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Bella's POV

"Well Bella it's nice to meet you. I'm……….

But his words were interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

Shopping for labels, shopping for love

Manolo and Louis, it's all I'm thinking of

Shopping for labels, shopping for love

Manolo and Louis, it's all I'm thinking of…….

"Um sorry, wait a second." I told the guy.

"Hello Alice." I said


"Yes I'm in front of Prada."


"Oh, really sorry."


"Okay I'll go there."

I closed my phone.

"Sorry for that my friends are waiting for me." I told the guy apologetically.

"Don't worry, well I think you have to go." He said

I smile, "Yeah, its nice meeting you." I run going to the direction of Victoria Secrets.

I found Alice and Rosalie.

"Hey guys really sorry for my late arrival. I don't know where the store is."

"It's okay Bells, know let us look for something you can wear tonight." Alice said in a business like way.

I rolled my eyes this is going to be a long day.


I exited Channel after buying my mom a present. It is her birthday today and I know she loves bags. I was busy thinking about the party when I felt something soft and fragile bumped on me.

"Ouch" she squeaked.

I look at her. One word; heavenly. She has the palest skin I've ever seen, her eyes are chocolate color, her lips are red and her hair looks so soft.

I chuckled

"I'm sorry miss are you hurt?" I ask.

She smiles at me, the most beautiful smile I've seen. God what am I thinking she's a stranger, but a stranger sent from heaven.

"May I know your name?" I ask before I could stop myself.

"Bella" she replied. What a beautiful name, it suites her.

Time to introduce yourself buddy and maybe get a chance to ask he out.

"Well Bella it's nice meeting you, I'm…." but my introduction was cut by her phone ringing. Hahahaha nice timing. I thought sarcastically.

She told me to wait; I heard her saying sorry to the person on the line. After that she told me she needs to leave. She run towards the other direction, I just can't leave it her, she needs to know my name.

"Hey by the way my name is…." But my yelling introduction was cut by my own phone ringing.

Okay, how many times do I have to be cut by phones ringing? Anyways I think she didn't hear it.

I look at my phone, it's my mom.

"Hola Madre." (Hello Mother) I said.

"Hijo que se le?" (Son where are you?) My mom asked

"Visite a un amigo." (I visited a friend) I lied smoothly I don't want my mom to know that I bought her a gift.

"Bueno mejor estar de vuelta aquí, ¿quién es este amigo tuyo? (Well better be back here, who is this friend of yours?) My mom asked.

"Es Embry es mi amigo de vuelta en secundaria ¿te acuerdas? El hijo de la Sra. Quil. (It's Embry my friend back in high school, do you remember? The son of Mrs. Quil.) I lied again.

"Bueno, adiós hijo. Te amo" (Okay, goodbye son, I love you.) mom said. She then hangs up.

My mom is Spanish that's why I speak Spanish when talking to her. She knows how to say English but she said she needs to be loyal to her country. Leaving her in Paris thought me as well how to speak French.

Edward's POV

Okay I'm getting annoyed as the second's turns into minutes.

Bella is so hot and I just can't control myself. Kissing her was the second best thing in my life. The best thing is yet to come.

I know I have bullied her for the rest of our high school days but the true reason behind all those insults is because I want to get her attention. I was totally impressed by her performance when she tried-out for the baseball team. I like her and was determined to make her like me. I introduced myself to her but I think I got cocky a bit because she stormed away and started to hate.

I can't understand why she hates me so fast. So I decided if I act smug and arrogant in front of her then maybe, just maybe, she will see me. But that was the most stupid thing I've done. Everything I planned back-fired at me.

Right now I'm so happy Bella forgave me and at least we are now friends. But I want to be more than just friends; I want her to be mine and me to be hers. I'm really hoping that this summer will be the best summer I'll have.

My thoughts were disturbed when my phone started to ring.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hola, Eddie muchacho. He oído que estás de vuelta." (Hello Eddie boy. I heard you're back.) I was surprised to hear his voice. I've never heard his voice for ages.

"No me digas que eres el mismo tipo que considero mi mejor amigo." (Don't tell me you're the same guy I consider my friend.) I asked

"Yes man it's me." He laughed.

"Well I'm glad you speak English at last, you know I'm not that good when it comes to speaking Spanish." I laughed

"Oh come on, the last time I saw you, you were practically all over my cousin. You know she can't speak English only Spanish." I growled

It was two years ago when I visited him with Jasper and Emmett. One of his cousins from Spain arrived and well, I was a play boy back then.

"Don't forget that I was drunk that night." I told him

"Yeah, never heard you speak Spanish so fluent. " he chuckled.

"Oh cut it off." I said

"Well actually, I called because I want to tell you that moms' birthday will be tonight and I hope that you'll come, of course with the gang."

"Of course I'll go, tell your mom happy birthday."

"Well see you later."

"Adiós" (Goodbye) I said chuckling

"Yeah, whatever." He said and hung up.

"Hey Jasper, do you know how long will the girls be?" I ask him

"You know Alice….. She doesn't shop until she gets everything she wants." He grimaced

"As long as she gets Rose something sexy I wouldn't mind." Emmett said.

Jasper slapped his shoulders.

"Ouch, I'm just joking." He said laughing.

"I forgot to tell you, will be going out tonight." I informed them

"Where?" Emmett asks like a five year old who's going to a carnival.

"Je suis désolée monsieur, mais nous ne sommes pas aller à un carnaval." (I'm sorry mister but we're not going to a carnival.) I replied sarcastically

"Hey, why did you suddenly speak French? I can't catch-up" Emmett whined

"Dude, you have been staying in Paris for your life and you can't catch-up from what our Eddie boy said." Jasper said

"Whatever, so where are we going." He asked again.

I smiled at them, trying to communicate silently.

"Oh come on Eddie, don't look at us that way." Emmett whined again, if he whines again for the third time I'm going to scream.

"Nous allons la pousser mon cher frère." I told them (A/N: I didn't put a translation on this sentence because you'll know who Edward's best friend is, if you know how to speak French, congratulations!)

"Oh oui, je l'ai déjà manqué." (Oh yes, I already miss them.) Jasper said, I'm glad his happy about the news.

"Eh bien, je suis heureux que les quatre hommes sont magnifiques ensemble, ou ce qu'il nous a appelés à l'école secondaire, les Heartbreakers." (Well I'm glad the four gorgeous men are together, or what they called us in high school, the heartbreakers.) Emmett suddenly said

Jasper and I look at him as if he was crazy.

"Man you just said you can't catch up with French but…" Jasper trailed off, because Emmett is laughing crazily on the floor and I'm afraid because some people are looking at us as if we are lunatics.

"I was just joking, I know you all think I'm dumb but I happen to be dumb when I want to be dumb so please don't think I'm dumb cause that is really so dumb." He laughed again

"Oh my, you just said dumb five times in that sentence. You are really dumb." I said laughing

"Well you said it twice in a sentence so welcome to my world." He replied

"Okay, before we start calling each other dumb, which is really dumb for us to do, let's look for the girls." Jasper said trying to control his laughter.

Bella's POV

Gosh this is really exhausting. Shopping with Alice is like shopping with an octopus having eight legs or let us calls it an arm, eight arms that just grab anything she wants.

A dress was put in front of my face breaking through my thoughts.

"What." I said, I'm already tired with all this Buy-Bella-a-lot-of-clothes. It's not like a charity or something.

"Someone is in a bad mood." Rose chirped

"Come on, you let me try about hundreds of clothes and shoes, and there's more?" I told them

"Well Bella darling I'm sorry if I disappoint you but you are shopping with me so better cooperate." Alice said

"Please Alice can we stop." I whined

"N ° Isabella Marie Swann, nous n'avons pas fini la moitié des magasins de ce centre commercial." (No Isabella Marie Swann, we haven't finished half the stores in this mall.) She said with command.

"Oh freakin' please don't speak to me in French, I can't understand you." I told her. This pixie is so annoying.

"Hahaha…. Looks like someone needs help." She laughed at me

"Come on Alice, I'm also tired let us call this a day." Rose said, ah…. Thanks Rose.

"Fine, but we're coming back on Monday." Alice said.

"Thanks Alice." I told her.

"Oh sorry for speaking in French, I didn't know you can't understand." She apologized to me

"Oh nothing to worry, I can understand French a bit." I laughed.

They both look at me and then we all laughed.

"Well I think it's time to call the boys." Rose said while pulling her phone from her purse.

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