Psych Office, Santa Barbara California. December 2008

"I going to have to hear that again….. You bought a snow machine?!" Gus screamed at a pleased looking Shawn.

"It is Christmas Gus, we have to be festive." Shawn smiled and replied

"This is California Shawn… California, the coldest is seems to get around here is 50 degrees. What to hell are we suppose to do with a snow machine?"

"Again Gus, It is Christmas. Get into the spirit. I can not really afford presents this year. Except for Jules of course, I am thinking so nice lingerie. You would be surprised how much a snow machine cost these days. And it seems you changed credit cards on me again." Shawn started to ramble and he played with the wires.

"Maybe that because you bought my birthday gift with my own credit card. I was taking a precaution, who knows what you would do for Christmas." Gus answered.

"Everyone needs a remote control boat Gus, after all we do live in California." The fake psychic said as he buried his head in a mountain of cords and plugs.

"Now you remember wear we live… I seriously think Mr. Spencer dropped you on your head as a child." The bald black man snided.

"Your just a Scrooge McDuck today Gussy, I finally have this thing hooked up. Let's go make snow angels…. Oh and then I want to make a snowman. I have a pineapple for his awesome hair. It is a waste of delicious flavor but he will be the bitchinest snowman on the block." Shawn replied.

"It will be the only snowman on the block, again this California. But I do wanna kick your ass in a snowball fight. I just gotta go find my gloves." Gus says running out the Psych office door. "Oh and Shawn, your getting a remote control boat for Christmas."