Chapter one

The ringing of her cell phone woke her up. She rocketed up out of bed and looked at her phone to see that it was seven forty five, she had fifteen minutes to get to class. It was her first day of her junior year in high school.
Satsuna is a everyday ordinary high school student with the everyday family and friends. She had long hip Leigh dark brown hair and deep hazel eyes that changed color with her mood, she wasn't tall only around five three.

"I'm going to be late! MOM! Why didn't you wake me up!"she yelled down the stairs as she rushed though her morning routine. She rushed down the stairs almost falling flat on her face as she tripped on her own feet as she came into the kitchen.

"I tried Satsuna, you told me you were going to wake up five minutes ago."her mom was working on her seven year old brother's breakfast.

Her dad was on a trip to America which made her lucky because he wasn't there to make her life a living hell. He never liked her, she really didn't know why, maybe it was because she was a girl but then he was nice to her mom and brother and to her when mom was around. He would be yelling at her like mad if he was here right now, she wasn't suppose to be late for school or anything for that matter and she wasn't aloud out of the house passed nine. She was late one night and she got a mother of a beating and couldn't wear shorts for a week because of the bruising. And she still had wipe marks on her back from his belt.

"And you believed me?"she asked trying to forget that night that she made sure never had a Chance to repeat as she grabbing her lunch and made her way to the door. "Never mind I need to get going to school."and then she was gone in a cloud of dust.

She wished she had time to stop at the arcade and get a pop tart and milk shack before heading off for a long first day of school but she new that that would cause her to be late. The only good thing that ever came out of her being late was that she wouldn't run into Derek, who was in his second year of collage and should be bond picking on her every time they saw each other, which was like was like what four years older then her, shouldn't he be out playing the Field as he father put it, not picking on her.

But even if she didn't like him personally she had to say he look drop dead goruges, jet black hair, stunning deep blue eyes, about six foot two. He was a god to most and she mite have liked him if it wasn't for his inability to leave her alone.

She stepped into her home room class just in time for the bell, everyone smiled her way before taking there seats.

"Made it just on time Satsuna."her friend Molly pointed out.

"It's just drama if I missed it then it wouldn't be a very big deal."she said taking her seat behind Molly in the back of the class by the window.

"Whens your dad coming home?"Molly asked. She didn't know anything about how her dad was, just that he was overprotective of her, which he was when it came to her being happy. He didn't like her being happy.

"I'm not sure a couple of weeks maybe."

"Good then we can go shopping after school today without you having to run home for anything."

"I'm going to the arcade like I do everyday but I'll meat you there afterward."

"Okay."she said turning around as the teacher came in and started class.

The first day of school went by faster then she thought it would and before she knew it she was outside of the arcade. She walked in and came face first with a hard solid chest.

"What the? Oh hay there pip squeak."It was Derek of course, just her luck to run into him. If her father couldn't touchier her why the hell would she be given a break, just send Derek and he made up for it, even if he never physically hurt her like her father. But he still gave her one hell of a headache nun-the-less.

"Stop calling me that!"she said shoving past him.

"It's not my falt your short."

"Yeah and it's not mine, so shut up you giant!"she sketched.

"Come on you two can't you stop fighting for five minutes?"Andrew the owner of the arcade said coming up beside them. Even though he knew it was hopeless to stop Derek and Satsuna from fighting he never stopped trying, they were both his friends and he thought they would be perfect for each other.

"We couldn't talk without fighting Andrew and it's all his falt."Satsuna said heading to the counter for her chocolet milk shack.

"And how is it my falt pip squeak?"he asked mockingly.

"Oh shut up calling me that is one reason and you do it because it makes me mad."

"Now why would I do something like that pip squeak?"he smiled.

"How should I know it's you after all."she said heading for the door. "I have to get going Molly and me are going shopping."

"Problem the only thing you can do right."Derek said as she reached the door.

"Like you would know anything about me!"she said and walked out. There was a double meaning to that and they both heard it.

They both knew Satsuna wasn't very comfortable around people especially men but when ever Andrew asked her about it she just said that she didn't want to give her father anything to get mad about. But Andrew was the only one she really talked to and he knew that she was keeping something from him but he knew better to ask her. If it wasn't for Derek he really thought that Satsuna would go out of her mind, he didn't like see her the way she was sometimes so distant and alone, it sometimes took her days to go back to her normal state.

She didn't even argue with Derek when she was in that state, she would look into space and ignore everyone like she was trying to heal herself from the inside out. And the after the next few days she would be back to her cheerful self trying to make everyone happy at the expense of her own.

It almost seamed like Derek was the only person that can break though her barriers sometimes, he's the only one that really brags out the real Satsuna but even then she never seams to be all there.

"You sure know how to make her mad don't you."Andrew said as he got Derek his coffee.

"You think so I hadn't noticed."he smiled to himself. He loved making fun of that pint sized air head.

"You like her don't you?"

Derek was shocked into silence for a minute."Why would I like that air head and on that were like three or four years a part."

"Age isn't anything to people who are in love."

"I'm not in love and I never will be with that pip squeak."

"What ever you say, I just hope she doesn't hurt herself by falling in the middle of traffic."he said looking at his friend knowing. Everyone knew that Satsuna was the biggest klutz that ever lived.

Derek got up and headed for the door."I'll go make sure she doesn't hurt herself and hopefully doesn't hurt anyone else."he grumbled.

Andrew looked around the arcade to see everyone eyes were fallowing Derek, good then the bets are on. When Derek was out of the arcade Andrew brought out the beating bored. "You saw it here the two love birds of arguing, who wants to place there beat first . . . . . "and the game began.

Satsuna had only made it a few blocks before she got caught in a traffic jam of people on the side of the road waiting for the light to change. A sports car came brawling around the corner and was about to hit a black cat that had wondered into the road.

She knew that the car was going to hit it if she didn't do something so she didn't think she just reacted on her instincts. She ran out into the road for the cat and just as she stood, cat in her arms, she was slammed into the side by something hard, but not as hard as a car. She opened her eyes to see black, nothing but black, when she looked around she could see that she was on the other side of the street laying under someone with the black cat safe in her arms. Everyone was okay. She signed in relief.

"You really are a air head aren't you pip squeak. It's a good thing I was here or you would have been flattened."Derek said looking down at her.

"I'm not a air head!"she yelled forgetting that she should be grateful and not yelling at him.

"Then why may I ask where you in the middle of the road when the light hadn't changed, you ran right out there."

"I was saving a life."she said proudly.

"Really because it looked like you were trying to end yours."he said standing them both up, just noticing the cat. "You put your life on the line for a cat!"he said harshly.

"It's a living, breathing creatcher. Why shouldn't I have helped it? Would you have rather it die?!"

"Compared to you yes. I may not like you pip squeak but I don't want you dead." he touched her nose.

"Don't do that I'm not a little kid."she compiled.

"You act like it."

"I do not."

The cat jumped out of her arms then and landed a few feet away from them.

I feel something from this girl. Could she be the one that we're looking for?She wasn't going to get that answer at the moment because Satsuna looked down at her phone and scowled.

"Great Derek you made me late again, I was sappiest to be there five minutes ago."

"I didn't make you do anything air head."he told her.

"Did so, your doing it right now. I would argue some more but I have to go!" before the last word was out of her mouth she was running down the street.

"She's going to kill herself one of these days."Derek signed heavily before turning to face the cat. "Don't go out into the street anymore kitty she gets hurt enough without your help."then he walked off.

Yes she is definitely one peace to the puzzle to the moon kingdom. I've got to find her.

Luna started after Satsuna. Luna found her just as she got to the food Cort of the mall talking with one of her friends.

Best not talk to her know, I'll just watch and see what she's like.

"Hi Molly sorry I'm late, I ran into Derek."

"Your always late Satsuna, this isn't anything new you know."

Satsuna scowled at her friend but they both knew it wasn't real. "All right lets do some shopping."

"You don't get out enough Satsuna."Molly laughed.

Luna saw a sad expiration cross Satsuna's face but it was gone before she could get a very good look at it. She started laughing with her friend but it was forced and Luna knew it. "Yeah I know."

They went into there first store, Hot topic. "I don't see why you like this store so much Satsuna."

"I just do, why don't you go look at the bathing suits and pick us out a matching pare, we can go to the beach this weekend."

"That sounds like fun, we haven't done that sense last year."

"You know I have to study a lot."

"Your dad is way to stricked."

"Yeah I know, lets finish up here. I need to get home in about an hour and a half."

"But you said your dad wasn't home yet."

"He's not, mom's working late at the hospital tonight and I have to watch my brother."

"That has to be fun."Molly muttered.

"He's not that bad, I love him."

"You have to."

"He just takes some getting used to. Go look at the bathing suits I won't even give my opinion I won't say a word about it."

"Now we got a deal."Molly said darkly and walked away.

"I have a feeling I'm going to regret saying that."Satsuna muttered to herself before turning to look at a pick low cut dress that was covered with scale and cross bones. It wouldn't cover all of her if her father gave her any marks that weren't on her back but she liked it and he most liking wouldn't leaving anything that would last more then a week or two.

She took it off the hanger before going to get her a pare of thigh highs, she also got her some black nail polish wall she was at it. Along with black net arm wraps. By the time she was done Molly was waiting for her at the counter.

"Here you go and I expect you to wear it when we go to the beach to."Molly handed her a pink two peace bathing suit that had black stars all over it. "Remember you said you wouldn't say a word."Molly warned when Satsuna started to protest.

"Fine."she grumbled.

They paid for there things and started for Debs.

"Finally, I love coming in here its so bright."Molly yelled and running to the 50% off sale's clothes. Molly and her only came to the mall on sale days, save money for more important things. "You should get something to really show off your great body Satsuna."

"No think you the last thing I need is right know is to draw attention to myself."

"I don't get you Satsuna, you have a great body but you want nothing to do with guys and you act like your the most unattractive person on the planet."

"I've never seen every women there is but I have a feeling that I'm not the hottest girl out there."she laughed lightly knowing that she was anything but attractive.

"Can I help you ladies?"the sales Clark asked.

"Yes do you have these in a size five."Molly showed her a par of pants that looked skin tit and had flowers going from the right side of the hip down half way to the knees, Satsuna really liked them and the were half off.

She stopped the clurk as she started to leave."And size four if you have any."

"Your getting a pare to Satsuna?"Molly looked like it was Christmases.

Am I really that bad? Satsuna thought to herself.

"Yes I like them."

"Awesome, were do you want to go after we get out of here?"

"I'm going to go to the book store, you can do want ever you need to, we can meet at the food court and walk home togather."

"Same old Satsuna,"Molly sighed."Fine you go look at your books and I'll meet you in fifteen."

"Here's your pants Lady's."the clerk said coming back both pares in hand.

"Think you."they payed and went there Sprint ways.

Satsuna stepped into the book store, she had brought a lot of her money with her because she knew Molly would want to go to the mall and they were going to have some new books in. The ones she wanted the most probably wouldn't be in though, they never were but she always found good books anyway.

She picked up The Host first thing then made her way to the paranormal romance section of the store, it wasn't that big but they always had the best books.

"Can I help you?"a young man asked her.

"No, think you."she said looking at him but not really looking.

"Oh hey Satsuna I didn't know you liked to read."the guy commented.

"Oh hey Nick, I didn't know you worked here."She stated surprised, she had had a crush on Nick for a couple of years now, he was a year older then her but they were in the same grade.

"Its a good part--time job, it gives me something to do and I raise a little money on the side. You like books odiously why don't you try to get a job here I'll put in a good word for you."he smiled down at her.

"I'd like that."she didn't know how her father would react but if she made it seem that the job wouldn't make her happy or that it would get her out of the house faster then maybe he would go along with it. "Can you give me a application I can give it back to you by tomorrow."

"Sure thing, I'll give it to you when you check out."he turned and walked away.

She spent ten more minutes going though and picking out a few more books then she checked out, totally unaware of the black cat hiding out side watching her.

"Here you go Satsuna."he handed her the application.

"Thinks, make sure to put in a good word for me."

"Don't worry I will."he smiled as he watched her leave noting the black cat that fallowed her.

"Hey Satsuna what took you so long?"Molly said as Satsuna got to the food court.

"I'm two minutes late Molly not an hour."

"I know but you really need to get home, remember?"

She sighed."Yes, you didn't have to reminded me."It wouldn't take them long to get to her house fifteen minutes if they didn't have to stop for anything, and it was only around six and her mom didn't need to leave for work till six thirty."Will be there in plenty of time."

"Do you want to do anything tomorrow?"

"I think I'm just going to the arcade tomorrow, it's Friday, and then we can go to the beach Saturday. It suppose to rain Sunday."

"I heard, I'll see you then I gas."Molly said as they came to her street.

"Yeah, night."she waved.

Satsuna started down the street purchases in hand. Street lights came on and there where few people on the street. She started humming a mindless tune, looking up at the stars that were barely visible in the sky. Before she knew it she was home.

She walked in and into the kitchen were her mother set waiting for her. "Sorry that I'm getting in so late mom, Molly wanted to go to the mall and get a new swim suit so we could go to the beach this Saturday. I'll be home around five thirty tomorrow unless you need me sooner."

"That's fine honey, did you go to the book store too?"her mom smiled.

"You know me to well mom."Satsuna laughed lightly.

"Your just a book freak Satsuna."her brother stated from behind her.

"Hey Josh, what do you want for support."

"I already ate."

"Alright I'll leave you kids to play. Make sure that Josh is in bed at nine Satsuna."her mom said making her way out the front door.

"I will mom, be safe."she said back to her.

"Love you later."

"Love you later."Satsuna and Josh said at the same time.

"Okay Josh what do you want to do till your bed time?"

"I'll go play some video games in my room so you can go read your books, just make sure you tall me when it's time to go to bed."he said walking off.

"I will."Satsuna said making her way upstairs to her room.

She walked into her bed room and after she put her clothes away and the books on her bed she walked to the adjoining bathroom, her pajamas in hand. She was going to take a long hot shower.

Luna jumped into the young girls room though the open window and waited for the Satsuna to come back out. It felt like forever before the bathroom door opened she walked out drying her hair and direst in pink pajamas top and bottoms that had little moons and stars on them.

Satsuna looked up to see the little black cat she saved earlier that day sitting on her bed."Hey there little kitty did you fallow me home?"she asked not expecting a answer.

"Satsuna, I have come because earth needs your help to save it from evil. You are our champion Sailor moon."

Satsuna shock her head."I must have hit my head on something, I'm hearing cats talk."

"I can talk and you need to listen. You are the new protector of earth, sailor moon, you are to find the other sailor soldiers and save the earth from evil."

"Like I'm suppose to believer this, I just hit my head to hard when Derek rammed into me is all."

Luna flipped backward and a beautiful gold and demand studied compact appeared and landed on the bed."Take that and say moon star power."

"Alright."Satsuna said going a long with it. "Moon star power!"

She was wrapped in a soft wight light for about thirty seconds and when she opened her eyes she couldn't believe her eyes. Her pajamas had become a body suit that was barely covered by a blue skirt and a blue scarf thing that looked like it came off a sailor. Her hair was pulled back and held by two red ball like thing's, she also had on red knee high bouts that had moons at the tip. And to finish every thing she had a Terra with a gold moon on her forehead, along with moon shaped ear rings and a red shocker with another gold moon.

"Okay this is cool."she whispered.

"It's not a toy to be played around with, now detransform by saying the same thing."

She did and went back to standing in her pajamas. "And what am I going to be doing again?"

"Your going to try to find each sailor scouts and protect the innocents when they are under attack by what we in the moon kingdom call the negative forces, I will help you do all of this. There is one more thing, the main reason that I am here, we need to find the moon princess before the negative forces find and kill her."

"I can actually help?"


"Alright we can start by finding the other girls, that will make everything go faster."

"Good plain, will start looking tomorrow in teen populated areas."

"I have to go to school first and then the arcade, which has a lot of people, then we can go to the mall I need to give my application to Nick anyway. School ends at two tomorrow because of that stupid parade so we have plenty of time to look before I have to come home around five thirty."Satsuna looked at the clock to see it was Josh's bedtime."I'll be right back."and she was after hugging and kissing her brother good night.

She ywaned as she came back into her room to see that Luna had made herself at home and was sleeping on the end of her bed. She smiled before turning out the light and sliding under the blanket.

The next morning she woke up to the cat pawing at her face trying to wake her up."What do you want kitty?"

"The name is Luna and we need to get a early start."

"What time is it?"

"About six in the morning."Luna said jumping off the bed.

"WHAT! Why are you waking me up this early for!?"Satsuna shot up in bed.

"Get dressed, we can start at your cafe so you can get some breakfast and look over all the people there."

Satsuna growled but got up and started getting dressed. When she was done she turned a questioning glance at Luna. "How will we know the girl when we find her?"

"Here."Luna flipped and a watch appeared and landed in Satsuna's hand. "When that beeps then we are with in fifty feet of one of the scouts. I'll give then there powers and explain everything, so you can continue to look for the others."

"Who do I attack if I get attacked?"

"You say and do the first thing that comes into your mind and do it with out thought."

"I can do that."

"Good then lets go."

They left the house after leaving a note for Satsuna's mom when she woke up, telling her that she got a early start and went to school early.

They walked into the cafe twenty minutes later to see very few people but still more then Satsune thought they would. She walked to the counter and set where she always did and waited for Andrew to turn to her.

"Hey Satsuna what are you doing here this early?" Andrew asked shocked to see his friend so early in the morning.

"I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd get an early start."Satsuna sighed."Came I get my chocolate milk shack."

"Sure and fries to I'm gasping."

"You got that right."Satsuna smiled at him not even hearing the bell over the door to the arcade open till she saw someone sit beside her.

"Your going to get fat if you keep eating like you do." a familiar voice pointed out.

She turned around and looked up at Derek. "Mind your own business, Derek, I can eat what ever I want."she said as her fries appeared and quickly started eating.

"Whatever. Hey Andrew has Rai stopped by, me and her have a date this afternoon."Derek asked his friend pointedly. Rai had been hinting at wanting to go out with him and he thought he would rumor her. It's not like he didn't like her, just not that way and if it got Andrew off his back about liking Satsuna then so be it.

Andrew looked shocked and then at Satsuna how was half way done with her fries and pushed them away."I haven't seen her, she usually goes to school."

"Yeah, this is the only time I had free and she said it was fine."Derek looked over just in time to see Satsuna picking up her things getting ready to leave. "What's the matter air head, jalousie."

"Why should I be jalousies? If anything I think the girl needs her head examined."

"And why is that?"he said smirking down at her.

"Because anyone that would want to send more then five minutes with you has something wrong with them."she looked at Andrew and smiled."Bye Andr--."at that moment her compact went off as the arcade door opened.

"Hey Derek sorry I'm late."she said coming up and kissing him on the check.

"Your just on time, Rai."

Satsuna looked down at Luna who looked up at her and nodded. "You stay here and take care of it, I have to get to school."she whispered and made her way out of the arcade.

"Hey Satsuna!"came a voice from behind her.

She turned around to see Nick."Morning, what can I do for you Nick?"

"I just wanted to walk to school with you is all."he scratched the back of his head.

"Why?"she would never understand guys.

"I just thought it would be nice."

She shrugged."Okay."

"By the way, did you fill out your application?"

"Yes I was going to turn it in this afternoon."

"I have to go to work later tonight so why don't you let me turn it in for you and we can hang out this afternoon?"he was blushing and she didn't understand why. She shrugged, maybe he was sick.

"Alright, If you don't mind it would help, I need to get home early tonight." They where at the school now."See you later then."she said before walking into her class room.

"Yeah, see you."he smiled happily.

"Hey Satsuna."Molly said as she set down behind her.


"What are you doing this afternoon?"

"Me and Nick are going to go to the arcade and then I got to get home."

"You and Nick huh? Never saw that coming. So are you two going out or something?"

Satsuna looked shocked."No, I'm going out for a job in the bookstore and he works there I plain to ask him a few things."

"What ever you say, have a good time."

Satsuna was still confused by the time the teacher came in and started class. The second day of school went a little slower then the first but not by much and soon she found herself walking side by side with Nick on there way to the arcade.

"So when do you need to be home?"Nick asked holding the door open for her. She saw Andrew at the counter talking to Derek with no Rai in site.

"In about an hour or two. Mom will call me if there's an emergence."

"That's good."he smiled at her.

She blinked up at him before smiling back according. She didn't smile that much unless it was with her brother or Molly."Let's sit by the window."she said taking the one so that her back was facing Andrew and Derek who were both looking at her weirdly.