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Alice sat on the beige leather couch, legs crossed beneath her. She was reading The Great Gatsby (again, it was her favorite) and was rather absorbed in it when she felt someone sit besides her. The rich, piney scent revealed it to be Jasper, and she briefly turned her eyes away from the book to glance at him.

"Hello," he said mildly, soft golden eyes glowing.

"Hi," she said, her voice somewhat sharp at him having disrupted her reading.

He didn't bother saying anything more, remaining pleasantly silent by her side and draping his arm casually around her shoulders. Alice breathed out softly in relief and continued reading her worn and yellowing volume:

'Doesn't he know she doesn't want him?'

'She says she does want him.'

'She has a big dinner party and…'

At reading the words 'she does want him', a shiver of arousal ran up her spine, and suddenly she wasn't in the mood for reading. Alice supposed if she were human, her pulse would be quickening. No doubt whose fault this is, she thought dryly.

"No," she hissed at Jasper. Jasper smiled back cherubicly, and she picked up her book and began reading once more with resolve.

Alice just couldn't concentrate, though, as hard as she tried. The story had slipped away from her, and whenever she tried to read, she kept thinking of him…of his body stretched out beneath her…Out the corners of her eyes, she glanced at him, looked back down at her book, and then flipped the page quickly. She would not let what she saw happening in her near future come true. All Alice wanted to do that day was to read, and she would not let herself be coaxed by Jasper into abandoning her peaceful afternoon.

Ignoring Jasper did not solve her dilemma and the feeling grew stronger every second she ignored him. Though she didn't allow herself to look at him (that would seal her fate), Alice could imagine his amused grin. Even thinking of him made the feeling worse, and she squirmed.

Finally she couldn't take it anymore. Damn you Jasper, she thought lightly as she pounced on him with blinding speed and kissed him with so much passion the couch skidded across the wooden floor…

Against her lips, Jasper smiled.

Ten minutes later, strange sounds that originated from inside Jasper's bedroom resonated throughout the Cullen household.

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