Summary – Deep in the department of mysteries a prophecy comes to pass. One of Elves, Veelas, and Vampires. But what does this have to do with the golden trio and the resident Prince of Slytherin? HPDM, RWBZ, HGPP. MPreg, M/M SLASH, F/F SLASH. Don't Like Don't Read.

Chapter 1 - Mate

Harry sat on the lumpy mattress he called his bed, covered by the scratchy blanket he used as his bed cover as he looked out onto Privet Drive. It was a full moon, and Harry hoped that his werewolf friend had a safe and painless transformation. He moved to slump down on the small desk chair waiting for any sign of life out on the lamp-lit street; once again he snapped his eyes open, willing himself not to fall asleep till his birthday. Hurry's eyes wandered over the items on his desk, an empty owl cage – he had sent Hedwig to Hermione for safe keeping – a large pile of Daily Prophets, proclaiming that the end was over and the war was finished. Hurry's face was plastered over most of these, The-Man-Who-Beat-You-Know-Who. Odd bits of parchment scattered over the remainder of the desk, most of them being his summer assignments. Then at the corner of his desk sat a small alarm clock telling him that it was only two minutes to midnight. Almost his seventeenth birthday. Once again he sighed and looked out of his small window; a strange package was being flown towards him by an exhausted owl – Errol, the Weasleys' owl. Harry opened his window and let the owl crash land on the bed. He pulled off the string that attached the heavy package to the owl and let the poor bird perch in Hedwig's cage until it rested a little. Harry looked up again to see his own owl, followed by three others. He released all of their burdens and watched as the two school owls and post owl disappeared into the clouds. The small alarm clock struck midnight and a light beeping sound filled the room.

Harry felt a deep burning sensation from his solar plexus right up his chest. He pulled in rapid gasps of breath as the fire turned to ice, cooling his body from the intense heat. It only lasted five seconds before the heat was back. Harry fell to his knees and coughed, as if smoke had just entered his lungs. He bent his head to the floor and coughed even more violently than before, a red substance leaking from his mouth and splattering on the floor. Blood. Harry felt darkness surround him and let himself fall into the never-ending black.


Draco sat up in his bed pulled from another dream of his faceless mate. Meaning his mate wasn't of age yet but Draco had seen him since he himself became of age, which meant it could be anyone in Hogwarts. What pulled him from his sleep though? There was no one in the manor to make a noise, since his mother and father had gone to Azkaban and been given the Dementor's Kiss. It was only him and the house-elves. So what was it? Then something he read entered his mind.

A dominate Veela would have to help his mate through the inheritance process; even if that Veela didn't know who his mate was, his body would.

Draco sighed and climbed out of bed – his mate was coming into his inheritance, he wouldn't be sleeping that night. He got dressed, waiting for the call from his mate, which would lead him to wherever his mate was; Draco just hoped his mate wasn't a Hufflepuff.

Draco made his way down to the foyer, white and black marble surrounding him as he waited by the huge doors leading to the long path that led to the end of the wards. A soft voice echoed in the large foyer humming a gentle tune.

'Find me.' The male voice whispered in Draco's ear, 'Privet Drive, find me,' the voice whispered then the last note echoed gently and the humming finished. Draco swept out of the door and strode out of the range of the wards and disapparated thinking of the street name Privet Drive; hopefully there was only one street with that name.

Number four Privet Drive shook on its foundations, nobody on the street noticed though, all sound asleep in their beds as they were. The sweltering heat that spread throughout the house woke the Dursleys, however. They were immediately cooled though by the prickling cold that followed immediately afterwards. Two fat men ran out onto the lawn followed by a woman who had some resemblance to a broomstick. The family started arguing about who should go and rescue their unwanted nephew. The house shook again and the Dursley's took a few fearful steps backwards, ready to run if the house collapsed.

They heard footsteps behind them and whipped around praying that it wasn't one of their neighbours and if it wasn't a neighbour, praying that the neighbours never looked out towards their house. Light was now pouring from the window of the smallest bedroom in the house. The footsteps were made by a man. With platinum blonde hair tied back at the nape of his neck in a leather thong. He wore some sort of weird cloak over black pants; the Dursley's were disgusted to see that the pants were leather. On the top of his body he wore a green button down shirt with a silver dragon embroidered around the side and bottom of the silk.

"Who are you?" Vernon Dursley asked, sneering.

"It is I who should be asking you that particular question. However now is not the time; who is in the house?"

"N-nobody of course, why would we leave anybody in that?" Vernon looked pointedly at the house.

"Do not try me, if I am not mistaken then my mate who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in that room," Draco gestured the light engulfed room. "Now tell me, sir, who is it?"

"You will not mention any of that abnormality while on my property. Go, take the freak and be gone with you."

Draco saw red. "How dare you!" he shouted pulling out his wand and pointing it at the overweight man. "Now all three of you will go back in that house, tell me who is in that bedroom and take me to him, or else I will curse you." The three backed slowly into the house frightened of the blonde who was currently sneering in their direction.

"That wasn't so hard was it? Now who is in the bedroom?" Draco asked as if he were taking to children.

"P-Potter." Vernon stuttered.

"Harry Potter, Saviour of the Wizarding world, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, the one who vanquished the Dark Lord, and the most powerful person in the world?" Draco asked, his Malfoy mask hiding his obvious surprise.

"If you say so," Vernon shrugged. Draco growled but didn't comment.

"You! Take me to Potter." Dudley rushed out of the room with the wizard following him, Draco's wand trained on the back of the pig's head. They walked up the stairs and onto the landing, and the pig pointed to the door furthest from the rest. A door, which looked like the rest except for a small cat flap.

Does Potter have a cat? Or a dog?

As they neared the door Draco noticed the many metal padlocks, fixing the door shut. Not one of them was open. Draco saved his rage for later and with a swish of his wand the door clicked open. The light from the room filled the hallway, and Draco was simultaneously blinded from the sudden blaze. He rushed in and dropped to his knees by his small mate's body. He reached out a hand and rested it on Harry's burning forehead.

Harry found relief from the cool touch against his head and he sighed in relief, but a second later his body chilled. To counter the sudden chill the hand on his head heated and for the next fifteen seconds their body temperature rotated, until the flushes evened out and Harry was his natural body temperature again. He managed to pry his eyes open and he looked up into the face of a smiling Draco Malfoy.

"M-Malfoy?" Harry chocked slowly sitting up, aided by the gentle hand between his shoulder blades.

"Hush now, Harry, I'm here to help. I'm going to pick you up now and carry you downstairs, okay?" Draco whispered, sweeping Harry's hair away from his bright sparkling eyes.

Harry didn't trust his voice to say anything worthwhile so he just nodded; as reluctant as he was he knew he wouldn't be able to stand – let alone walk – anywhere. He was pulled from his thoughts as gentle arms moved to hook around his legs and waist and slowly lift him off the hard floor.

"Wrap your arms around my neck, I promise I won't drop you, Harry." He did as Draco asked, wrapping his arms tightly around the blonde's neck.

"There are a few things I need to tell you," Draco stated once the two of them were downstairs facing the Dursley's. "I am a Veela, Harry."

"O-okay, I understand-"

"We ruddy well don't, "Vernon snapped at his nephew and the other wizard. "What the ruddy hell are Veal's?"

"Veelas are magical creatures who come into their inheritance on their seventeenth birthday. Most choose to live their lives, go to school, mate, and marry like normal wizards. However, Veelas have special characteristics which separate them from normal wizards, like wings, talons, and an allure, which attracts any witch or wizard not immune."

"What do you need me for?" Harry asked his soft voice filling Draco's ears like it had at Malfoy Manor.

"You're my mate, Harry. And you are truly beautiful." Draco ran his hand through Harry's hair.

As soon as Draco had carried Harry into the sitting room and placed him upon the couch, he knew what his mate was. With hip length black and red streaked hair, curvy waist and hips, and delicate pointed ears, who had no need of glasses or contacts, there was no mistaking that he was an Elf. A powerful Dark Elf.

"Ruddy freak if you ask me," Vernon muttered, falling heavily onto the opposite couch.

"Well no one was asking you, Muggle!" Draco sharply retorted but then in a softer voice he turned to Harry and said, "Will you accept me as your mate? And come live with me at Malfoy Manor?"

"I-I don't know-"

"A manor?" Aunt Petunia asked gleefully, her horse like face shining in delight.

"Yes a manor, would the four of you like to come see it, you may stay the night and come back home in the morning." Draco smiled as he looked at the three Muggles.

"We would love to!" Petunia tried to smile nicely but it only made her teeth protrude out of her thin lips.

"But Petunia-"

"A manor Vernon!" she said and left the room to walk upstairs, with her fat husband following. Dudley looked at Harry and Draco once before waddling out of the room to go collect some things.

"Mal-Draco, what are you doing? They hate me."

"Trust me beautiful. So will you mate with me, in time?"

"May I think about it, and tell you before I leave tomorrow?"

"Of course, I don't want you to make a hasty decision before you are ready."

Harry smiled brightly at the blonde Veela and turned to face the Dursley's who were now re-entering a room each carrying a small bag of night things.

"All ready?" Draco asked picking up an ornament and tapping it with his wand, "Everybody touch this," once everybody was holding onto the pot dog Draco said clearly, "One… two… three…"

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