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Wisps of what seemed to be a dusty, bright material were abundant in the air that occupied the now derelict-looking stone stadium. The once majestic stadium was now partly reduced to rubble, nothing more than a shadow of its former glory. With the disappearance of the girl clad in red, the same could be said for the purple haired girl clad in a sailor uniform who stood in the midst of it all. She slowly ambled over to the unmoving corpse of her lover, and she knelt down beside him. She suddenly began to mutter an incomprehensible spiel, and suddenly, it was as if the world itself stood still.

Commencing establishment of data uplink…

Host server detected… Password required:

Entering Password: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku: Data-Entity Evolution

Password confirmed. Accessing pertinent data…

Data uplink completed.

"What is it Nagato? Why did I lose contact with you?"

"Master, it was the work of the self-aware facet of Haruhi Suzumiya. Our link has been restored, partly due to her disappearance, and partly because I used some of her powers, which are now under my data jurisdiction," I replied methodically through our link.

The Integrated Data Thought Entity replied,

"Well done Nagato. With this achievement, we are one step closer to realizing our objective of utilizing her powers for our own evolution. What is the current situation?"

"Things are not in our favor at this point in time. John Smith has perished once more."

I inadvertently paused for a few seconds when I realized I was talking about Kyon being dead. We'll see what we can do about that…

"I surmise that upon discovery of this fact, it is inevitable that Haruhi Suzumiya will cause the destruction of, not just this world, but the entire dimension it resides in," I continued.

"Very well then. We, no, I shall have to bring John Smith back to life again. Send me the powers that you have obtained from Suzumiya," replied the Entity.

I reached into the depths of my being and grasped the powers I had obtained. I then sent them over to the Entity so that Kyon could return. Once again, I was assailed with dark thoughts, thoughts that involved Kyon dying permanently, I shuddered at these thoughts, but my fears were needless, thanks to the intervention of the Integrated Data Thought Entity.

Or so I initially thought.

"The powers I have received from you are insufficient to perform the process. Some data was lost during your transfer through our data uplink. Additionally, to restore our data uplink, you were forced to use some of those powers. As a result, the potency of what powers you had decreased, since you obtained only a limited quantity of her powers. Furthermore, they were only obtained from a facet of her being, and not her entirety."

"But we must do something. If we do not act, then the entire dimension will be in danger!" I exclaimed.

Not to mention that Kyon will remain dead…

"Do you think I would merely let this happen?" the Entity replied coolly. "The one solution to this problem is a source of power strong enough to synergize with and compensate for the powers we have at our disposal. Unfortunately for you, you are the only viable source of power inside Haruhi Suzumiya's mind at this particular moment in time," continued the Entity.

"I cannot give you a choice as to whether or not you desire to participate in this. Our evolution is our greatest priority, and any means to secure it is undoubtedly necessary. There will be consequences for your data manipulation abilities, the higher echelons of which will be permanently disabled until some point in the future that you once again obtain some of her powers."

"I understand that our evolution is our greatest priority," I replied.

"Besides, despite this, I determine that you will voluntarily assist me in this, because that means that John Smith will return to the world of the living," said the Entity.

"Yes Master, I have grasped what it is like to love, and without him, my life, despite it being your doing, becomes meaningless. The data that I am currently gathering will definitely be of use to you in the future," I replied.

"Good, good. I shall permit this 'love' that you have for him, so long as it does not impede the accomplishment of our ulterior objective."

"Yes Master. I deduce that with the resolution of this incident, all precautions have been laid."

"Very good Nagato. Now, let us begin the process," said the Entity. "Reach further into yourself… Feel your innate power."

I did as I was told.

"Good, very good. Now, I shall take them from you. Be warned, you will be weak and tired after the process, as your physical components will need to recover from the amount of power lost. I shall facilitate the transportation out of Haruhi Suzumiya's mind. Now rest, my loyal subordinate," said the Entity.

I felt part of my powers recede and I suddenly felt so tired that my own legs could not support my own weight. I collapsed onto the ground, thinking,

"Perhaps I really do need some rest…"

Where the hell are they?

Kyon, Nagato-san, and Asahina-san have been gone for the better part of three hours. During that entire time, I was busy holding off the Celestial, without destroying it. A bead of sweat ran across my brow. I wiped it off and sighed.

How much longer can I keep this up?

I decided to check on Suzumiya-san's unmoving form once again. That means that I needed another attack powerful enough to incapacitate the Celestial for a few minutes. I hope it isn't powerful enough to destroy it. The consequences of its destruction now would be… Severe.

I flew higher and higher above the Tsuruya household, took aim at the still rampaging Celestial, and fired.

"Gand!" I cried.

Black balls of psychic energy shot from my hands towards the cyan colored beast and found their mark. The Celestial swayed for a few seconds, then it toppled over.

"That should knock it out for a while," I muttered while I wryly remembered a certain black-haired, pigtailed tsundere.

I zoomed back into the Tsuruya household and I beheld Suzumiya-san's unconscious form that lay on the living room sofa. Suddenly, she coughed a few times, and I immediately rushed over to her side, worried for her safety.

"Suzumiya-san, Suzumiya-san, are you alright?" I asked while slightly shaking her body.

She then let out a bloodcurdling scream of pain, and instantly, my vision flared white. In the next second, I felt as though I had been ferociously punched in the gut, and I keeled over backwards, shielding my eyes from the bright light. When the light finally disappeared, I surveyed the scene and gaped at what I saw: Asahina-san crying hysterically, Kyon and Nagato-san were both unconscious, their clothes stained with blood.

I immediately rushed towards Asahina-san's side and desperately asked,

"Asahina-san, what happened?"

"S-Suzumiya-san killed Yuki, and Kyon-kun sacrificed himself to stop her from carrying out what she wanted to do. But Suzumiya-san saw what she did, and she brought Yuki back. She then talked to Yuki, and then she disappeared. Yuki then did something to get Kyon-kun to start breathing, and then she collapsed and then… I don't know!" she spluttered, tears streaming down her beautiful face.

I gaped at her and felt as though the world's entire weight had been placed upon my shoulders. Kyon was obviously in critical condition, and apart from Asahina-san, the three of them badly needed medical attention. I had to get us all out of here as soon as possible.

"Asahina-san, please watch over them for a minute. I'll get us out of here."

"O-okay, Koizumi-kun," she replied tearfully.

I wordlessly took to the air and flew out of the house again towards the fallen Celestial.

Time to end this, for the sake of the SOS Brigade.

I closed my eyes, and visualized the legendary Irish champion of old. I thought of the spear that was made from legend, and I channeled my psychic energy into forming a faint copy of it that would be powerful enough to vanquish the Celestial. A red spear then appeared in my hands, and I threw it as hard as I could at the Celestial.

"Gae Bolg!" I cried.

The blood-red spear flew through the Celestial's chest, and as the Celestial began to disappear, I rushed back towards Asahina-san and the others as the sky cracked. I sheltered them as the closed space destroyed itself.

"Kyon! Kyon! Kyon-kun!"

I heard someone call my name frantically, but I didn't know if I could respond. I searched through my memories and I came up with a blurry recollection my last act. To thwart that Haruhi's plans, I stabbed myself. Of course at the time, I didn't have anything to lose, since Nagato had been stabbed as well.

Speaking of…

"Kyon-kun, please wake up…"

I felt the existence of my eyes come into being, and I opened them. A bright light blurred my vision, and I instinctively covered my face with my arms. I did so and I was surprised to notice an intravenuous tube inserted into the base of my hand. I let my vision refocus and I sat up. I surveyed my surroundings, and I saw that I was in a hospital ward. Before I could notice anything else, a pair of hands pushed me back firmly, but gently. Suddenly, a familiar person's face was mere inches from my own.

"Kyon, please lie down and rest," said Koizumi.

"Damn it Koizumi, you're too close!" I snapped.

"Heh, sorry Kyon."

He backed away and I looked at my surroundings once more. I saw Asahina-san sitting in a chair beside my bed, a smile breaking across her face, her eyes puffy and red from crying. Apparently, she was the one calling my name a while ago. Koizumi went over to the bedside table and proceeded to write on something, and I saw another person lying peacefully in the bed beside mine.

"Koizumi, how is Haruhi doing?" I asked while gesturing towards the sleeping Haruhi in the bed beside mine.

"Oh she's fine, she's just napping for a while. She was up all night tending you. You're the one who's had us all worried," said Koizumi seriously as he turned in his seat to face me.

"She isn't hurt in any way? Does she remember anything about what happened? Do you even know what exactly happened?"

"She was only treated for a mild concussion that she sustained when she collapsed in her room. She doesn't remember a thing, and yes, I know what took place inside her mind," he replied.

"Well, at least no lasting harm was done. By the way, who's paying for all of this?"

"The Organization is. You, Haruhi, and Nagato were transported here via a private ambulance, courtesy of Tsuruya-san."

Suddenly, Haruhi stirred in the bed beside me.


She turned to Asahina-san and said,

"Say Mikuru-chan, is Kyon up already? It's been a few days already…"

"Uhm… Suzumiya-san…," said Asahina-san pointed in my direction.

Haruhi's head turned towards me, and she saw me sitting up in bed. For a fleeting moment, I saw a genuine smile on her face. She noticed this and her face suddenly screwed up in irritation and instantly, she was at my bedside.

"Kyon, how dare you make your Brigade Chief wory! Penalty, penalty for you! You'll pay for our lunches for an additional month!"shouted Haruhi.

"Keep your voice down," I replied. "What happened anyway to get you so worked up?"

"You don't remember? Koizumi-kun said you tripped down a flight of stairs again, and you landed flat on a pair of scissors that was lying around. You had everyone really worried," she said in a softer tone. "Mikuru-chan was crying ever since I woke up," she said.

"I think Kyon has to rest for a while longer," said Koizumi. "Say, Suzumiya-san, Asahina-san, let's go leave Kyon for a bit and have some lunch."

"Good idea, Vice Commander! Let's go, Koizumi-kun, Mikuru-chan," said Haruhi happily, her irritation at me all but forgotten.

"See you later Kyon-kun. I'll take some lunch out and make some tea for you," said Asahina-san.

I nodded and said, "Thank you, Asahina-san."

She smiled and the three of them left. Crap, I forgot to ask them where Nagato is!

Suddenly, Koizumi popped his head in the room and said,

"By the way Kyon, Nagato-san will be with you shortly."

"Really? I assume she has recovered as well?" I called.

He just smiled at me and left the room without another word.

I remembered Nagato's final moments; she was staring, glassy-eyed into the sky, her chest pierced by Asakura's dagger. Despite all of her regenerative abilities, she remained splayed and broken on the ground, because the being who stabbed her with Asakura's knife was of my very image and likeness. I gazed towards the window that was beside my bed, and I surveyed the scenery outside: people bustling about, cars here and there, with the warmth of the sun radiating towards everything. A beautiful day, in general.

"You seem to be alright."

I nearly jumped at the voice; instead, I turned towards it knowing full well who it was. There she stood, apparently unscathed, unlike my last memories of her.

"N-Nagato, about stabbing you─" I began.

"It is of no consequence," she replied. "I had quite an interesting conversation with Suzumiya while you were out."

"Whatever happened to that Haruhi, Nagato? Is she still within the real Haruhi?" I asked, a hint of anxiety on my face.

"She is no more," replied Nagato, deadpan. "Upon realizing that her rash actions led to your untimely demise, albeit only temporarily, she felt remorse of such magnitude that she offered to become the primary catalyst in your resurrection."

I raised my eyebrows and sighed. In Japanese, Nagato.

"I am not aware that my current language capabilities deviate from the structure and composition of standard Japanese," said Nagato, her eyes gazing at me intently.

Yare yare, Nagato.

"It's just an expression," I replied patiently. "But enough about her, what about you? You seem to be unharmed… Are you really alright?" I asked as I made to stand up.

"There is no need for you to move. I am fine," she said, eerily echoing what she said while defending me from Asakura so long ago.

She continued,

"When that Suzumiya disappeared, and upon intervention by the Integrated Data Thought Entity, we were ejected from the mind of Haruhi Suzumiya back into the sealed pocket of world data or, as Itsuki Koizumi calls it, closed space. Itsuki Koizumi then destroyed the entity inhabiting the close space. When the sealed reality collapsed, we arrived at the Tsuruya household. Both you and Haruhi Suzumiya were still unconscious, but I had awakened and I apprised him of the events that had transpired. He immediately spoke with Tsuruya in order to obtain a suitable method of transportation to bring us to the hospital. We have been here for the past three days. While Haruhi Suzumiya woke up after one day, only now have you awakened. Until yesterday, your body was still in critical condition, but earlier this morning, you finally stabilized."

I nodded and said,

"Well, I'm sorry for worrying all of you. Oh yeah, Nagato, could you give me a general idea of what that Haruhi said before she disappeared? You did say that she felt remorse for her actions…"

Nagato suddenly looked thoughtful, then suddenly, she was no longer standing by the other bed; instead, she was in the chair beside my bed. She reached over to my free hand and she held it gently. I gently squeezed her hand, reassuring her about my situation.

"She said that she realized too late that her actions could lead to such consequences. She deeply regretted indirectly causing your death, and she wanted to somehow redeem herself. I gave her that opportunity, and she gave up her being to bring you back. Regardless of our ordeal, I do not bear any hatred towards Haruhi Suzumiya, because it was not truly her who put us through so much difficulty," said Nagato.

I nodded approvingly at her words, and said,

"Neither do I, because that action of hers proves that she cares about me as well. So, everything's fine now, isn't it? I'm so glad that you're fine too, Nagato."

"Likewise. I am very happy that you are well again," she said.

"The same could be said for me," I replied gently. "Do we have to do anything about Haruhi at this point?"

"I believe that nothing more has to be done. When her omnipotence consented to sacrificing herself, I concluded that as a whole being, Haruhi Suzumiya could and would do the same," replied Nagato, her eyes still staring intently at me.

We both lapsed into a comfortable silence. After a few minutes, I looked up and I still found Nagato staring at me. I felt myself blush and I tried to avert the gaze of her piercing eyes out of sheer embarrassment.

"W-what is it Nagato?" I nervously asked.

She didn't reply, instead she gently grasped my face with her warm hands and kissed me. My desires got the better of me and, despite my condition, I found my arms entwining themselves around her waist, sitting up as I did so.

After a while, we broke apart and smiled at each other.

"I love you… Yuki."

"I love you as well, Kyon," she answered, her cheeks slightly pink.

"Please stay with me from now on," I implored.

Damn, that sounded like something a guy in a shounen manga would say, and I instinctively blushed in embarrassment.

"I will comply with your request. Also, what is a shounen manga?" replied Nagato, deadpan.

I chuckled and said,

"I'll explain it to you, sometime."

Then I kissed her again.

Little did Kyon know that Haruhi had been silently watching them for the past few minutes.


I decided to take the tab for our lunch, since Koizumi-kun was the one paying for our hospital fees.

"Say guys, where do you want to eat?" I asked.

"Anywhere is fine, Suzumiya-san,' replied Mikuru-chan.

"If I could make a suggestion, I know of a nice Chinese restaurant two streets away from the hospital," said Koizumi-kun.

"That's fine then," I happily said. "Let's go over there and eat!"

And so we walked from the hospital to the restaurant. Upon arrival, we sat down and ordered our food. I excused myself to wash my hands and when I came back, I found Mikuru-chan and Koizumi-kun whispering to each other.

"… told her that Nagato-san is in there with him," whispered Koizumi-kun.

"Uhm… Koizumi-kun…," said Mikuru-chan.

She gestured over to me with her eyes so discreetly that I almost missed it. The Vice Commander noticed and he turned to me.

"Oh, I was just telling Asahina-san over here that Nagato-san is with the doctor right now," he said.

Normally, I might have instantly believed my Vice Commander, but Mikuru-chan's gesture earlier spoke a thousand words. I resolved to go back to the hospital right now to find out what they were hiding from me.

"You guys go ahead and eat without me. I left my wallet at the hospital," I said crisply. I turned on the spot and made my way for the restaurant's door.

"Wait, Suzumiya-san, I'll pay for your share today!" called Koizumi-kun.

I ignored him and I exited the restaurant. I then ran towards the hospital as fast as I could. If I was right about what I suspected…

I didn't bear any ill will towards Yuki and Kyon anymore. It was because of my self-imposed recollection of myself on that first day after I woke up in the hospital.

I finally arrived at the hospital and I ran upstairs towards the ward that we were using, thinking all the while,

If I truly love Kyon, then I only wish for his happiness and well-being.

And when I nearly walked in on Yuki and Kyon kissing passionately, I immediately felt pangs of jealousy assail my very being. After firmly thinking of my resolution earlier, my jealousy began to fade and disappear. I watched them transfixed, until Kyon finally fell asleep, Yuki cradling his hand all the while.

I smiled and thought,

Only for your happiness, Kyon.


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