Eva Lay on the dirty mattress shaking, from pain and anger. She had been beaten before in her life but not in her recent memory like this. The orderly was pissed for some reason, plus with her added hesitation, had taken it out on her. That's what lead her to being in the dank hospital wing, strapped down to the bed for two weeks. Doctors and nurses walked past in groups, staying together for safety and sanity.

Sighing softly, she shifted trying to find a none worn spot. That mans laughter still echoed in her mind and refused to be silenced. At least they hadn't found her secret placed for her pills. Since being here she learned many things. Dr. Arkham was just as crazy as the inmates, the pills turned you into zombies and it was highly unlikely that you would ever leave alive. She had thought of pretending to be dead, but had heard stories that the graveyard was full and they threw the bodies into the furnace or to a deformed man in the lower levels. She ignored the sounds of the door opening and closing, staring at the peeling ceiling until something came into view.

The doors squeaked open slowly to the wing, causing a few of the inmates to begin howling and struggling. The room was dimly lit. Scanning the room Joker smirked under the hospital mask and walked slowly over to the restrained woman. He took in her appearance as he walked, noting she was underweight causing her to look lanky. Leaning over her, he saw her eyes focus on him and widen, causing him to smirk wider and put a finger to her lips, disturbing the dried blood on them. She could have passed for a corpse with her skin tone. She cocked her head slowly, a motion he mimicked.

He was always looking for new sparks to turn into blazes. She was no different from the others. Looking at her chart he saw she had a session with Dr. Crane. Shaking his head he wrote a new name in its place and put the chart back over her head.

"Can't have you going completely nuts just yet, now can we. See you on the other side." Chuckling softly he stood and walked away, mixing medications and playing with IV's before leaving to return to his cell.

Eva blinked then looked up at her chart, trying to see the name he had written in Cranes place, making out the first name when another doctor walked over and grabbed the chart, raising an eyebrow the shrugged.

"She's slotted with Harleen, wheel her down."

Harleen Quinzel snapped her gum waiting for the next person to be wheeled in. So far the only interesting one had been the Joker. In the sessions they had together, she was moved by him. The horrors he faced in life, the brutal incident that lead to his facial scarring had moved her to tears. He was a product of his environment and she was convinced he could be cured. Sighing a little, she stared dreamily out the window at the rainy sky, thinking about the Joker.

She was brought out of her musing when the door opened and pale woman was pushed in, chained at the ankle and wrist. Harleen looked her over appraisingly. She wasn't a short woman, but far to thin. Her pale skin looked like bone china and just as fragile. Faded bruises could be seen on her arms and wrists. When she finally got to her eyes she blinked surprised at how dark brown they were, almost a muddled red in the brightness of the office.

"Sit." It wasn't and offer or a question. Harleen knew the only way to get through to these people was to be firm. Looking through her pile of folders she was surprised to find no number that matched the one on her jumpsuit.

Sighing, she turned to her computer, typing the number in and waited for it to load. The computers were as outdated as the asylum was. It would take millions to update everything and Arkham was not a generous man in that area.

When it finally loaded she skimmed the basics over the rims over her glasses. "Eva Doll?" Getting only a nod in response she continued down the list till she came to why Eva was there and looked at her. "Let me guess, you didn't do it."

Eva grounded her teeth. This woman's voice was hideous. But for the next hour, this woman was going to probe her mind just like all the others had. And just like with all the others, she told the truth. "The papers and judge said I did, so I must have." She loved the silenced reaction she always got from saying that.

However, this time was different. Harleen blinked at her, then began laughing, wiping her eyes a little. "Oh, that's a new one. I like you." Eva could only stare at the woman bewildered before biting her lip, drawing blood from the healing cut there before slowly starting to laugh along with her.