ichigo raised his hand. "I know it sounds expensive, but the price includes all the services within this resort with the exception of food and shops of course. Plus, we still have seven grand, more than enough for a flight back to Tokyo."

"Whatever you say. I just hope we don't spend too much whilst we're staying here."

"That wouldn't be a problem if I was the one managing the money," Ichigo grinned. Rukia shot him an angry look before she grabbed her luggage and stomped into the bedroom. Ichigo was left to ruse his choice of words.

An hour later, the sun had well and truly gone down. Ichigo and Rukia had finished settling into the suite. The two of them now went back to the ground floor and started exploring the resort. Just outside the Ali Hotel was a massive outdoor pool area, surrounded by lots of palm trees. Although the pool was closed at the moment, Ichigo could imagine how many people would gather around it during the day time. Then, as they rounded the tallest of the resort's hotels and walked onto the beach, they stumbled upon a man-made lagoon many times larger than the pool.

"Wow, a small lake with an island in the middle!" Rukia remarked. "It's so amazing that humans are capable of creating something like this."

"Are you that amazed? This miniature lake isn't that special, even though it looks really nice," Ichigo commented. "There's far more impressive man-make lakes and ponds elsewhere."

"Well, pardon me for not knowing as much as you do," Rukia pretended to sulk. The two of them decided it was time to find something to eat. After a bit of questioning, they were directed by some of the other travellers nearby to go to the tower right in front of them. This was the Rainbow hotel, apparently the most famous of the hotels in the resort. They went inside and inquired about the Bali by the Sea restaurant. The hotel staff showed them a map and some directions and soon they were able locate it. The Bali by the Sea turned out to be a large, but elegant restaurant, with glass windows providing a near complete view of the beach and the ocean.

"Hi there, we'd like to book a table for two," Ichigo asked the receptionist near the entrance of the restaurant.

"Just wait a minute," the receptionist walked out of the counter and asked another one of the staff before coming back. "We've got a table for two available." The receptionist directed Ichigo and Rukia to a small squarish table situated right beside a window that overlooked the Pacific Ocean.

"This is a really nice spot they picked for us," Rukia said. "Being able to see the ocean." She continued to glance out the window as Ichigo started flicking through the menu.

"It seems they have a lot of good quality fish and seafood fare," Ichigo said. "Is there anything you want Rukia?" The two of them took turns choosing what meals they wanted and once they were finished they waited for the waiters to come by and serve them. As the first of the meals arrived and they started eating, Ichigo had been thinking of something in his head.

"You know, ever since our wedding, we haven't had a lot of chances to get closer to one another," Ichigo.

"What do you mean?" Rukia asked, almost choking on some food. "We've been beside each other on this trip the whole time."

"But most of the time we were either acting in our roles as Shinigami, or we were simply moving from one place to another. There hasn't been a lot of chances for the two of us to spend some time together."

"I still don't get what you're saying Ichigo. We were very close when you and I hid in that cave in the middle of Asia, and what about the bath we shared in Berlin? I think those were close enough for me."

"Are you sure about that?" Ichigo teased Rukia. "I don't think either of them compared to the moment when you and I were in the hot springs." Rukia suddenly blushed, her face turning a light shade of red.

"I don't think it's appropriate for us to talk about that here," she said.

"Okay, shall we talk about that during a night time walk along the beach? Or in our bedroom?" Ichigo asked. Rukia was too embarrassed to speak. The night wore on, and so did the meals, but neither of them talked much to each other, although they did comment on how good the food tasted. By the time they finished eating, it was nearly nine o'clock and the restaurant was about to close. They quickly walked back to the Ali hotel, returned to their room and went to sleep. After all, it had been a long day and they were still jet-lagged from the long flight from Las Vegas.

The next morning, Ichigo woke up feeling fresh after one of the most comfortable sleeps he ever had. He looked around and noticed that Rukia was gone.

"Rukia? Rukia! Where are you?" he called out three times in a row. He searched every nook and cranny of the suite but could find no trace of her. Then he saw a note on the desk beside the couch. It read: 'Gone out to do some shopping, will be back for lunch. Rukia.' Almost at once Ichigo searched for his wallet and found that almost half of their money had been taken.

"Why that b-," Ichigo almost lost control of himself. "Where the heck did she go?" He hastily got dressed and rushed down to the ground floor. When he inquired at the reception, the staff there had no clue where she was. Then an idea hit him; if I was Rukia, I'd head for the shops and see what I could buy with all that money, Ichigo thought. He headed down to the ground floor and started searching through each of the shops. When he entered a store with a lot of swimwear, marked by an overhead sign saying 'Allure', he spotted Rukia holding up a pair of bikinis. Ichigo stealthily walked towards her without being heard or seen. He sneaked right behind her and laid his hands upon her shoulder.

"Eeek!" Rukia shouted when she felt Ichigo touching.

"Found you," Ichigo grinned.

"What are you doing Ichigo?" Rukia asked, still recovering from the surprise.

"That's a question I should be asking you. Why did you run off with half of our money by yourself? You could have at least told me about it in person."

"I...wasn't sure if you would even lend me money to use for shopping," Rukia stuttered. "Plus, I wanted a chance to be by myself for once."

"Geez, what were you thinking," Ichigo shook his head. "Of course I'd give you money if you asked me for it. After all, the trip back to Tokyo shouldn't cost more than two grand. And I have no problems with you wanting to be by yourself, but you should have at least told me where you were going!" Ichigo realized he had gotten carried away with the last few words when he saw how sad Rukia looked.

"I'm sorry Ichigo," Rukia sighed. "I just couldn't bring myself to ask you personally. So I thought it would be best to be as discrete with it as possible."

"I forgive you Rukia. But please, if you've got something on your mind, don't keep them to yourself. I'll always be there for you." Rukia cheered up a bit and nodded her head.

"So, how does this bikini look?" she asked Ichigo.

"I don't know. Why don't you try it on?" Ichigo suggested. Rukia went into a closet and when she came out again Ichigo could hardly believe how stunning she looked. The bikini accentuated her curves, and the bra even added cleavage to her breasts. Rukia then fitted a traditional Hawaiian skirt over her bikini.

"How do I look now?" Rukia asked.

"You look gorgeous," Ichigo smiled. Rukia winked back. After paying for the clothes, she followed Ichigo back up their hotel room. They decided to change into their bathers and head down to the beach. Even though it was early January, the temperature was still quite warm in Hawaiian. As Ichigo and Rukia walked out of the Ali hotel, they saw a throng of guests and travellers swimming in the outdoor pool. When Ichigo stepped into the pool, he received quite a shock, for the water was astoundingly cold. His reaction at least was mild compared to Rukia, who shrieked out when she tried to dive into the pool.

"Eeek it's so cold!" she exclaimed. She scrambled to get out.

"Baka, try to test the water first before you jump in," Ichigo reminded her. Rukia splashed water into his face. Soon they got used to the pool and swam in it for a while, before they got bored with it. Rukia wrapped a towel around herself, whilst Ichigo simply dried his hair.

"Seeing as we have nothing better to do, why don't we go for a stroll along the beach front?" Ichigo asked.

"I'm fine with that, as long as we don't go into the water again," Rukia said. They put on sandals and walked along the beach front, firstly going around the artificial lagoon again and then heading along the coast towards what appeared to be a large cliff head in the distance. When Ichigo realized how far off the cliff head was, he gave up on walking all the way. Instead, he waded in the shallow water near a stone pier.

"What are you doing Ichigo?" Rukia asked. She watched as Ichigo sifted around the rocks, dipped his arms into the water, and then yanked something out.

"Look at this Rukia!" Ichigo exclaimed. He had discovered a sparkling blue pearl shaped like a rabbit head, which had been lodged between some of the rocks.

"Oh my god, it looks a like a rabbit!" Rukia fawned over the pearl. "It's so beautiful..." Before Ichigo could react, she snatched the pearl out his hands and made a run for the hotel.

"Hey, what the-come back here Rukia!" Ichigo yelled out, charging after her.
"It's finders keepers, and I found it first!"

"Talala, I claimed it first, so it's mine!" Rukia teased Ichigo as she ran. She ran back into the hotel and entered and closed a lift just as Ichigo ran through the front entrance. The lift shut in his face. In a frantic hurry, he found a nearby set of stairs and ran like hell up them until he reached the level where their suite was. He saw Rukia get out of the lift just as he reached the top of the stairs. Rukia was shocked that he was able to catch up to her. In a mad dash she reached the door of their suite, unlocked it, went inside and then shut the door just as Ichigo reached it.

"Hey, let me in!" Ichigo banged onto the door.

"Nyah, I know you want the pearl back!" Rukia teased Ichigo.

"Fine, if it's that the way you want to play then..." Ichigo took out Kon's mod soul from his shirt pocket and gulped him down. "Kon, you stay put for a moment."

"Uh...okay," Kon nodded. In Shinigami form, Ichigo Shunpo-ed down the stairs, raced outside, and then leaped into the air until he reached the window of their suite. He landed right on the window pane and opened it. Catching Rukia totally by surprise, he jumped inside in one swift motion.

"Alright Rukia, hand it back," Ichigo grinned.

"That's not fair, you turned into a Shinigami," Rukia sulked. "Plus, this pearl looks very valuable. Maybe we can sell it and make a lot of money."

"Why would we need more real world money when we're going back to Soul Society anyway? I bet you stole it just because it looks like a rabbit." Ichigo saw the look on Rukia's face and silently gloated over the fact that he was correct.

"Fine then... I took this pearl because it's bunny shaped. But that doesn't mean I can't keep it!" Rukia exclaimed.

"In that case, why don't we have a little spar, whoever wins gets to keep the pearl." Rukia was taken aback by Ichigo's proposal. Me, fight against Ichigo? I'll never be able to win, unless... She remembered how honourable Ichigo was, and smiled. She took out Chappy from her bag and gulped her down, turning into her Shinigami form.

"Very well then, I'll fight you Ichigo, and if I win I get to keep the pearl, are you happy?" she asked. Ichigo was pleased, thinking that victory was already his. Before they left, he opened the door and let Kon inside.

"Kon, whilst Rukia and I are away, you can do anything you like to Chappy," he whispered secretly to him.

"Do you mean I can touch her anywhere?" Kon whispered. Ichigo nodded. The news almost made Kon water from the mouth.

"What are you and Kon up to?" Rukia asked as Ichigo turned around.

"Nothing. If we're going to spar, we had better head outside," Ichigo replied. As soon as he and Rukia jumped out of the window, Kon pounced upon Chappy and covered her mouth before she could scream.

"What is this all about, pyon?" Chappy asked. She saw into Kon's eyes, and noticed they had become perverted.

"Ichigo-san said I could anything with your body, so that's what I'm going to do," Kon grinned. Chappy let out a big "PYON!" as Kon let loose.

Ichigo and Rukia Shunpo-ed across the Honolulu skyline, high above any of the buildings. As Hawaii was not a spiritually active spot, their presence was not seen at all. The two of them made their way to the rock formation Ichigo had seen earlier. As it turns, the rock formation was merely one side of a volcanic crater remnant. The crater itself was mostly parkland with a few buildings and parking areas to the north.

"Well, I think this place is deserted enough, but let's stick to Zanjutsu okay?" Ichigo asked. His words apparently did not reach Rukia's ears, for she immediately shouted "Mae, Sode no Shirayuki!" and went into Shikai mode. Before Ichigo could raise his guard Rukia took a swing at his neck.

"Rukia, why are you so serious about this? It's only a spar," Ichigo complained.

"Even a sparring match counts as actual battle, and I know how strong you are, so forgive me for not holding back," Rukia grinned. She swung at Ichigo several times, all of which Ichigo easily dodged. Rukia then mixed it up by charging Reiyoku with her Zanpakuto, forming a trail of snow that dripped down to her feet. Ichigo knew what she was going to do next.

"Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren!" Rukia shouted. She fired a powerful stream of snow and ice from her blade towards Ichigo. Ichigo thought about blocking it, but decided to side-step it instead. Before Rukia could react, he had already Shunpo-ed behind her.

"Don't be so careless with the energy attacks," Ichigo said. "Even though we can't be seen, the people on the ground will be frightened if too many bright lights suddenly flash up in the sky." Rukia blushed again, embarrassed that she had forgotten about such an important detail.

"Then we can't really fight can we?" she asked. "Not when there are so many people around." Ichigo thought for a minute, and then realized something.

"Well, as long as we stay high up in the air, our reiatsu won't affect ordinary people."

"Does that mean you're going to fight me seriously now?" Rukia said sarcastically. Ichigo gave her a mischievous grin, before instantly going into Shikai without calling out his sword's name. With Zangetsu in his hand, he fired off a Getsuga Tensho, partly as payback for Rukia's ice attack. The blue crescent blast was so fast Rukia barely managed to dodge it, and briefly lost her mid-air footing. This allowed Ichigo to Shunpo right below her and grab her sword.

"Checkmate," he said arrogantly. Rukia was stunned for a moment, struggling to comprehend how quickly Ichigo had beaten her.

"This isn't over yet!" She pulled Ichigo's hand away.

"You're not going to admit defeat? You sure are a sore loser," Ichigo joked at her.

"That wasn't even a fair fight!" Rukia yelled back. In desperation, she shouted out "Bankai!" Ichigo could only watch in awe as an immense sphere of snow and white energy engulfed Rukia's body, obscuring her from view. A few seconds later Rukia emerged again, now wearing a dazzling white gown instead of her normal Shinigami uniform. Her forehead was crowned with a white tiara, a white scarf hung around her neck, and her feet were now covered by elegant white shoes. Her body was surrounded by a dense shield of snow, and Rukia herself was standing upon a snow cloud several feet above the ground.

"Sode no Shirayuki, Yukihime," Rukia said. "Come to think of it, you haven't seen my Bankai have you?"

"Yeah I missed the moment when you attained it. I must say I am amazed at how beautiful you look. You truly are a snow princess," Ichigo complimented her.

"Thank you, but I want you to compliment me on my powers," Rukia smiled. With a wave of her hand, she sent a stream of snow at Ichigo, who dodged aside. He was surprised when the snow followed him. Rukia changed it up by shooting another stream of icicles at Ichigo. With two separate attacks following him around like homing missiles, Ichigo was hard pressed to shake them off.

"This is getting a nuisance," Ichigo said to himself. He stopped in his tracks, knocked the icicles away and then went Bankai without bothering to shout the phrase. Little more than seconds later he emerged with his black Bankai robes and nodachi sword.

"You went Bankai without shouting out the command?" Rukia asked. "How could you do that?"

"It's something I managed to master a long time ago," Ichigo replied. "And here's something else I mastered a long time ago…" He Shunpo-ed again, this time doing it so fast that Rukia couldn't even see him. Then in a flash she saw a sword around her neck.

"Second victory for me," Ichigo whispered softly into her ear. "Are you going to give up now?" He could feel Rukia's body tremble all over, partly from the nerves of battle, but also from the shock of his body rubbing against hers.

"As if I can give up so easily!" Rukia laughed. In a quick motion she sprayed some snow into Ichigo's face with her left hand, and then turned around and slashed through the buckle that held Ichigo's robe together. When Ichigo regained his eyesight, his saw his jacket had been cut apart. He was quite amused.

"I see, trying to strip me naked eh? Well then, I can do the same to you," he snickered. Before Rukia could react, Ichigo got through her guard and slashed through the obi that was holding her gown together. Rukia shrieked and tried to cover the gown up with her hands.

"Ichigo you meanie! I'm not wearing anything under the gown!" she yelled at him. As soon as Ichigo realized what she meant he started laughing.

"You should give up now. Unless you want to be further embarrassed." Realizing that she was in shape to fight, Rukia decided to forfeit. Ichigo walked towards her, took off his Bankai robes and wrapped it around Rukia's shoulder. As he was doing so, Rukia took advantage of his distraction and grabbed Ichigo by the neck.

"Rukia, what are you doing?" Ichigo asked.

"Victory is mine Ichigo," Rukia grinned. She dive-bombed towards the ground, her hands tightly wrapped around Ichigo. The two of them crash landed in the sand, right beside a large park garden. When the dust cleared, Rukia was lying on top of Ichigo, whose face was pressed into the sand.

"I win Ichigo," Rukia said with a triumphant air.

"Urgh, that's not fair, you tricked me!" Ichigo protested. Rukia pressed his face deeper into the sand.

"I won fair a square, so I get to keep the pearl for good." Rukia kissed Ichigo in the cheek and released her grip. Just as she was about to get up however, Ichigo pounced onto her dragged her to the ground. Then in a mad tumble that partly resembled a courtship dance, the two of them rolled across the sand before winding up under a palm tree. This time Ichigo was top, with Rukia lying flat on her back. Most of her robe was open, almost exposing her chest.

"Looks like this isn't over yet," Ichigo smiled. Rukia struggled to break free.

"Let me go Ichigo!" she shouted. Her cries were silenced when Ichigo kissed her firmly into the mouth. Initially Rukia resisted his advance, but soon gave in and returned his kiss with equal passion.

"You know, I'm starting to think you purposely stole the pearl from me simply so the two of us would end up like this. Am I right?" Ichigo asked. He chuckled when he saw Rukia's face was red all over. "It's not like I wouldn't have given you the pearl if you asked for it." Rukia thought about lying, but then she remembered the words Ichigo had said to her in the clothing store.

"It's true, I did it all as a big joke on you, Ichigo," Rukia smiled. "It was the only way I could think of to remove all the stress that had been building up inside me since our trip began." When Ichigo heard her words, he couldn't stop laughing.

"That's the funniest thing I've ever heard from you, Rukia," he chuckled. "So you were stressed out all this time huh? Was it because of the strain of our travel together, or were you stressed because you couldn't think of a way to express your love for me?" Ichigo's question made Rukia blush again, for in her heart she knew it was the latter. Ichigo knew it as well, for he could see through her embarrassment clearly.

"I'm...not the kind of girl who would openly express my love for someone."

"I understand. I've been with you for a long time and I know you don't like to admit your feelings. But that's the thing I love about you the most Rukia."

"Really? You think my emotional toughness is a good thing?"

"Of course. What really attracted me to you was the way you were more worried about how other people such as myself were feeling. Without you around to provide me with emotional support, I might have lost control of the darkness in myself."

"The darkness in you? Are you referring to your inner hollow?" Rukia asked. Ichigo nodded.

"There was a moment during my fight with Ulquiorra where I lost control of my sanity and became a raging mindless hollow. I didn't know it at the time, but I found out later I had accidentally harmed Ishida and Inoue. It was partly because of this reason that I never spoke to Ishida after we went into hiding. It made me question why I wanted to protect anyone in the first place."

"I get it now, you were afraid that you would hurt them more than help them. Isn't that the same thing that happened to me? When I was sent back to Soul Society to be executed, I didn't want you to come after me, because I was afraid I'd cause you much harm and distress, just like I did with Kaien-dono."

"It seems we're both more worried about the safety of others than our own safety," Ichigo laughed. "No wonder we became so emotionally stressed out. I think at times we should just let go and not worry about anything." He and Rukia kissed each other again.

"Ichigo, I've been wondering...what does it feel like to make love?" Rukia asked. In an instant, Ichigo's heart started racing, and his face blushed all over in embarrassment.

"I don't know. I'm still a virgin too you know. Even though I befriended a lot of girls at school such as Inoue and Tatsuki I was never really interested in them," Ichigo replied. "Come to think of it, can spirit beings reproduce?"

"I'm not sure...I've heard from Nii-sama that the noble families were all born in Soul Society. But I haven't heard any spirit give birth for many years, so I don't know."

"Well then Rukia, this means we're about to head into uncharted waters," Ichigo caressed her face and shoulders. His touch caused Rukia to tingle in sensation all over. She did the same with Ichigo, rubbing her hands against his broad shoulder muscles.

"I'm ready when you are Ichigo," she said in a sultry tone. Ichigo smiled. He embraced her passionately, and as the sun descended slowly under the ocean, they made love under the palm trees of Hawaii.

A day later, Ichigo and Rukia returned to Tokyo, and received a surprise upon their exit from the airport. Minazawa, Mariko, Tanaka, and the other fifth division members had turned out in force to greet them. All of them were wearing loose casual clothes.

"Captain Kurosaki, Lieutenant Kuchiki, it's great to have you back!" Minazawa exclaimed.

"Thank you Minazawa. Did all of you have fun whilst we were away?" Ichigo asked. The two hundred squad members all cheered in agreement. Ichigo looked at Rukia, who smiled happily.

This is the end of A Bleached Honeymoon. It was one hell of a journey, both for myself and for the characters involved. I always planned on Ichigo and Rukia making love at the end, for that will be a seque in for my next story. Writing the whole scene was quite difficult however, given the constaints I had to write it in. In addition, I had to do a lot of research on Hawaii, and Honolulu especially, in order to make the story fit into the locations. I was planning on having a scene where Ichigo surfs the Hawaiian waves and where Rukia gets a massage, but both of those were too hard to fit in.

All of the locations mentioned in the chapter, most notably the Hilton Hawaiian Village, are based on real locations, so anyone who is interested can look them up. The only tidbit I would like to mention is Rukia's Bankai, Sode no Shirayuki, Yukihime (Snow Princess). It was featured in Bleach: After the War, but I thought it was nice for Ichigo and Rukia to have a mock battle with one another.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this story as much as I have. I'll be starting on a new Bleach story really soon.