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The wind tugged at his locks of fiery, red hair, blinding his view through his one useable eye. "Damn wind," he muttered clutching the thin material of his cloak close to him to conserve warmth. It's not like he couldn't afford a warm a expensive cloak, he was just wearing it as disguise as a simple peasant. No, he wasn't a peasant, far the opposite in fact, he was an aristrocrat, and next in line to the throne. To the few who knew about the prince's peasant hobbies always wondered why he had them; he would work in the fields most free days, searching for a hard working peasant who deserved a better life, he would help them be set up with a well paid job and living. The prince had helped countless peasants out of poverty, therefore the amount of peasants and slaves around was declining. Out of the 5 million peopulation of Goceart only 2 million were in poverty, 500 people were aristrocrats and the rest were hard working commoners with a steady lifestyle. The prince didn't think of himself as godly for doing this, he believed since he could make a change why shouldn't he?

After a day of hard work the prince would relax by going to a simple bar instead of going back to the castle, he found a commoner's lifestyle more peaceful than his normal hectic life. He walked into a bar (ouch!) called Ace of clubs, a bar well known for gambling, he always enjoyed a game or 2. He strolled past a bunch of men playing against a yound boy, 'poor kid doesn't know what he's in for' he thought, he sat down at the bar and ordered a drink.

"ROYAL FLUSH!" Yelled a feminine voice from behind him followed by a cackling laughter and the cries of the men who had lost. The kingdom had set up a law banning women gambling, upon hearing the feminine voice the prince turned around, interested. The young boy gambling with older men was standing up with a wide grin spread across his face, seems he just one the pot. The boy had silver hair held up by a green bandana and wore loose fitting clothes and a tattered vest.

"Well thank you men for the game but I wish to take a break now, I hope to verse you again in the future, hopefully it will be more of a challenge." The boy said giggling than bowing to the men. The boy went up to the bar and sat down 2 seats away from the prince and started counting his winnings.

"That's quite a lot of money for a kid like yourself." The prince whispered into the boy's ear causing him to jump and knocking some money off.

The boy picked up the money he dropped turned around a glared at the man. "What's it to you, I have some skill at making money ya know." he said in a British accent.

The prince laughed whole-heartedly. "I like you kid; funny, funny, funny." He mumbled off than took a sip of his drink, "The name's Lavi." He said holding out his hand with a bright smile across his face.
"Allen," The boy replied shaking his hand and returning the bright smile. The air around the 2 bursted with positive energy, blinding anyone around by it's light. The two boys talked for hours, Lavi found out that Allen was a slave under the noble Marian Cross, and being Cross' 'favourite' he had to pay of all his master's debts by cheating at poker. Lavi kept quiet about his real background though, he still didn't know whether he should help this boy out. It would usually take him a few days to see someone's true personality and see whether they deserved the oppertunities he could give them.

"Blast, I need to get going." Allen said looking at the clock on the wall, he grabbed a bag by his side and ran into a seperate room. A few minutes later a girl came out looking just like Allen but with long hair and wore a pale blue, tattered working dress and apron. The girl swiftly left the bar not being seen by anyone except Lavi. This amused him very much and his mind wandered back to the gambling restrictions for women, Lavi chuckled brightly and went back to his drink.


That night Lavi couldn't get Allen off his mind, his closest assistant, Reever Wenham noticed this almost immediatly. "Is something the matter, your highness?" he asked concerned.

"Hm, nah." He shrugged him off.

"Well you highness. The king has asked for your presence immediatly. He is waiting in the grand hall for you. Good day sir." He bowed before leaving the room. Lavi put on a much warmer robe than he had on before; the robe was green, the outside made from an expensive material Lavi couldn't name nor could be bothered to find out, the robe connected around Lavi's neck by a clasp made from a large emerald. The robe wasn't flashy but that was how Lavi liked it. He slowly made his way through the large castle down to the grand hall where his father was waiting to discuss an urgent matter with him.


"Oi, Allen! Miranda broke another plate." One of maids of Cross mansion yelled at Allen, being the fastest working and other's said she had the best quality work of all the maids in the mansion the other maids looked up to Allen for help and pushed a lot of the harder jobs onto her.

"Okay, I'll be there in a second." Allen stood up from the floor where she and another maid, Lenalee, were cleaning. She ran into the kitchen and found Miranda standing on the bench holding a knife to her neck.

"I'm so sorry everyone! I don't deserve to live, I'll put myself out of your way now!" She yelled, tears rolling down her eyes. It was Allen's job to calm her down whenever she became like this, a daily matter. Miranda was often called 'unlucky Miranda' because she would always find ways to muck up a job accidentally. Cross couldn't fire her though, no one else wanted her as an employee and Cross just couldn't through a lady out on the street, being the so called 'gentleman' he was, even though it was obvious he was just a womanizer.

"Miranda, it's okay, no one was hurt and it's just a plate, we all break them from time to time." Allen said comfortingly.

"Really?" Miranda wimpered out dropping the knife next to her.

"Yes, now come on down Miranda, I want you to help me with a job." she continued smilng. Allen held her wrist and pulled her out to where she and Lenalee were working before. They managed to finish the job even though Miranda managed to spill the water on Allen's dress and put a crack in one of the tiles. Still Allen said a kind 'thank you' at the end of the job, those 2 word always brightened Miranda up.

While Allen and some other maids were busy preparing dinner for Cross and the other workers, Cross returned with 3 women clinging onto his shoulders. "Oi, Allen. Where's the money you made?" Cross said angrily, eager to 'continue' with his guests. Allen shot out of the kitchen and up to her master handing him a bag of money she collected from her gambling that day.

"Here you are master." She said grinning. The woman behind cross pinched Allen's cheek calling her cute and adorable, Allen tried to back away. "Sorry, I must be going now." she said eager to get away from her master and his company.

When she got back to the kitchen a few of her collegues stared at her worrying, "He works you to the bone Ally, I don't even know where you get the time to make that money let alone relax." Lenalee said.

"Making the money is relaxing enough for me, I meet knew people, like yesterday I met this one really nice guy. What's his nave Lapi...no...Labi? uh..."

"Lavi?" Said one of the maids.

"Yeah, that's it, Lavi." She smiled brightly. A few girls squeeled in the background, calling her 'lucky' and saying 'You got to meet prince Lavi!' and 'I wish I was you.'

"Prince?" Allen asked bewildered. "He was a prince?"

"Not just any prince the hottest and sexiest prince ever to walk the face of the Earth!" one of the girls screamed followed by more joyous compliments from the other girls.

Yes, Lavi was popular...fangirl popular, and that speaks for itself.


Lavi knew that this urgent matter was going to be this, oh he knew since forever! The thing Lavi hated most, the worst possible thing for the super, awesome, sexy, wonderful, loved by all guy like himself....marriage.

The dreaded m word, the use of this word around said boy was highly punishable, the red head could get extremely angry even over the thought of his bachelourhood being taken away.

"Lavi, I'm getting old you see-" started King bookman, Lavi's grandfather.

"Anyone can see that panda." Lavi interupted earning a snarl from the old man himself.

"-Well being next in line to the throne the council and I believed it would be best for you to start thinking about your future and your kingdom's future, by getting married, Lavi." The king continued, of course when the m word popped up Lavi growled. "I've asked a few sutable nobles and royals from surrounding countries to visit today, if someone catches your eye please tell me, or if there is a woman you've already met who is not here please tell me also." The king said pointing to a row of aristrocratic ladies on his left, some of them winked at him or giggled, Lavi shuddered. Than a certain woman came to mind.

Lavi turned around, his back to his grandfather and the ladies, "No thankyou, old man. I've already decided who I wan't to marry." Lavi said calmy whiled walking out the doors to the castle and towards the town below. The fact that Lavi thought about marriage caught the entire room in shock.

Lavi continued to walk towards the town, or to be exact Cross Mansion.


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