Author's Notes: Counting Stars On A Ceiling is inspired by hyacinthian's play it, sam but i forget how it goes, which is a series of drabbles for each episode of How I Met Your Mother. What's happening here is I'm going to write a drabble, or a ficlet (depending on how much the episode allows me to play with) for each episode that's aired so far right now, and continuing on when the series return on screen.
Disclaimer: I don't own Flashpoint.
Pairing/Character: Jules, Sam

C. 2008-2009/disparate

so dose me up, once is not enough
1x01: Scorpio


"Is it Julie?" he asked when Jules was just listening to the chatter around the table but not actively participating, and she turned to look at him, brows furrowed, hand hovering in midair waiting to reach out for her beer bottle.


"Jules. Is it short of Julie, then? Since it's not Julia…" the sandy-haired guy shrugged, and she actually started chuckling a little, tipping the beer into her mouth as she swallowed. She cocked her head towards him and gave him a little smirk.

"A name's a name. You call me Jules. Nothing more, nothing less." She liked systematic, liked simplicity and going by a nickname fulfilled those needs. And considering that this Sam guy's first words to her were, at best, objectifying, she wasn't sure how to take his abrasive attitude, but she knew she would figure it out sooner or later. She had gotten used to people telling her that lady snipers are sexy, but that didn't mean that she remotely liked the comment when it came. His over-compensating act of friendliness will soon run its course, Jules predicted, but she decided to humour him for the time being.

"Is Sam short for Samuel or Samson? Or is it just Sam?"

He looked taken aback before a smile broke out on his face. "It's just Sam." A beat, then he continued. "Juliet?"

"Well, you're not getting warmer," was the response. He let out a soft laugh and shook his head, clearly intrigued by her enigma. He wasn't kidding when he said he thought sniper chicks were sexy – but add an exciting personality along the pretty face like Jules and he could see themselves having lots of fun in the future, platonic at the very least.


She gave him a mystifying smile and shook her head again to indicate that it was still a wrong answer. At the back of her head, she was amused that he had managed to sprout out so many variations of her name, and yet couldn't hit the bullseye.

"That," she finally decided to say. "Is for me to know and for you to find out." He stuck his bottom lip out subconsciously in an adorable pout, not even really realising he was doing that, but held his hands up, in a show of mock-surrender as they submerged themselves back in the group conversation. The night ended while it was still young, and the team headed to their respective ways back home. Jules' house was still in a mess from doing the renovations on her own, but it was still new and it was hers, and she was proud of that. Not feeling tired at all despite the day's happenings; she decided to clean up the windows, just to make the view clearer at the very least.

Her phone vibrated against the table, making a rattling sound.

I got your number from Spike… Julianna. I'll see you around HQ tomorrow. Yours, S.

She smiled, set her phone down again and continued scraping the paint off her window.