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Lavi decided not to visit Allen that night; he could see she was being followed by her 'bastard fiance' according to Lavi. Allen noticed this too and came to the same decision as Lavi. Lavi returned back to the castle, fresh white snow crunched under his boots, he smiled sincerely and put his cold hand inside his cloak.

When he arrived at the castle he wasn't greeted by the usual welcome. All the gas lamps were off despite it being late in the night. Lavi turned around when he heard someone crying. Lala was standing a few metres behind him, her tears were tear-stained but she had wiped most of her tears away. "W-welcome back P-prince." She stuttered out trying not to break out into tears. Her usual melodic and sing song voice was hoarse from crying.

"Good evening Lala." He said. "Ok, mind telling me what the hell is going on here?"

"T-t-the king..." She broke out into tears before she could finish. Lavi immediately ran upstairs to his grandfather's large bedroom. A few people were standing outside the door; he pushed past them ignoring their restraints. The room was equally as dark as the rest of the castle but he could make out another four people in the room besides him.

"Prince Lavi!" Someone said. Reever was sitting in a chair closest to the door and next to the oversized bed. Something was on the bed, covered in the white sheets. Lavi could tell what it was without even checking. Lavi's eyes were wide and he was glued to the spot, not moving, barely breathing.

"Prince, please come with us." Someone said as another two people ushered Lavi outside the room, he was still looking back at the bed. He felt tears building up in his eyes when he got out of sight from the room.

He was ushered to the library, the most quiet place in the castle even though the castle was almost silent now. The three men sat around a large table. One of the men was a royal council member and the other a royal advisor.

They all sat in silence until the council member spoke.

"Prince Lavi, We need to discuss your coronation and other matters. I'm sure you already know most of the arrangements need to take place now that you are needed to take the throne."


Allen had been put under house arrest that night. She woke up the next day early, she always woke earlier then the other maids but that morning she woke up in an empty room. Lenalee, Miranda and Jeanneā–“s bed were unmade like they had quickly jumped out of bed in a rush. Allen knew something had happened and she ran downstairs still in her night gown.

Pretty much every worker in the manor was gathered in the entry hall, all in a crowd. She ran down the carpeted stair to join them but was restrained by two strong hands holding her arms. She looked to either side, two men in the uniform of a message boy belonging to the royal family. "Are you Miss Allen Walker?" One of them asked in a monotone voice.


"Come with us." He said and before Allen could reply she was quickly picked up roughly, she yelped causing heads to turn. Lenalee, Miranda and another maid quickly ran up and took Allen from their grips and rushed away before they could restrain her again.

"Ok, I'm confused." Allen said once they had sheltered under the dining room table out of sight and hidden by the table cloth.

Miranda turned to Allen. "A-Allen." She began. "The king..." She paused.

"The king passed on last night Allen." Lenalee finished.

Allen was shocked. "R-really? Oh god." She sighed. "How's Lavi holding up?"

"No one knows yet Allen; the messengers just delivered a short message. A lot of people around the city have been trying to get answers but almost everything's still unknown."

Allen let her hair fall in front of her eyes and she rubbed her temples letting out an exasperated sigh. "Do you reckon I could go check on Lavi?"

"Only a few select people have been allowed inside the castle, a funeral is being held in a few days but still a lot of people want to give flowers and what not. I think you'd be allowed to enter though Allen." The other maid said. Allen nodded and crawled out from the table. She hastily ran upstairs and got changed into a dark dress shirt over her usual work gear. She ran outside the manor escaping the two messengers who had luckily left before.

On her way up to the castle she noted that every stall was closed and everything seemed dark and lifeless. She took a bundle of flowers from a stall without a shop keeper and she left a few pennies in exchange.

The castle gates were crowded, there was almost a hundred people all trying to get past the guards. Allen tried to make her way through the crowd, she ended up being pushed around and was eventually knocked to the ground just before the entrance. She got stood on but she got up and tried to talk to one of the buff guards. "M-my name's Allen Walker, I'm an acquaintance of the prince. Can I please get through?"

"No, miss. Sorry, miss. The area beyond is off limits to those who do not have proper authority, miss." He answered. Allen sighed just before she got knocked over and trampled on again.


Lavi was looking out from a balcony on the roof of the castle; he was watching the many people trying to push their way through trying to say a prayer for the deceased king. Lavi suddenly was alert when he saw a familiar head of white hair in the crowd before it was lost, the owner being pushed over. He quickly ran down the many stairs of the castle praying that it wasn't just some old lady. When he got to the front courtyard he was surrounded by the yells of many people calling his name, substituting 'king' instead of 'prince'.

Lavi pushed through the guards to reach the white haired girl. "ALLEN!" He yelled through the loud yelling. Allen's head shot up when her name was called.

"L-Lavi." She stuttered out despite being stood on. Lavi quickly pulled her up gently. He pulled her into a tight hug and rested his head in the crook of her neck despite the many watchful eyes of spectators. "Lavi, let's get inside." She said. Lavi nodded though his hair was covering his face. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her through the guards again, this time they made way for them.

Lavi once again hugged her when they were inside. Allen rubbed his back caressingly and they stayed silent for a few minutes. "Lavi, you can't be crying, you're kind now and kings definitely shouldn't cry. It's a sign of weakness, so smile." She said pulling the sides of his mouth upwards in a mock smile. Lavi's tear glazed eyes returned to their normal glow at Allen's cheerful comment.

He laughed lightly. "Thankyou, Allen." He whispered. He hugged her again and she gladly welcomed the warm embrace. 'Thankyou, my queen.' he thought to himself.


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