Okay so here I was, sat in the Cullen's living room. Again.

Charlie had gone on a fishing trip with Billy and I had insisted to stay at home.

He was going to be gone for a whole week. A whole week without school. A whole week without cooking. a whole week with my dysfunctional second family.

Esme and Carlisle had also gone out. They were on a week long hunting trip and had insisted I stay at their place and keep Edward, Alice and the rest of the Cullen's company.

Alice had woke me up this morning by jumping on the bed and shouting down my ear "Come on Bella! Time to get up! Today is going to be so fun!"

Then Edward came storming in; Apparently Alice had somehow gotten past him…..

"Alice! She needs her sleep! Go downstairs and help Jasper on the play station. And before you even ask, no you can't take her shopping and spend the rest of the day doing her hair. Forget it Alice!"

Alice's face fell and she stalked out of the room muttering to herself under her breath.

Edward chuckled and sat next to me on the huge golden bed.

Really though. I hardly ever stayed over at the Cullen's and he goes and buys me a bed? A bed in a house where nobody sleeps. Where's the logic in that?

"What was Alice thinking? About my hair? "I asked Edward hesitantly. Knowing Alice it was definitely something outrageous.

"She wanted to buy some Orange hair dye and see what it would look like on you. She also wanted to cut your hair a lot like Hayley Williams'" he sighed.

Alice was always trying out some new style on me. Rosalie wasn't a good enough shopping partner for her - she had been shopping with Rose for the past 70 years or something similar.

Edward kissed my hair.

"So are you getting up now?"

"I hope to god Alice has brought my clothes from home this time. I don't want to spend all morning looking for a pair of jeans in her closet."

Edward laughed.

A few seconds later Alice called us from what sounded like the living room.

"Hey everybody! Esme, Carlisle, Edward, Bella, Rose, Emmet, Jasper! get down here! I have brilliant idea of what were going to do today!"

Edward sighed and pulled me away from the piano, where he was playing his new song.

As we got downstairs, everybody was there apart from Emmett and Rose.

I sat down on the leather sofa and heard screaming from outside. Everybody turned towards the huge glass window.

Emmett was in Rosalie's favourite red dress and red stilettos prancing round the lawn pretending to be his beloved.

Rosalie was chasing after him screaming. He was in trouble.

I wondered idly what drugs he had stolen from Carlisle's drug cabinet this time.

I still remember the time he thought he was Perry the Platypus and painted himself green and walked around the house in a brown hat humming the pink panther theme tune.

Edward laughed. He had obviously read what Rosalie was planning for Emmett.

Emmett ran through the door and Rosalie was after him shouting 'Emmett get back here. You're banned from the bedroom again!'

Emmett just laughed. Carlisle then stood up and went to help Rosalie chase down Emmett.

"EMMETT! IF YOU'VE STOLEN THOSE NEW DRUGS IM SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING I'LL KIL LYOU! "Carlisle shouted. I had never heard him shout like that before. He must be mad.

Carlisle stormed out of the room and Esme followed and exasperated look on her face.

Alice and Edward started laughing.

"What?What is it Edward?" I asked Edward who was literally rolling on the floor.

"Alice what did you see?"Jasper asked Alice who was on the floor.

"Rosalie…Shopping….Emmett…Designer clothes…Esme…Cooking" was all Alice could manage to say because of her laughing fit.

I turned to Edward hoping for a better answer.

"What Alice means to say is that Rosalie is going to take Emmett shopping ,force him into designer clothes take hundreds of pictures and post them all over town. And as extra punishment Esme is going to make him help her with her cooking and he has to clean the whole house" Edward said a smile creeping back across his face.

By this time Alice and Jasper were both on the floor and I was staring at Edward in shock until I started laughing aswell.

Emmett then stormed in followed by Rosalie Carlisle and Esme.

"Aw, come on guys!" Emmett begged.