Yay! A Hiashi Hyuuga character filter! (purrs happily) 'twas long overdue. In celebration, and in hopes of more stories in that section, I'm going to put up a collection of my Hiashi-centric fics here.

Two Sons of the Clan were born. They were under Gemini
One was born to lead; the other was born to die
Younger, lesser, the second to the heir -
His worth lies in taking burdens that were not his to bear
The older leads a charmed life - but his life is not his own
The Head of the Clan must live for the Good of the Clan alone
But younger or older, greater or lesser, earthbound or ascendant to skies -
these Sons of the Clan were born to be Clan sacrifice.

(written at 3:08 AM July 11 2008)

Auugh, poetry. I feel more ashamed of it than of my fics, because poetry has so much more potential to go wrong than prose....but since my goal is just to have as much Hiashi-stuff out there as possible, I will submit this anyway. Hope you don't mind....