"See you boys in a few days!" called Lara and she waved at Zip and Alister. "And don't get up to any mischief" She closed the door behind her and only the sound of a revving motorbike could be heard before she drove off. "Well, its just you an me" Smiled Zip, raising an eyebrow. Alsiter took a step towards him, smiling seductively. "For 3 days" continued Zip "what SHALL we do…?"

Alister leaned closer to Zip, still smiling "You-Wish" He said. And stepped away laughing. "Very funny Al, you really know how to break a guys heart," said Zip as Alister walked away. Zip was smiling but deep down he was sad. Lara was away for a few days to sort some things out with family. It was night at that time and snowing heavily. It was Just Zip and Alister for 3 whole days, Zip thought it would be boring and he was right and Lara had only just left. "Oooh crap" thought Zip and he turned and walked into his tech room. This was gonna be a long 3 days.

The next day was practically a blizzard, the snow was getting higher and stronger and the sky had turned dark so it was like sunset without the orange and pink. Alsiter was in his library, passing the time by reading. He sighed of tiredness when the door suddenly slammed open and Zip walked in. Alister breathed a sigh of relief "Bloody hell, you scared me Zip!" he exclaimed, standing up. "Meh, I'm just dying of boredom here and the signal has gone out so I can't call Lara or anything." Zip sighed. Sitting down on a pile of books, "hey don't…." Alister was cut off by everything suddenly turning dark. Zip stood up and Alister jumped, Zip grabbed Alister and held him close while squealing. "Zip, you crushing me. Its just the power" Alister managed. "Zip? Let me go, Zip? ZIP!"

"Oh right! Sorry I just got a little freaked"

"Right well, you don't happen to have a torch do you?"

"Why would I have a torch?"

"Who knows why you do anything"

"That was harsh Alister, you cut me deep"

"Shut up, seems like we will have to feel our way back, bloody hell. I can't see a thing!" Alister put his hands out in front of him and started moving forward until he felt something hard. He felt along it 'till he got to a corner, then he came to a door. "Found it Zip!"

"Where are you?"

"Over here!"

"Where's here?"

Suddenly a hard force hit Alister and he fell backwards. That force landed right on his chest "Ah some things got me!" squealed Alister.

"Relax its just me" Replied Zip, not moving. They lie there for about 10 very awkward seconds. Alister could feel Zip's hot breathe on his neck.

The moon shined through the window and fell lightly on Alister's face. His expression was a little freaked- but that was probably because Zip was lying on his chest. "Sorry man" said Zip as he got up. Alister got up too, brushing himself off. It was a little lighter now that the moon was illuminating the room in a romantic way. Zip sighed knowing that Alister would never agree to any of Zip's proposals. He was much too proud to do anything like that…unless Zip could get him drunk. He knew that wouldn't happen and shrugged it off, following Alister down the hall and out into the main. Once out there Zip leant over the railings and looked down. A figure was moving around in the hall, the fire was on but Zip still couldn't see who it was. "Must be Alister" He said. The figure looked up and a hand roughly pulled Zip down behind the railings. He caught sight of Alister's face "What are you doing!?" Zip asked, glaring at Alister

"Saving your ass"

"Well if you're up here, who's down there?"

"I don't know but they've got a gun"

"What if its Lara?"

"Does it LOOK like Lara too you Zip?"

Zip quickly glanced at the figure, which was tearing the place up. They where obviously looking for something. Zip squinted as he tried to make out a ponytail. Nothing. Still, he squinted more to try make our…a bust line? Nothing either.

"Well its either a flat-chested short haired chick or a guy. Oh maybe it's Amanda!" He exclaimed. Alister rolled his eyes. Suddenly, the figure turned and started to walk up the stairs. "Oh god!" cried Alister, looking around. "AH!" he exclaimed and crawled over the Lara's bedroom door, reached up and opened it "Come on Zip!" He whispered as he got up and ran down the hall into Lara's bedroom.

Alister burst through the door and looked around for Lara's secret pistol compartment. He found it and pulled the switches it needed. It was Lara's journal. He cursed and grabbed it anyway, failing to the temptation of reading it. He dived under Lara's bed and opened it. The Illumination from Lara's fireplace was enough. He landed on a random page and read it. He gasped when he finished. It had said "Nothing much to report today. Zip was staring at Alister again today. I can't believe he's completely oblivious! Seems I have some competition…" Alister smiled as he flicked to some more pages. Just entries from when Lara was looking for Excalibur. Although some mention from when Lara was at home about him. Alister giggled like a schoolgirl but instantly stopped when he saw Zips legs from under the bed. "Zip! Under here!" Alister whispered. Zip dropped to his stomach and crawled under with him. He turned around so he was right next to Alister. Suddenly the door burst open and two boots strode in. The man started pulling out books from shelves, pulling switched and pressing buttons. But with no hope. So he turned and walked into Lara's sleeping room. Alister and zip held their breath as the man started looking around. He walked up to the bed and pulled the bed sheets off. He felt the pillows and swore. Alister wondered what the hell this guy wanted when suddenly his face appeared right next to his, he frowned, grabbed Alister and pulled him out. He didn't seem to notice Zip. "Don't hurt me I only work here!" squealed Alister as the man tightened the grip on Alister's wrist. Alister looked at the man, he was Ruggedly hansom. With piecing blue eyes and Dark hair that fell over his face in strands. Alister stared at him for a moment, his eyes wide with fear. The man let him go and pointed a powerful-looking gun at his chest "Where is it?'' the man asked

"Where is what?" Replied Alister

"You know what I' m talking about four eyes! Assuming you're the owner of this…" the man paused, pondering over manor, mansion or HQ. "House" He finished.

"I told you I only work here!" Replied Alister, getting angry.

"Well who OWNS this house then?"

"As if I'm telling!"

"Tell me or die"

Alister paused, he opened his mouth but shut it again. The man smirked and pressed the gun onto his chest. It make a familiar clicking sound and the man suddenly had a flash back to when a woman had done the exact same a few years ago. Frisking him for information. He sighed and frowned. He pushed the gun deeper into Alister's chest. Suddenly a deep voice came from behind the man "Drop the gun" the man spun around and saw a dark man aiming a gun at him. He smirked a little. Without thinking he raised the gun up to Zip. Instantly he realized what he'd done. He turned around to Alister who was smiling. He raised a candlestick holder from Lara's desk and smashed it into his head. The man fell to the ground but wasn't knocked out like they had hoped "Oh hell! Run Alister run!" Zip cried, legging it out the door. Alister followed. But the stranger raised his gun and shot. Alister dived and it just caught his arm. He cried out in pain but kept running. He really didn't like getting shot. He followed Zip out the door and down the stairs into the main hall. They paused in the middle. "Where to now? OMG Alister, your arm!" Exclaimed Zip, eyeing Alister gun wound. "Its fine, really. Now he have to get out of here!" replied Alister, his eyes scanning the now trashed room. "Oh noes, he's getting it now that he's hurt you!"

"Thanks for caring Zip, but ill be fine." With that Alister took off his coat and ripped the sleeve off. It hurt his arm to do so but even more to the fact that it was his favorite coat. He tied it around his arm and looked at Zip. Who was frowning. "You know you could have just used my t-shirt…"

"And have to watch you run around topless? I would rather spend $500 dollars on a jacket then that." Suddenly Lara's bedroom door opened and the man from before burst through. He fired a few shots at Zip and Alister again as they ducked into the pool room. "Where to now?" Asked Zip who was panting like a freakin maniac.

Alister looked into the pool "Down" He replied and dived in.


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