Chapter: Epilogue
Pairing: Alucard/Seras
POV Characters: Alucard
Genres: Humor, romance
Rating: K+

Chapter: 5 Epilogue

"Master! Master! Wake up, They're here!" My mate's voice wakes me up from a dream that need not be described here lest it scare away children.. "What is it Police girl?" I mumble, probably only half apprehensible "Get back down here, It's still too early to get up." For those who are confused now, 'down here' refers to my coffin which we started to share since a year ago. "Brambard is here with the gifts master, we really got to sort them or we'll be late." No.. It's THAT time again. "Sort them yourself, Police girl. I already told you I'm not going through that hell again." Why can't she just sleep while the sun is still up, like a good little vampire?

"Master, Think about the children." Like I care about those little mon... "Kappuchuuu!" Police girl chirps before sinking her fangs into my neck, effectively walking me up. "Al-right.. I'm awake!" I tell her, glaring half-heartedly at her cute giggles and walk out as if nothing happened.. Really is this the same police girl that once was so afraid of drinking blood? Absurd.

When I enter the main hall I find Seras already changed into her 'uniform' helping the elves with the unloading of the many packages I just stand at the top of the stairs with my arms folded watching them work. Judging from the speed and efficiency Seras works with I see no reason to help her. "Has it ever occurred to you she may want you to help her just because she wants to be with you?" Judy... I haven't seen her a lot, only occasionally when she helped bringing in 'the list' and such, but what I know about her is that she likes meddling in my business and always tries to get involved into things that have nothing to do with her.

"As a matter of fact it hasn't." I Tell her clearly hoping she gets the point and leaves. Despite Seras being my mate I have no intent of going all lovey-dovey with her. "I see... I do wonder how long the two of you will stay together then. There are plenty of men out there that would be more than glad to make a girl like her happy." Last person who talked to me like that was never heard of again. That I am not a romantic type does not mean I don't take care of her in my own ways. "Seras is mine, no one else has any claim to her anymore." She turns away ignoring my last statement. My eyes return to my mate who is still working hard.

Without a care in the world Seras carries the large pile of wrapped gifts to the sleigh. Humming happily as she makes her way through the thick snow. One wrong move is all it takes, causing her to fall down the slippery sloped roof of the manor. "Clumsy as ever, police girl." I tell her grinning as I catch her. She sighs in relief before she looks down. "What about the presents?" She asks with slight worry in her voice. I grin as I lift her back up onto the roof. Her worried frown turning into a happy smile again as she sees the presents she dropped securely held by my shadows. Holding her tightly by her hand I escort her to the sleigh and drop the presents in the back. Perhaps Judy has a point.. Maybe I should not let Seras go alone through the night.

'I remember this house' I think as I place the last present under the large Christmas tree. And this situation.. "Santa!" I hear a cheery girl's voice. I turn around looking at the couch with the 'sleeping' Marina on it. I chuckle slightly remembering the girl that made me lose my temper last year. "Where's the nice elf that was here last time?" Still as nosy as she was back then. "Seras is feeding the Reindeer, Marina." I tell her before taking out a black plushie dog and putting it under her arm. The girl giggles reminding me of Seras and points into the direction of the table. I sigh "I told you I don't drink milk Marina." She shakes her head. "I know." She tells me, making me quirk an eyebrow as I turn to the table finding the last thing I'd expect. Two iced blood-packs. "One for the nice elf girl!" She tells me with pride. I chuckle and stroke a hand over her head, ruffling her hair. How a child like her managed to get her hands on chilled blood I don't want to know but one thing I do know.

Police girl was right when she said I would grow to like doing this. Although it is doing it with her that makes it more bearable.

One day I might even grow used to being called "Santa"..


Author's notes:
Charley and Pierre were just two random names and were no references to any movies.
Alucard and Seras did not get to eat Reindeer stew in or after this story.
Kappuchu isan onomatopoeia of blood sucking used in the anime Rosario+Vampire (A romantic Anime.. A rather Ecchi one. But Very funny.)

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