Red is the color of passion they say. It is also the color of love and that which flows through our very veins. It is ironic that when I look back at our first meeting it had been through a red curtain during the Coronation Ball. At first it had been a mere glance between two people who had never met before and knew nothing about the other except what we had been told by others.

But there was a connection between us despite one of us having given our heart to another at the time. It is one of those moments where a mere glance could speak a thousand words to each person gazing upon the other and convey a message deeper than any mind could comprehend and only the heart could ever understand.

Since that day onward from that meeting and many others, this person has been on my mind. Who was this person I saw through a red curtain, this person that aroused a desire to want and know, that brought forth feelings I never thought I could feel for the other. Who was this person I knew I could not have because we were born on different levels of society, whom I felt for and wanted deeply?

Like the red curtain that symbolized our feelings, I felt for this person an undying and unquenchable…