"Joke's on You"

(I'm really quite ashamed of myself for making such a short story, it just came to me.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII.

Yuffie's bathroom shower was running, she wasn't in the bathroom however. She didn't want to get up, but her stomach rebelled against her, telling her that she should rise to get some food from Tifa. She almost didn't comply with it, but the smell was coming up from below.

She got up, and slowly got dressed, her eyes still half lidded as she threw on one of her button up pajama shirts and her pajama pants. Once doing so, she flopped back onto the bed, but was beckoned to get back up by the smell of Tifa's cooking.

She made her way downstairs, yawning. Cloud was about to eat, Marlene and Denzel were already stuffing their faces. Yuffie heard a little bit of laughter, looking across the bar to see Reno and Rude. If they were there that early they must've found a job that their turk skills applied to, and were eating breakfast at the bar before setting out. They would be back, later, to drink. They always came back the very same day.

Even Denzel and Marlene took to snickering. Cloud must've said something funny a little earlier.

"Tifa! I'm hungry." She whined, her head thumping against the bar.

"I'm sure you are." She placed a plate in front of her, that would've originally been hers, had her friend not come down. It wasn't very often Yuffie was up this early.

Cloud said goodbye, going out on a delivery, laughing on his way out the door. Reno and Rude repeated his goodbye to everybody once they had finished, not being able to hold in their laughter anymore, burst out right outside the door, loud enough for everybody inside to hear.

Denzel and Marlene left to play, still laughing as they were when Yuffie had entered.

"What's the deal with all them? You tell a funny joke or something?" The question was aimed at Tifa, who just sat next to her and began at her breakfast.

"No." She paused, looking over to Yuffie. "You're wearing Vincent's pants."

Yuffie couldn't help but turn beet red, looking down at his pants that she had just a moment earlier dripped syrup on.

"I hope Vincent doesn't have work today." Tifa said off-handedly just as Yuffie jumped up and ran upstairs.