Meeting the son of my mom's best friend

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Chapter 1: Bullies

Bella's POV

Ok don't panic… actually I can't stop looking behind me, every minute I would stop and check if someone is behind me. I know I look like an idiot or someone who has a bad mannerism of twisting her neck but the real reason why I'm doing this is because I'm afraid the jocks and the cheerleaders would see me and eventually play another trick on me.

"Hey Edward is that Bella?" I heard Mike asked Edward, the leader of the jocks and the coolest guy in school. In my own opinion, the most stupid and self-centered person to ever exist in this world.

"Ummmm, well what do we have here, another person to play a trick on", I shuddered at the way his eyes look at me, you know if "looks kills"

"Hey Bella" Edward said as he grab my bag and all my stuff spilled, he then pick one of my assignments, "What's this another message from your family in Mars or was it in Jupiter?"

All his friends laughed at me, I tried to grab my assignment back but their just fast so I eventually gave up. The problem with me is that I easily give up because I know if I continue to fight Edwards's group, I'll probably end up inside the lockers for 3 hours or go home with a lot of bruise.

"Can you just give it back to me?" I pleaded to them; I could feel my tears rolling down my checks.

"You know, I think I will not return this to you, Mr. Cope would be very happy to know that will get an A+ in his subject." He eyed me fiercely.

The bell rang; Edward and his friends leave me crying at the middle of the hall. I don't know how long I stayed there, all I know is this can't just go. Someday I must learn how to fight them, and eventually ready to face them. Especially that Edward… arrrggggg just thinking of his name makes me wants to vomit. He is the most disgusting, self-centered, evil, ambitious and stupid person I met. Well I must admit I liked him when I first saw him but after a week I realized how stupid I was to like him. I start to hate him when his friends hurt me. The only person that I like in this school is my friend, Angela. She understands me and even defenses me if Jessica (the leader of the cheerleading team) would shame me in front of the whole school. I heard someone calling my name….

"Bella, Bella, Oh dear what happen to you? Did they hurt you?" Angela shouted while running towards me and upon reaching me, she help me stand.

"Oh, Gela they took my assignment in Biology and they insulted my family." I could feel myself sobbing hysterically at my best friends shoulder.

"Oh, Bella don't worry, someday they will pay you back." She said soothingly

"Gela, I don't know what to do without you." I smiled at her

"I know kiddo, I'm your angel/savoir and I think it's time to go for Biology" she looks at her watch, "Oh we already missed Biology well it's time for Gym." And she half-pull and half-drag me toward the Gym.

"You know I love Gym to the sense that we're doing baseball this year." I said to her.

I love baseball. I was only 6 years old when my father taught me how to play baseball. Now that I'm seventeen, a senior, I got the chance to represent our school for the past 4 years every time there's a competition.

"Girls, your almost late." shouted Coach Mares to me and Angela. Behind her I can see Edwards and Jessica's group smirking at us. I almost vomit when I saw some of them making-out on the benches. Coach Mares told us to sit down on one of the benches; Angela and I choose the farthest bench from where the jocks and the cheerleaders are sitting.

"Ok, everybody as you have known this year's Gym lesson is about… Baseball" announced Coach Mares

There were yes's and no's from the class. I glance at Edward and I saw that he was looking scared. Ahhh, I told myself, knows my chance to prove to him that I'm not a loser.

"Ok I already divided the class into two teams, the first team is compose of; Mike, Edward, Laurent, Sarah, Samuel, Katrina, Andrew and Bella." I groaned, hearing that Edward and I would be at the same group. Coach Mares continue to announce the members of the other team, Angela and Jessica where in one. When it was time to go and talk with the group I look at Gela in a "make-sure-you-would-embarrass-our-cheerleading-princess look". She wink at me and when to her team, I also when to my team, wishing that Edward would not start bullying me. When I reach my team I can hear Edward talking…

"I say we should assign Samuel as the pitcher." He even talks loudly when I was right beside him.

"Ahem, excuse but who be the team leader?" I asked him, raising my left eyebrow. He totally looks shocked. I continue looking at him fiercely; I never imagine how nice his green eyes are.

"Well, it's obviously you, Bella." Katrina said in her soft voice

I nod at her and smile, a gesture that means, thank you. I looked at the others and they all agreed with Katrina well except with one person, Edward. He was looking at me fiercely, it made me conscious. When Coach Mares calls us I could still see Edwards's eyes on me. We start the game, and of course our team was the best. We scored 7 while the other was only 2. To my amazement, Angela did embarrass Jessica. She was about to batter when she hit Jessica on her legs making her cry. Well, I was the only one who knew that Angela did it on purpose. Though Angela kept on saying sorry, as if she meant it. I also have to give Edward a credit; he knows how to play baseball, which I didn't expect.

"Ok, that was a good game, know you go and take your bath." Coach Mares instructed us at the end of the game.

"Hey" I ran towards Angela. "That was totally awesome." I clap her back a little bit harder.

"I know, that girl just got into my nerves, she was complaining about this and that and she keeps on flirting with Ben." Her voice sound hoarse.

I raise an eyebrow when she said Bens name. Well, Ben is Angela's secret crush and she hates someone whose flirting with Ben especially Jessica.

"So Gela, are you going to shower or just go home immediately?" Asked her.

"I'm actually in a hurry; I need to take my brothers for a walk. Well, see you tomorrow." She kisses my cheeks and ran towards the exit of the gym.

I stay for awhile fixing my things. I then go to the shower room and took a very relaxing bath. After taking a bath I when to my locker and get my bag when…

"What are you doing here?" it was Edward and he look so hot with his hair wet and he was not wearing any shirt only khaki shorts. Oh…. Bella he your enemy I told myself.

"I think it should be me who must ask why you are here; I didn't see when I enter?" I know my voice sounds weird but I look at him, I didn't help with his eyes so beautiful. Arrrggg… stop it.

"Well I arrived when you were talking a bath and I when back because I forgot my bag." He told, I can't stop noticing his eyes which surprisingly looks warm.

"Ok, well I am going home." I still manage to make my voice a little bit mad. I was already at the doo when he called my name.

"Bella wait, come back' he shouted

I look back and saw him running towards my direction. Oh my, what does he want?

"Bella, I would like to say sorry for taking your assignment" I can't believe that this guy in front of me would sorry after bullying for almost four years.

"Look I know I hurt you but I already told Mr. Cope that it was your assignment, please forgive me Bella." He looks at me with pleading eyes and I can't understand him. He hates me. Now he is asking for forgiveness, what is he planning.

"Oh, thank you, well I um I better go home." I manage to tell him. I then run outside the door. Behind me I still can see his eyes upon me, weird, totally weird. I reach the parking lot and when to my blue Ferrari. I arrive at our house and immediately when to my room. I think the whole afternoon about Edwards's weird action to me. Is he planning something? Well, he totally looked sincere but I need to see if he really meant what he said. That night I dreamt about Edward.

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