so keep it steady, now (300 w.)
1x06: Attention Shoppers


She can't turn her head enough to see the bruising clearly, but she knows it's there (and it hurts like a bitch, and she's not going to accidentally lean against a wall and then take a sharp inhale of breath after, and she's not going to think about double bacon burgers just because Sam thinks it looks like it) – in the midst of her jumbled thoughts she realizes that her phone's ringing for the second time now, and 'SCOTT' seems to jump out from the screen. She doesn't pick up; doesn't know what to say anyway.

She's already changed back into her regular clothes by the time it stops ringing and vibrating against the table; the soft fabric of her blouse rubbing across her raw skin and she winces inwardly. Giving her table an once-over, she strides out with a bounce in her steps.

When the sunlight streams in and she spots Wordy's mini-van parked at the side, her eyes stray over to where Sam is standing: he's leaning against the front of the vehicle, and staring intently at the exit (and she thinks that maybe he's willing her to appear, but then she rolls her eyes at herself for thinking too much into it). Tearing her eyes away from his gaze, Jules pretends to admire the scenery in the opposite direction as she walks towards the car.

"Hello, boys," she calls out, and then hops in the passenger seat, Ed's protests falling on her ears as she smirks, but crosses the seatbelt over her body anyway (and then cursing as she accidentally leans against the seat). The phone vibrates again and she knows she has to 'We Have To Talk' Scott soon but for now, she's going to enjoy breakfast with her friends. Her family.

Other things can wait.