Chapter 3: Dreaming With Wolves

Naruto was walking towards school as he thought about what had happened the night before.

After Sakura had fainted, Naruto had been at a loss at what to do with her. He decides to covertly bring her to the doorstep of the girl's dorm and rang the doorbell fr the occupants to open the door and find her before running off into the night.

But who would've suspected that Haruno Sakura was actually part of the powerful vampire clan. And if her performance last night against Saizo was any indication, she's a VERY powerful vampire to boot. He wondered how HE was able to remove the cross around her neck which was being used to seal her powers since it wasn't meant to be removed by just anybody.

The other thing which confused him was why Haruka had kissed him and called him 'The One'. Exactly what did she mean by that?

As he passed through the gates, he could hear a couple of students gossiping.

"Hey, did you hear about what happened to Komiya Saizo?"

"Oh yeah. I heard that they found him just outside the academy looking pretty beat up. I wonder who could've done that to him?"

"Does it really matter? He's a major jerk and he's had that coming for a long time now. I'm surprised nobody tried to take him out sooner."

"Are you kidding me? Saizo may be a jerk but the reason why many are scared of him is because he's one hell of a sick and sadistic bastard. Whoever did this to him must be a real badass."

Naruto smiles at that comment as he enters the academy premises. Knocking Saizo down a few pegs DID feel good. Too bad it wasn't him who did most of the damage to the bully. He wasn't about to tell anybody who actually did it though because he had a feeling that Sakura wouldn't appreciate that.

Entering the classroom, he sees Ino talking with a feral-looking, shaggy haired teenager with triangle shaped marks on his cheek. The platinum blonde girl then notices that her fellow blonde seatmate had entered the room.

"Hey Naruto over here!" Ino waves over. As Naruto takes his seat besides her, Ino introduces the boy she was talking to. "Naruto, I'd like to introduce you to Inuzaka Kiba. Kiba, I'd like to formally introduce you to Uzumaki Naruto."

"How's it going? The name's Inuzaka Kiba., one of the editors of the school newspaper." Kiba greets with an easy smile and offered a hand which Naruto took. Naruto frowns slightly as he felt the almost crushing pressure behind Kiba's handshake which he chalks up to his attempt at sizing him up.

For his part, Kiba was rather impressed that the newbie was able to withstand the full force of his crushing handshake without even flinching. It gave substance to the rumors that he was the reason why the former instructor Mizuki was hospitalized.

"Me and Kiba were just talking about what happened to poor Saizo." Ino said. "From what we heard, the poor guy's gonna be out of action for at least three months."

"Poor guy? From what I heard through the grapevine, he wasn't really that well liked in the first place so what's so bad about him getting a dose of his own medicine?" Naruto asks.

"Well first, there's not that many people who are capable of doing that to Saizo here in this school." Kiba said, looking at Naruto. "And the ones who CAN usually ignore his antics which makes me believe that somebody else was the one who beat the crap outta him. Someone whom we're not familiar with. You don't happen to have an idea, do you?" He asks, studying Naruto's expression which remained puzzled.

"Me?" Naruto asks with a puzzled expression. "Why would I have anything to do with the injury of a guy whom I've never even met?" He lied smoothly.

"Well you ARE the guy who declared he was taking over and issued an open challenge to anybody who wants to try you on for size." Ino said with a smile.

"That IS true." Naruto admitted. "And I wouldn't have minded if this Saizo did want a piece of me so I could have all the excuse in the world to punch his ticket. But like I said, that wasn't my handiwork and I really don't know who did it."

Ino seemed unconvinced at his statement. Kiba simply had a predatory look in his features. "Well then if that's the case..." He began before another voice interrupts him.

"Uzumaki Naruto, I need to talk to you. NOW!" The three looks up and see Sakura scowling at Naruto.

"Oh, good morning Sakura San. What can I do..." Naruto began before Sakura cuts him off.

"Rooftop. Five minutes." She said before stalking off. Naruto could feel the eyes of the classroom on him like pinpont lasers. He looks back and sees Ino looking at him with a slightly miffed expression while Kiba looked amused at the whole situation.

"Talk to you guys later, ok?" Naruto said as he gets up and follows Sakura to the roof.

Ino's eyes follows Naruto as he makes his way towards the exit with a tight pang of jealousy in her chest. So far, Naruto was proving her initial assesment on him correct. From what Ino could tell, Naruto was extremely powerful, confident and had a certain feral charm and charisma which was proving to be irresistable. Traits which, in her eyes, made him an ideal lifemate for her.

But here was Sakura butting in on her business.

And while it is true that Sakura was one of her oldest and closest friends, their friendship came in second fiddle when it came to her mission for her clan. She knew for a fact that Sakura hated Naruto so why was she showing this much interest on him now?

"Hmmm... Looks like someone is upset because she lost her prey." Kiba's voice cuts in, causing Ino to snap out of her thoughts. She looks at the feral teen then looks at her hands which she notices had been clenching so hard that her fingernails was digging into her palms, causing them to bleed.

"I AM upset. I saw Naruto Kun first and I'll be damned if I let ANYBODY else have him." Ino stated then looks at Kiba as she suddenly has a flash of inspiration. "I also noticed that you weren't satisfied at Naruto's answer."

"Of course not." Kiba scoffed, glaring at Naruto's retreating form. "No matter how well he lies, he can't fool my nose. He's got Saizo's scent on him so he HAS to know something on what happened to him."

"I see. You want something and I want something." Ino concluded. "Maybe we could help each other." She said with a mischievous little smile.

Kiba could feel a feral smile tugging his lips as well. "What do you have in mind then?"


Sakura fidgetted nervously as she waited for Naruto to arrive. Her worst fears had come true last night when Naruto unsealed her full vampiric powers as well as her alter ego Haruka by accidentally removing her rosario. And though Haruka had voluntarily sealed herself again for reasons unknown, one taste of blood was all it took to send years of supressing and maintaining control of her urges down the drain.

"But how was Naruto able to remove my rosario in the first place?" Sakura wondered to himself as she looks at the activity below on the school field. She knew that the artifact which sealed her vampiric side had mysterious powers and could not be forcibly removed by just anybody. Who exactly was Uzumaki Naruto?

"Would you like me to answer that question?" Haruka's voice spoke up mentally. Sakura grimaces at this. Ever since she was unsealed again and had a taste of Naruto's blood, Haruka's presence seemed more pronounced in her mind. Not to the extent that she could take over her body but enough to make her a nuisance.

"Who are you calling a nuisance?" Came the slightly miffed voice of Haruka which made Sakura jump a little. She had forgotten that since Haruka was technically a part of her, she could also see, hear, smell, think and feel whatever she did and vice versa. Sakura then thought back at how Haruka licked Naruto's blood of his chest as well as the steamy kiss that she gave him and found herself blushing madly at the memory which made Haruka chuckle. "Then again, maybe I don't have to tell you how Naruto was able to remove the rosario. You know as well as I do that you can't forget the taste of his lips... The taste of his blood..."

"Shut up! Just shut the hell up!" Sakura screams out holding her head and covering her ears, hoping she could drown out Haruka's voice.

"You talkin' to me?" Another voice cuts in. Sakura looks back and sees Naruto staring at her. "If that's the case, then why'd you call me up here anyways?" He asks.

Sakura forces herself to calm down despite feeling the blush creeping up her cheek at seeing Naruto. "Sorry. I was talkin' to somebody else." She mutters as she looks down at the school field while collecting her thoughts.

Naruto looked confused for a moment, looking around the rooftop for anybody else before realization sets in. "Ohh... You mean HER., right?"

"Yes, HER..." Sakura confirms with a grimace. "...Which brings me to the reason why I called you up here to talk. It's about what happened last night..."

"Don't worry. I haven't told anybody about it and nor do I intend to do so." Naruto cuts in. "Give me a little more credit then that. I know this ain't something that you can just tell anybody."

Sakura lets out an involuntary sigh of relief. The fact that her secret was safe so far was welcome news. "That's good to hear but that's really not the reason why I called you up here for a talk."

Steeling herself, Sakura turns around and faces Naruto. "Uzumaki Naruto. Who exactly are you and how were you able to remove my rosario?"

Naruto looked thoughtful at this then shakes his head. "Sorry Sakura, but I'm wondering about that myself. I'm certain that the rosario is no ordinary artifact if it can seal off that much of your demonic powers so it shouldn't even be possible for me to remove it. As for who I am, I'm pretty sure you saw what I am last night."

"What I saw was only a partial transformation, correct? So technically I'm not even sure what you are other then the fact that Haruka keeps calling you 'The One'. What exactly did she mean by that?" Sakura asks.

Naruto shakes his head again. "Sorry but I'm just as confused about that business of being 'The One' as you are. Hell, your other half was the one who told me about it and since both of you share the same mind and body, shouldn't I be the one who's doing the asking around here?"

"The only inoformation I have on 'The One' is from some prophecy and I don't really like to deal with fairy tales. But there IS a lot of things I don't know about my abilities and heritage which is precisely the reason why I had my powers sealed away." Sakura admitted. "Haruka is way too dangerous around everybody else."

"I don't think sealing Haruka and your powers away was the smart course of action." Naruto stated bluntly. "It just makes it that much harder for you to control it in the off chance that the rosario was somehow forcibly removed. Who knows what would've happened if it was somebody else was the one who took off the rosario?"

"It would've been impossible for anybody to do it." Sakura reasoned out angrily.

"And yet for some unknown reason, I was able to remove it anyways. How do you explain that?" Naruto snapped back. For this, Sakura had no response and kept quiet. Naruto manages to rein in his temper and spoke in a softer tone of voice. "Look Sakura, you shouldn't have to be scared of what you are. Haruka is a part of you as much as you are a part of her and you gotta learn to live with it or stay scared for the rest of your life which is probably for the next eternity."

"I suppose you're speaking from experience?" Sakura asks in a bemused tone.

"Nope. Never had that problem." Naruto answered with a foxy smile. "I knew from the beginning what I am and it NEVER bothered me."

"So what ARE you? It doesn't seem fair that you know my true form and I don't have an idea what yours is." Sakura said.

"Well since you asked nicely..." Naruto said with a grin and in a vortex of wind, transformed into his full youko form which made Sakura's eyes widen.

"I don't believe it. You're a youko?" Sakura exclaimed in disbelief. "I didn't know your kind actually existed!"

"Yeah well, I get that a lot. But as you can see, I'm very real." Naruto stated as he disguised himself again. "Though of course, I'd appreciate it if you don't tell anybody about it."

"Of course I won't. What do you take me for?" Sakura answered in a slightly miffed tone. "Besides, it's not like anyone will believe me without proof."

"Sorry about that. I had to ask." Naruto said. "In any case, you mentioned that the only information you have on 'The One' is from some prophecy right? Care to enlighten me on what that prophecy is?"

Sakura thought for a while, trying to recall the particular prophecy before answering. "I think it kinda went like this. 'When the golden maelstorm blows, The One will inherit the bloody moon, the soulless winter, the illusionary heart and the desert rage."

Naruto frowns at this. "That makes absolutely no sense at all." He stated.

"It's actually a common prophecy to monsterkind. The wordings may vary from species to species, but essentially carries the same message which is there is a destined one who will come and unite all the clans under one banner." Sakura said.

"And you think that's 'The One' which Haruka was referring to?" Naruto asks dubiously.

"I don't know." Sakura admitted with a worried sigh. "Hell, half the time I don't understand my other half thinks about."

Naruto thought for a moment then sighs in resignation. "Look Sakura, we kinda started off on the wrong foot when we first met. Since we both revealed something about ourselves to each other, what say we start over and look for the answers to our questions together?" Naruto asks, extending his hand.

Sakura looks at the offered hand for a moment before grasping it with a smile. "I'd really like that. I haven't really been fair to you 're actually a pretty decent guy despite how you look and act."

Unknown to both Naruto and Sakura, two other individuals were hidden in the shadows watching and listening to every word they said.

"Can you believe it Ino? I knew that guy was no ordinary kid but I never thought that he'd be a part of the youko clan." Kiba said. "If that's the case then he must be pretty damned strong so if he's really the guy who tangled with Saizo and Mizuki, then it's no wonder they got their asses handed to them."

But Ino wasn't listening to Kiba. Naruto's conversation with Sakura had sent Ino's mind and heart reeling from the possible implications. "Could Naruto really be The One?" Ino thought to herself. If what she heard was true then it certainly changes everything.

"Oi Ino! Are you even listening to me?" Kiba asks in annoyance. "What's our next move?"

"We move up the timetable of our plans." Ino said decisively. "We'll do it after school hours taday."

Kiba looks at his cohort in surprise. "You sure about that Ino? Why the sudden change?"

"There's something I have to make absolutely sure of." Ino replied. "I'm sure you'd also like to get that story you wanted as soon as possible too, right?"

After thinking for a moment, Kiba nods with a feral grin. "Ah what the hell. No time like the present, right? And tonight's as good a time as any."

Ino returns the Inuzaka's grin with one of her own. If things went according to her plan, then she would have 'The One' all for herself as a lifemate.

(After School)

"I wonder what this is?" Naruto wondered to himself upon seeing a piece of paper sticking out of his shoe locker. He pulls it out and unfolds it and felt himself scowl as he read the contents.

"I don't believe this. So this is how they want to play the game huh?" He mutters as he crumples the letter and throws it aside before stalking off.

Sakura happened to pass by and saw Naruto throw the paper aside and angrily walk away. Curious and at the same time, a little concerned as to what could've made her new friend upset, she picks up the crumpled piece of paper and reads it.

Uzumaki Naruto/

I have your friend Yamanaka Ino. If you don't want to see her pretty little face bashed in, you'll come alone to the back of the gym after school.

I'll be waiting.

The penmanship was familiar to Sakura so even though the letter was unsigned, the identitly of the culprit was as clear to her as day.

"Not again." She groaned to herself as she followed Naruto out. "What are you planning now?"

(Behind the gym)

It was already early evening when Naruto got to the back of the gym. And from the looks of it, it was turning out to be a beautiful moonlit night.

But Naruto wasn't concerned with the scenery tonight. He was more concerned about more important matters like saving his new friend Ino.

"Alright I'm here now. Whoever you are, come out and show yourself!" Naruto bellowed.

"Glad you could come Uzumaki San." A voice answers him. Naruto turns towards the source of the voice and sitting on the low hanging branch of a tree with the moon shining behind him is none other then Inuzaka Kiba.

"Inuzaka? What's this all about? If you wanted my attention so badly, all you had to do was ask." Naruto snarled angrily.

"I could but it wouldn't have been any fun if you weren't taking me seriously." Kiba stated.

"So where's Ino and why involve her in your stupid games?" Naruto asked.

"Relax man. She's just tied up behind this tree." Kiba said with a feral, gesturing towards the tree he was sitting in. Naruto takes a closer look and does see the blonde beauty unconscious and bound by ropes though something about the scene was bothering him. "Like I said before, you wouldn't have taken me seriously if I didn't kidnap her. Call her... An incentive if you will."

"So what IS it you want from me Inuzaka?" Naruto asked with a growl. "You didn't just call me out here to yak it up did you?"

Kiba's smile disappears, all pretenses of friendliness gone from his face. "I know what you are Uzumaki. And before you try to deny it, I heard it from your little talk with Sakura. And I'm also willing to bet that the reason why Mizuki Sensei and were sent to the hospital was your handiwork."

"So what's it to you if it was?" Naruto grated. "Are you here to get back at me for what I did to them?"

Kiba snorts in derision. "I could care less what happens to those two assholes. They've got what been coming to them for a long time now. What I DO want is the story on how you did it."

Naruto glares at Kiba in disbelief. "You kidnapped somebody I know just to get a damned story outta me? You're off your leash!" Kiba's eyebrow twitched at the blonde's last comment.

"I gotta admit that the part about wanting to get the story out of you is just part of the reason." Kiba confessed, standing up and looking at the moon. "My other reason is a more personal one. I've always wondered how I'd match up against someone like you."

"You also want a fight on top of everything else?" Naruto stated with a raised eyebrow. "... Fine. Let Ino go first and then we'll tal-WHOAH!" Naruto suddenly jumps back in time to avoid a white missile which crashed on the spot he was standing on only moments earlier and making a fairly large and deep crater. "This guy is serious... And fast too." He mutters to himself as he watches Kiba rise from the crater with the smoke still obscuring his figure.

"I don't think you get my drift Uzumaki." Kiba's voice can be heard as he emerges from the smoke transformed into a large, white colored werewolf with slitted black eyes. "You don't have a choice here and the only way we could resolve this is if one of us get's beaten down so bad that he won't be able to get back up."

"Wonderful. A werewolf." Naruto thought to himself. Their kind had a reputation for toughness and resilency whose strength, speed and agility were directly proportionate to the phases of the moon. And judging from tonight's full moon, it meant that Kiba is at peak strength and might pose some problems even for him for the simple fact that this pureblooded monster was on a whole different level then that of Mizuki or Saizo.

"We don't have to do this you know." Naruto said in an attempt to resolve it peacefully.

"Yes we do." Kiba countered. "As you can see, I'm a werewolf. We live for battle and whenever a superior male comes around, we just have to fight them no matter what it takes just to prove who the stronger one is. This has always been our way. You should feel honored becaused I considered you worthy enough to challenge even if I had to resort to some underhanded tactics to do so. Now show me what sort of power you have now!" At that, Kiba charges at Naruto.

"Shit..." Naruto mutters as he manages to dodge the first attack but almost immediately after, felt himself assaulted from different directions. "So this is the true power and speed of a werewolf huh?" He thought to himself as he feels Kiba's sharp claws all over his body almost simultaneously.

"What's the matter? Why don't you transform and show me your true form?" Kiba asks. "Do you seriously want me to shred you to ribbons?" Kiba stops his assault, looks at Naruto then at Ino and smiles cruelly. "Or maybe you want me to start with Ino here or even look for Sakura and start with her instead?" He taunted.

Kiba's words had the desired effect. Naruto narrows his eyes at the werewolf and tosses aside his coat as a violent wind whips around him which signified the start of his transformation. "Leave them alone mutt. They've got nothing to do with us. All right then, if it's a fight you want then it's a fight you'll get." The winds subsides and reveals Naruto in his full Tenkou form who flexes his claws and gives Kiba a vulpine grin. "I hope you don't regret your decision dogbreath."

Kiba grins back and Naruto and gives out a bloodcurdling howl. "Ahhh... That's better. Let's do this foxface." And with a savage snarl, the two beast-like monsters pounce at each other.

(With Ino)

From her vantage point atop the tree, Ino watched in fascination as Kiba and Naruto literally fought tooth and nail against each other.

Using her abilities to create a simple illusion of her dangling unconscious from the tree as well as disguise herself as part of the tree had been simple enough. The hard part was not knowing wether her illusion would affect Naruto or not though she was fairly confident that he would not notice.

And sure enough, Naruto had taken the bait and was now in a straight out fight with Kiba. And despite the fact that Kiba was at peak strength due to the full moon and was putting up quite a struggle, Naruto clearly had the upper hand which only served to solidify her belief that Naruto truly was the lifemate for her.

"Enjoying the show Ino?"

Ino whips her head around towards the source of the voice which was beneath the tree she was sitting on and sees Sakura looking up at her.

"Sakura. What do you want and how the hell are you even able to find me through the illusion?" Ino asks in a peeved tone.

"Your illusion only works on weaker and unsuspecting minds Ino. My mind's not THAT weak plus I know exactly what to look for." Sakura explained then looks over at the fighting Kiba and Naruto. "I guess I was right to think that you're responsible for this little fiasco."

"So what if I am?" Ino asked venomously, not even bothering to deny the charges. "I can't just let you take away something which I've been looking for my entire life now can I?" She said, jumping down the branch to face her pink-haired friend.

Sakura narrows her eyes at Ino. In all her years of friendship with the blonde, she never acted this way. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me Sakura." Ino stated as she walks closer. "I've seen how you look and talk to Naruto when he first came here then during that discussion on the rooftop. You're interested in him aren't you?"

"W-What? I don't know what you're sa...AIEEE!" Sakura's denial was interrupted as Ino took a swipe at her which she avoids. But the tree behind her was not too lucky as it was sliced in half.

"YOU'RE LYING!" Ino shrieked at Sakura. "I know what you're up to you little hussy. You befriended me just so you could meet the perfect mate and when you find him, you'd steal him away from me."

"That's not true Ino. I never..." Sakura started to say but was interrupted again by a swipe from Ino who doesn't seem to be listening to her anymore.

"Well you won't get him from me." Ino said. "I'll show you what happens to ANYBODY who tries to steal from me." Ino stated with an evil smile as she starts to transform in front of Sakura's startled eyes.

(With Naruto and Kiba)

Kiba skids back along the ground from an attack by Naruto and uses his claws to stop himself. The werewolf was covered in cuts all over his body and those didn't include the injuries which his amazing recuperative powers had already healed. Aside from those, he was also getting tired while Naruto still looked fresh as a daisy.

"Who knew he's could use the wind to cut me up as well as those claws of his." Kiba mused to himself as he watches Naruto who remained largely unscathed, walk towards him. "Dammit, I knew from the start that I was outmatched but I had no idea that the difference is THIS large even at my full strength."

"What's the matter Kiba? Don't tell me that's all you've got in you?" Naruto said as he walks towards Kiba. "You were actually doing pretty good at the start so what's the problem, huh?" Unexpectedly, Kiba starts to laugh which makes Naruto frown. "Something funny about me kicking your ass dogboy?"

"Ahahahaha... Ignore me Naruto." Kiba said waving Naruto off. "I was just thinking how long it's been since I've had a fun fight like this." Kiba gets back up on his feet and brushes some dirt off his fur. "Don't tell me you don't feel the same way coz I know you'll be lyin' if you do."

Naruto raises a vulpine brow at this. "Well I guess there's no harm in telling you that it HAS been pretty entertaining so far." Naruto then narrows his eyes and studies Kiba for a moment then continues. "And you know what else I think? I think you're not really the one who planned out this entire shindig. You're way too honest and straight forward to be resorting to kidnapping somebody just for a good fight."

"You're right. This wasn't really my idea." Kiba admitted to him. "But that doesn't mean I'm just gonna tell you who came up with it. At least not until you beat me."

"I see. Well seeing as you look like you're on your last legs, what say we settle this by showing me your best move and see if I survive?" Naruto suggested making Kiba's eyes grow wide with surprise.

"You're nuts man. You're basically asking me to try and kill you!" Kiba exclaimed.

"You're right. That exactly what I'm asking you to do coz that's the only way you'll get a chance at beating me." Naruto stated, all traces of humor gone from his voice.

Kiba studies Naruto for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and prepares himself for his attack. "Your funeral buddy. I've always wondered what kind of damage my attack can do to a living, breathin' body. Don't say I didn't warn you though." Kiba said with a wide, canine grin. Naruto responds with a smirk and a 'come hither' gesture with a hand.

Kiba then leaps high up into the air and starts spinning furiously like a living drill.

"PIERCING FANG!" Kiba cries out as he homes in on Naruto's position. The blonde werefox cracks a vulpine grin as he watches the tornado that was Kiba draw closer. All nine of Naruto's tails then spreads out behind him and starts glowing with power as a tornado appears around him.

Kiba's attack connects with the tornado shielding Naruto and the snow white werewolf found himself struggling to try and penetrate the maelstorm. And much to his surprise, he felt that the barrier of wind around was even slowing down his spinning and pushing him back.

"W-What the hell is going on here?" Kiba thought to himself as he poured even more power into his attack but to no avail. A few moments later, a clawed hand comes out of the hurricane and grabs Kiba by the head despite the fact that he was still rotating in mid-air like crazy, stopping the spinning attack cold in it's tracks and slamming him face first into the ground with devastating force.

The windy barrier subsides and we find Naruto looking down at the smoking, prone figure of his defeated opponent. "Yo Kiba. You all right down there?" Naruto asks.

Kiba does not respond for a few moments before rolling to his back and answering with a chuckle. "Hehe... I guess you really ARE every bit the alpha male I thought you'd be, eh Naruto?" He said wearily as he sits up and reverts back to his human form. "Don't worry about me. You know how us werewolves are. We can take a beating and still keep on ticking. Though after THIS fight, I doubt I'd want to pick another one with you anytime soon no matter how much I enjoyed it."

"I enjoyed the fight too despite the circumstances. Your kind is as tough as advertised and that Piercing Fang attack of yours is something else." Naruto said as he also transforms back into his human form and offers Kiba a hand to get up which the young werewolf accepts.

"Bullshit. You could've swatted my attack aside anytime you wanted man. I guess I need to work on it a little more." Kiba grunted. "In any case, a deal's a deal. The person who planned this whole outting is..."

Their discussion was cut short as two figures crashes into the clearing. It was Sakura who was trying her best to avoid the long claws of a pointy eared, blonde haired, bat winged female figure with a tail who seemed familiar to Naruto.

"Ahh... Speaking of which, that's her right there." Kiba said, pointing at the blonde female.

"Ino? Is that you?" Naruto asks.

At the sound of Naruto's voice, Ino stops her attack and looks at him with a look akin to shame upon seeing Kiba standing besides him and realizing that her game was up.

"That tail... Those wings..." Naruto stated. "That must mean that you're a..."

"A dream demon... A succubus..." Ino confirmed with a downcast look. "And that Ino you saw hanging from the tree was just one of my illusions."

Naruto frowns at this revelation. Apart from the power of flight and razor sharp claws, he knew for a fact that the succubus clan had the ability to hypnotize and seduce anyone who caught their fancy. Their telepathic prowess even extends to the ability to create powerful illusions which only the strongest minds could resist.

Naruto watches as Sakura quickly makes her way besides him then narrows his eyes at Ino. "If you're the mastermind behind all this, then would you mind telling me the reason? And why are you attacking Sakura?"

"Because I can't let her have you." Ino practically cried out. "All my life I've been seaching for the ideal lifemate. And now that I've found you and discovered that you might even be 'The One', I can't let you go! Sakura was trying to steal you away from me and I can't forgive that!"

"What? You too? Pardon me for saying so but I still say you've got the wrong guy." Naruto stated which served to only infuriate Ino even more.

"See? Even Sakura thinks you're 'The One'." Ino cries out. "I don't care what you or anybody else says. You're the one I want. But if I can't have you then nobody else will!"

"Whoah! Look out! She's gone nuts!" Kiba warns as Ino charges at tthem. Kiba and Naruto, who picks up Sakura in his arms, leaps out of the way of her attack.

"Calm down Ino. It's not what you think!" Sakura said, trying to reason with her friend. But Ino was not listening and with blinding speed, charges at Naruto and Sakura again.

Surprised at the ferocity of Ino's attack, Naruto lost his hold on Sakura and in a desperate attempt to recover her, accidentally pulled off her rosario instead.

"Oh crap. Here we go." Naruto said, watching the scene unfold in front of him as he takes a step back.

"What's the matter? What's going on and why is Ino calling you The One? And also, what's with this wierd vibe I'm feeling in the air?" Kiba asks, confused by Naruto's behavior and a little apprehensive at the current atmosphere he was feeling.

"Your guess is as good as mind with regards to this business about 'The One'. But remember that story you wanted from me?" Naruto asks which earns him a nod from Kiba. "Well the truth is, I'm the reason why Mizuki landed in the hospital and got his ass fired. But in Saizo's case..." Naruto said as he and Kiba watches Sakura transform into her other self. "...It was all HER doing."

Kiba's eyes widens upon seeing the transformed state of Sakura. "Holy shit... A vampire!"

'Haruka' opens her eyes and glares at Kiba. "No shit Sherlock." She said sarcastically before her gaze travels to Naruto and smiles seductively as she slowly walks over and wraps her arms around his neck. "We meet again my love." She whispers in his ear.

If Ino was angry before, she was now positively livid at seeing how familiar Sakura seemed with Naruto despite the evil energy she felt earlier. "Get your filthy hands away from my Naruto Kun!" She screamed as she attacks again.

Without looking back, Haruka effortlessly catches Ino's hand in mid-strike with one hand and looks up at Naruto. "Such a noisy little wench. Shall I silence her for you Naruto Kun?" Without waitig for him to answer, 'Haruka' unleashes a back kick which sends Ino tumbling back dozens of feet away. Fortunately, the kick was only meant to throw her off and did not really injure the succubus. 'Haruka' gives Naruto a small kiss before turning around and focusing her attention to Ino.

"You're tougher then you look little girl." Haruka comments as she watches Ino get back up and shake the dirt off her body.

"Who the hell are you calling a little girl, Sakura?" Ino screamed at her.

"Sakura? I'm afraid you're mistaken. I'm not the person you know as Sakura right now. My name's Haruka." Haruka stated. earning him an incredilous look from Ino.

"You can call yourself whore for all I care forehead girl! I'm gonna take you down for being so close to my Naruto Kun." Ino said, causing Haruka to narrow her eyes at the blonde succubus.

"Resorting to name calling now are you?" Haruka said with a small chuckle before her demeanor turns serious. "You know something? I tried to be civil because you seem to be an acquaintance of my love. But if that's how you want to play this game little succubus then I'll have no other choice but to teach you to learn your place."

"For the last time, Naruto Kun doesn't belong to you! He's mine!" Ino shrieks as her eyes glow with power. Thorny vines suddenly erupt from the ground and binds the vampire who looks surprisingly unconcerned. "You're finished!" Ino said as she charges at Haruka.

"You can't fool me with your petty little tricks, succubus." Haruka stated as she dispels the illusion with a burst of dark power and easily dodges Ino's attack. In the same motion, Haruka grabs Ino's tail and slams her to the ground with earth-shattering force.

Haruka then looks down at her prone opponent with a frown and said. "I believe it was my other self Sakura who told you that your illusions only work when one does not expect it and on beings of lesser will then yourself. If it didn't work on my other self, what makes you think it will work on me? You insult me succubus and for that insult, the price is your life." And with this, she raises her hand to deliver the fatal strike.

But a firm hand on her wrist stops her in mid-strike. She looks back and sees that the hand belonged to Naruto.

"I think you've made your point Haruka. No need to go that far." Naruto stated.

"I have my doubts about that but if that is what you wish then I will not kill her... At least until she tries a stunt like this again. And next time, I will NOT be so merciful." Haruka said as she lowers her hand and starts to walk away.

Naruto also turns to follow Haruka but suddenly felt a looming presence behind him.

"Naruto! Look out!" Kiba warns. Naruto quickly turns around and sees Ino back on her feet and staggering towards him. Sensing no dangerous intent from the succubus, Naruto briefly wondered what could be driving her forward like this even after the beating she recieved from Haruka.

His question was answered when Ino latched her arms around Naruto and stares at him with eyes that seemed to be glazed over with desire. "My lifemate. You're the one." This was all Ino managed to say before kissing Naruto full on the lips.

Kiba could only watch the scene unfolding before him slack-jawed while Haruka was simply looking back with the beginnings of a smile tugging on her lips.

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