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'I had thought that tonight would be the same as any other night. But then I never expected something like this could happen…'

Yuuki was preparing herself for prefect duty, cheerful as always; but now, as Yori watched Yuuki, she seemed happier than usual.

"Yuuki, did anything good happen today?" Yori asked her.

"Eh? No, nothing unusual happened today. Nothing at all… Heh-heh-heh." Yuuki said, obviously telling a lie.

"Eh… Really?" Yori asked. 'She's lying. Something good did happen today.' she thought. "Prefects sure have a lot of responsibilities."

"You can say that again!" Yuuki smiled. "Well, I'm off."

"Take care of yourself." Said Yori. Yuuki nodded back.

Yori watched as Yuuki jumped out of the window. 'I hope she isn't hurt again, when she comes back. She always has wounds these days.' she thought.

She looked outside the window, still thinking about Yuuki. She was worried for her friend. 'I'm sure Yuuki won't mind if I just check up on her.'

Yori left her bed and pulled a coat over her pajamas. Silently she left their room and walked down the corridor. Everyone in the dorm was already in their rooms, since it was forbidden to go out after dark. She walked through the forest garden of the school. Surely Yuuki would be there: walking and patrolling with Zero.

Yori had thought it would be easy to find Yuuki, since it wasn't that late yet, but she didn't expect it to be pitch black. 'How can Yuuki see in this darkness?' she thought. 'it's like being blind in the night, you'd have to be like a cat or bat to see in this dark. I should go back, but… I can't even see where I've come from…'

She sighed. 'I should have brought a flash light.'


She heard a sudden noise from out of nowhere. 'Could there be some wild animals in here?' she looked around. 'I can't see.' she crouched down and hid, hoping that whoever made the sound would leave.

It was then she heard voices.

"I could have sworn I saw a person walking here." A voice said.

"Hanabusa, let's go back, dorm leader Kuran will scold us. There's no one here." A second voice said.

'Hanabusa? Aidou Hanabusa? I see! They're from the night class.'

"You're worrying too much Akatsuki. I'm just curious whether my eyes deceived me or not. Geez, I only wanted to have some fun." Aidou said.

"If dorm leader finds out were gone for too long, he'll come looking for us, Hanabusa." Akatsuki said. "Forget about what you saw."

"Ok. I understand." Aidou sighed, and then he looked at the bush where Yori was hiding.

Yori could sense that Aidou was looking right at her hiding place. 'Did they found out?' she spied on the two night class students.

"Hanabusa." Akatsuki uttered, while looking at Aidou.

"Yes, yes. Looks like she isn't one of my fans after all." Aidou said, as he put something down on the ground. He then walked towards the school grounds. "Let's go Akatsuki."

"Yeah." Akatsuki followed Aidou.

When Aidou and Akatsuki had gone Yori got out of her hiding place, thankful they hadn't seen her. She then spotted a flashlight lying on the ground. 'Could it be? Of course not… no one can see in this darkness right… but why…?'

Though she was confused, Yori took the flashlight and went back to the Day Class Girl's dormitory. She still wondered if the two students of the night class had noticed her presence, in the Academy forest garden that night.


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